How The EU Works For The EU; To The Detriment Of Britain

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, Capitulation was unheard of in Britain.

Grow some friggin ‘Backbone’ Britain. Tell the EU to stick it up their A–es

It’s only Britain and Germany who are paying in. The other 25 Nations are receiving.

We, Britain, never Fought and Won Two World Wars to curtail to anyone. Just say to the EU, go F–k Your–lves  only diplomatically. Trump did it, when he refused to succumb to the Liberal Politically Correct  Censorship Dictate during the American Presidential Elections.

Jean-Claude Juncker seen here muddying the EU Waters. Admit defeat, allay your enemies (Populists) and Strike.

BREXIT is a Game of Poker. Germany holds the 4 Aces, Britain holds the 4 Kings. David Cameron (Fairy Godmother) approached the EU negotiations as if we (Britain) held a Pair or Deuces. To quote President Clinton “Its  the economy stupid” Yes you’ve got it , the Money.


The voice of the British People.

Happy Days.

Paris ‘Terrorist’ Attack: “Here’s The End Game”

As the International Fear Paradigm takes hold and the indoctrination intensifies, Paris, San Bernardino, not forgetting Trump, so the people’s perceived ‘Saviours’ (Governments) make hay while the sun shines.

Citizens are forming queues to abandon their Freedoms and Liberties to the present identified threat ‘The Big Bad Muslims’


Be patient people the events in this Facebook video are coming to a Home, Town, City, Country, near you.

Here in Brittain, well read on,  you see it’s all Secret up untill the time it involves You. Democracy, sadly a fading illusion, while the British focus is on Trump.

nobody-can-give-you-freedom-nobody-can-give-you-equality-or-justice-if-you-are-a-man-you-take-it-malcolm-xHappy Days.

More, Happy Days.

The World Of Globalism, The Galaxy Of Slavery.

As David Icke is fond of stating ” The perfect prison is one with no Bars”



 “Ignorance is the greatest tool of oppression and …..the greatest despondency is the greatest ignorance of oneself… birds born in a cage think flying is an illness, its hard to free fools from the chains they revere”

Happy Days.

Stop, Live And Unplug From The Matrix

How talented is this guy?

After viewing and listening to this 5 minute video, initially mesmerised with the music, I looked further and was amazed at how few people stopped to listen to the music, or better still take in the whole ambiance of the moment.  Then I question myself?   No you’re becoming paranoid, I answered.  Then I began to read the comments, posted under the video.  As usual on all posts music or otherwise they reflect the thoughts of those who have chosen to engage.  They are  quite revealing.  No I was not alone in my thoughts , many commented on how I  felt.

The Matrix is real, it’s not some Hollywood movie.  You’re living the matrix, do some research, and discover for yourself.   It’s really quite astounding as to the  amount of control people are prepared to tolerate in the UK.   A simple  example, the Dartford river crossing.   Millions are prepared to wait,  sometimes for hours at a time,  just excepting the control over many years?   How much more tax will they take from the motorist?

Another “False Flag” incident.  Yes you will say the police have to be vigilante.   Really, 7 hours,  the game is pushing the proverbial envelope.  People are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths, in surrendering their freedoms when the word Terrorism(fear) is uttered.  And when the terrorists are “tucked up in bed for the night” how many of those freedoms once conceded are returned to you?  We looked for a suitable quote to end the post on and came across this.  In our opinion, the message  is really quite profound.  Don’t ever believe that the Nazis were defeated. They just moved on  and changed their names.

” First they came for the unemployed, the poor and the disabled. I did not speak out because I was not unemployed, poor or disabled.

Then they came for the working poor, and I did not speak out because i was not one of the working poor.

Then they came for those on middle incomes, and I did not speak out because my income was higher, not top rate but higher.

Then they came for me ……… and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Again I must say revealing comments regarding this quote.  The modus operandi of the Global Elites.  Divide and conquer,  the commentators on this quote are playing the blame game  with such intensity they have completely missed the message.  I would however like to dedicate the message to my younger brother, who with his partner believes that I’m quite mad.  I will briefly explain.  My young brother having started  new employment several months ago is continually decrying his fate, commuting.  For 20 years now I have been stating that the UK is being filled with as many consumers as possible.  Now he understands, experiencing on a regular basis four to six hours a day  commuting.   This however has been the  experience of millions for years.

Corporate media are now waging an endless propaganda campaign to control the internet.   Child porn, cyber bullying.   The BBC are at the forefront of this dominance  agenda. What,  irony from a corporation that protects pedophiles.   Another marketing strategy from the Corporate News Media (The Ministry of Truth) to surrender  your freedoms.

Here’s a short video from Stephen Fry which exemplifies this post.  Well said Stephen, who’s next amongst the “Celebs” to speak out?

” If you don’t read the newspapers your uninformed, if you read the newspapers your misinformed ”

– Mark Twain

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney.