The Irish Banking System: Crimes Against the Irish People

Those poor souls in Ireland are another experiment like Cyprus to see what people will endure.  After all the Globalist bankers are just pushing the boundaries of endurance regarding what the ordinary citizen is prepared to endure.  Let us tell you here and now the people of Ireland and the world will endure no more.  The people are changing the status quo.

When the IMF (infant mortality fund) entered Ireland they didn’t bail out the Irish people as the corporate news media reported, they bailed in the Irish people.  Ireland has so far given the corporate Globalist bankers £69.7B that’s £69,700,000,000 in English or Irish money.  £15,000 for every man ,woman and child.  None of which was beholding to the Irish taxpayer, no the banks were on the hook to the bondholders for the money – nothing to do with the Irish taxpayer.  Then along came the Irish politicians, bought and paid for by the banks, declaring the Irish taxpayers were responsible for the money the banks held in bonds.  The bonds were held by other banks in Europe, the Irish taxpayer was the innocent party.

Anglo Irish bank alone owed £35B to bond holders; other banks they then approached the Irish politicians and informed them the Irish people had to pay back the money.  The so called Troika  were called in and told the Irish politicians that the Irish taxpayers should be responsible for paying back the money the banks had spent  to prevent contagion throughout the EU financial cesspool!  That is the ECB and the Global Financial Terrorist Network.

What a scam!  Case dismissed.

House price rises and land prices are fast approaching that of Japan in the 1989.  At one time the land containing the emperor’s palace was valued at more than the real estate state of California.  This bubble can only end in tears for many excluding the Globalist bankers who are fueling the bubble.

Love and blessings