Montague Keen, Sunday, July, 27, 2015

Latest Update from Montague Keen, as refered to in previous post, Montague speaks of the Zionist kleptocracy, one of the Dark Forces that control Planet Earth.


“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe from birth. that software no longer serves you if you want to live where all things are possible'”

Jacqueline E. Purcell.

Indifference and apathy will change nothing.

Happy Days.

The Zionist / Nazi / Jesuit Alliance – The People Are Waking Up

“As I have seen, those who plough iniquity and sow trouble reap the same”

There is a worldwide awakening to the axis of evil the Zionist/Nazi/Jesuit alliance with its ultimate aim to start another World War.   Number one and number two did not quite give them the whole world they desire, thankfully with the shift in consciousness the evil is being exposed and the truth of the conspiracy unfolding before  humanity.  Remember the reports appertain to the Zionists who have used the Jewish people throughout history as their whipping boys, continually ambiguous with  the word  Jew and  Zionist to ferment the Zionist Evil. We want to emphasize Jewish people are not Zionists.

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Israel’s role in the Ukraine –

Israel: A significant shift in U.S public opinion? –

US scholars confront AIPAC and Jewish lobby bullies –

Full Boycott pressure is needed on Israel now! –

Hundreds of Thousands of Ultra – Orthodox Jews protest the Military Draft Bill in Jerusalem –

Israeli soldiers open fire on children with live ammunition – David

Rothschild Zionist David Cameron pledges “unbreakable” support for Israel –

Love to everyone, it’s all that matters – everything else is paste and wallpaper.RH

Israeli Ethnic Cleaning – Israeli Ethnic Cleansing.

Here is all the truth you won’t see on the BBC, SKY, CNN, Al jazeera and CNBC.

The Zionist-Nazis in Israel are rapidly having their crimes exposed, even America has begun to distance itself from Israel leaving the UK as its final defender.

Where will the world draw the line?

Love and blessings to everyone


America Facing Another “Terrorist Attack” If It Doesn’t Comply with Israel? – Empty Threats – Sad day for America.

This statement by The Secretary of State John Kerry heralds in a new low even for American Israeli relations. There was a time when Israel would say jump and America would say how high.  Sadly Israel now says to America jump into that “big pile of shit” and America now asks what pile of shit would you like?

Press TV – Mossad,Bush planned executed,9/11.

Press TV – Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst.

Global – “Greater Israel” The Zionist plan for the Middle East.

AIPAC = America , or to borrow a narrative from 2012: The Big Picture “they are two wings of the same bird and the flight path doesn’t change”.  Only the people of America can change this current nightmare being played by Obama, the politicians and AIPAC.  The latter two are bought and paid for, the trouble is it’s always the American people who pay the price.

“Everytime we do something, you tell me America will do this and will do that.

I want to tell you something very clear, don;t worry about American pressure on Israel:

We the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it.”

– Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3 2001 (IAP News), there is a wealth of information on this website, extensively investigated and presented in a clear concise manner enabling everyone to get to the truth behind the corporate news (views) media lies. – An interview with Max Blumenthal – Inside Israels Apartheid State.  This is the reality of Israel today, this is what you wont read in British newspapers (viewpapers) or watch on your as you are programmed by the TV.

For those of you who may say Robin Hood is anti-Semitic we are far from it.  We are humanitarians who seek the truth ,for to long have lies have been allowed to be peddled regarding Israel and Zionism.   The next post titled Holocaust Day – The time is ripe for a Jewish Apology,makes for fascinating reading.  As does Dont Make The Mistake Of Perceiving Zionists And Jews As One – They Are Not.

Love and Blessings as always

Dont Make The Mistake Of Perceiving Zionists And Jews As One – They Are Not

Zionists, Jewish People, Zionism, Jews, Jew Are Not Zionists

Read this on – how Zionist extremists helped create Britain’s surveillance state.

The corporate news media like to manipulate the Jews and the Zionists as one and the same , they are not.

Falling into this trap enables the corporate news media to label you xenophobic.  This then shuts down the debate as they really fear the truth of Zionism will be exposed.

There are many many marches in Israel by the Jews against Zionists.

Educate yourselves on Zionism and what it stands for  – for example the vice President of the USA Joe Bidden is a Zionist.

Love and blessings