Message To Rothschild Banking Cabalist NWO – We Are Coming!

Political Velcraft –  Anonymous message to rothschild banking cabalists we are coming

We must cut off the Head of the globalist Bankers to be successful in ushering in a new paradigm,where every soul on the planet may prosper, not the few.

When enough people awaken ,we can change this matrix in which we are encompassed, for freedom.  After all a farmer employs a dog to drive the sheep into the farmer’s pen.  Humans press the remote and already they are willing accomplices into the world in which most inhabit.  The corporate news media creates your reality for you. Example; flight MH370, a “flux capacitor” is dropped into the Indian Ocean, stamped “NAVY” and Tony Abbott one of the three stooges, presents the latest mushroom analyst for the eager and the meager.

Really is this the extent of human intellect?

As a foot note the other two stooges are Shemp Howard and Larry Fine.

The scenery is beautiful, and you’ll be more enlightened watching this short as to assessing the fate of Flight MH370 than viewing CNN till the cows come home.

Over and Out