One Year Old Boy In Scotland Prescribed Antidepressants On NHS

“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medication” William Osler. 1849 – 1919 Would suggest that may be the Doctor who prescribed the antidepressants for the One Year Old refer themselves for psychiatric assessment? “Nearly half of all Britons are taking prescription medication on a regular … Continue reading

Peeling The Onion That Is Hillary Rodham Clinton And The Machine At Work To Hide Her Crimes [video]

“The opposite of love is not hate; its indifference” Click Green for Link. Hillary; yes there’s still much we don’t know. Over to starshipearththebigpicture who continues to ‘Join more of the Dots’ Enough said here the synopsis from BP is on the money, the video damning to the extreme. Happy Days.