There’s Only One Answer To Any Question [videos]

This article from starshipearth is so aptly put. The Human Race has been Domesticated, we have been Farmed, we are nothing more to those that Control Our Planet than Livestock. As starshipearth narrates all this has been inflicted on Humanity and more, from a Race of Beings totally malevolent to Our Very Essence. “There are … Continue reading

Something Strange Is Happening In the Mediterranean: NGOs Are Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On An Industrial Scale

Wow 39.000 Africans smuggled into Europe over a Two Month Period, at an Annualised Rate that’s 234.000 People. Bearing in mind this count doesn’t include the displaced people’s of War Torn Nations such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etcetera. Then add in the Global intake of Economic Refugees. Would seem Europe is headed for Big, … Continue reading

Kellogg Breakfasts Are Nutritious And Healthy: Who Says So? Why Kellogg, Who Else?

Owing to the ‘Golden Rule’ and how Society has been constructed these past 50 Years, one of the anomalies that scream out for attention, yet buried in the mire of disinformation is ‘INDEPENDENT RESEARCH’ However we reiterate, it’s the ‘Golden Rule’ “The one with all the gold, makes all the rules” Some of these Global … Continue reading