Bid To Stamp Out Corporate Tax Avoidance Unites Westminster Parties

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No amount of accountancy shenanigans, neither Corporate semantics can justify this captions headline, here produced by David Icke.


David Cameron’s ‘infamous’ quote above, taken from his first speech as Prime Minister at the Conservative Party conference.

Seems that certain (Financial Terrorists) for that’s what they companies are, make no mistake, operating in Brittain are ‘More in it, than others’

A suggestion,

We do not profess to be economists here at RH, we belive however that may be too our credit, when you remove the veneer hiding the reality of the Global Economy.

Adopt a turnover tax. Any company that operates in Britain, pays a tax on their turnover in Britain, without exception, no ifs, or buts.

Just one more example, concerning our thesis.


We estimate that when these ‘Corporate Terrorist’ pay a turnover tax, it would then exempt anyone who earns less than £30.000 per annum, almost £600 a week from paying any income tax.

Imagine how this injection of money, could lift the British economy, the poor and the homeless also, who are perceived by Government as ‘Welfare Cheats’

John McDonnell, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer stated in an interview with Andrew Neil at the BBC that he knows of “1000 companies, as does Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) who avoid UK taxes”

Remembering, Commercial Banks forced government to introduced income tax, by way of guaranteeing their loans to Government Treasuries.

Happy Days.


Premonition, Gun Control And The Enslavement Of The American People

Here’s the latest PRESS GREEN ‘Bollocks’ (News) from the Corporate Media Whores.


Once they take your Guns from you America, then they come to take you.

IMG_20151202_213736Think about the above statement, your Government do, all the time.

IMG_20151202_211848Submitted by Traci Frost.