For Nazi Industrialists And Hitler’s Banker “All Was Forgiven”

The odium “All is Fair in Love and War” is certainly applicable here.

So the protagonists, the ‘Globalist Bankers’ pursue their pernicious commerce, till this day.



Another Lie reveiled, refering to Adolf Hitler, yes that Adolf Hitler, the one who died in the ‘Bunker’

Peaceful, non compliance will change our World.

Happy Days.

“War Is A Racket”

The People will eventually bring this Tyranny to an end, it’s just a matter of ‘When’

Here’s what you sign up for, enlisting in the ‘American War Machine’

And here’s where you could ‘End Up’

As the Global Account draws ever closer the book will be brought into perfect balance and were not talking financial here.


Hollywood and the Corporate Media Whores will certainly be at the forefront when Justice is dispensed, depicting the Glorification of War.

Peaceful, non compliance will change our World.

Happy Days.


The “Price” Of War – The Loss Of Truth

FUNNY, from America.  Sadly the cartoon represents reality for many Veterans that the Corporation of America have consigned to the garbage tip.  However all is not doom and gloom, many of these service personal return from overseas wars  and enlighten us as to the reality of war that the Corporation of America had cast them into.  No more do  they wear the uniform of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.  Many disposed of the uniform in Bosnia, Syria, Afghanistan,and Libya not to mention the hundreds of other Interventions (WARS) since Vietnam.  Now before you say “Well America had no boots on the ground in Libya, Syria etc”, not according to CNN they didn’t.   The Awake are aware of the proxy wars being fought by America , globally, so is Americas Corporate Media.  It’s just their not allowed to report the  reality, it’s not in their script.  Take a look at the two links below, then bear in mind that RH is a “conspiracy” site.  There are pages and pages of lies on any search engine you care to choose. , CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught faking interviews in front of blue screen background

And another link regarding Kuwait,

THE LIE.   We would like to say in the opinion of RH this essay represents an  excellent piece of investigative journalism, that used to define  the likes of The Washington Post and the Times of London many years ago.  Nowadays even if they had the journalists and the truth ,they would never be allowed to let it go to print

And so it goes on and on .Now an update in the Ukraine where America with the help of its partner in crime the British Imperialist Company are hell-bent on starting World War 111. , 400 US mercaneries”deployed on ground” in Ukraine Military op.

So now we have “Special forces” from Russia and America. where’s this leading?  Well it’s up to the people of the world to unite and tell the kleptocracy of  the UK and America that war is not an option.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney




Message To Rothschild Banking Cabalist NWO – We Are Coming!

Political Velcraft –  Anonymous message to rothschild banking cabalists we are coming

We must cut off the Head of the globalist Bankers to be successful in ushering in a new paradigm,where every soul on the planet may prosper, not the few.

When enough people awaken ,we can change this matrix in which we are encompassed, for freedom.  After all a farmer employs a dog to drive the sheep into the farmer’s pen.  Humans press the remote and already they are willing accomplices into the world in which most inhabit.  The corporate news media creates your reality for you. Example; flight MH370, a “flux capacitor” is dropped into the Indian Ocean, stamped “NAVY” and Tony Abbott one of the three stooges, presents the latest mushroom analyst for the eager and the meager.

Really is this the extent of human intellect?

As a foot note the other two stooges are Shemp Howard and Larry Fine.

The scenery is beautiful, and you’ll be more enlightened watching this short as to assessing the fate of Flight MH370 than viewing CNN till the cows come home.

Over and Out