The Post Office Robbery Continues, GMOs and Autism Is On The Rise

ONS announces earnings pre tax have risen less than inflation for the last 5 years this year being 2.1% – Amazing.

The saga of the great post office robbery continues,  Goldman Sachs (The Great Satan) has advised Vince Cable (the Patsy) that the share price should be £3.30 and then advises Goldman’s investors a price of £6.  The next day George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) calls for billions of pounds worth of cuts to the welfare budget.  The poor and vulnerable are supporting the rich and powerful.  Boy o boy when the people wake up are there going to be some big changes, we can’t wait at Robin Hood!

“The open minded pursuit of an educated life has the power to slay generational ignorance”


“Children need to be taught how to think not what to think”

“If we all do just one act of awesomeness daily we just might change the World”

– 2012 comic strip Mania

Now onto GMO’s, there has been a great victory against Monsanto in the US Senate!  Read more here.  Read a little on Monsanto under hand practices here.

 “When you get to the end of all that you know and it’s time to step into the unknown one of two things will happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly”

– amen

Please view the contents of the video below, it breaks your heart.  We had a tear our eyes.  When you realise the plight of all members of the family, not only the patient, especially when you know that Big Pharma is concealing the truth and the suffering is all avoidable.

A brief summary; Autism has increased in America from 1 in 10,000 in 1980 to 1 in 88 in 2012.  It is projected to be 1 in 54 in 2013.  The Senator describer this as the greatest crime ever committed against the American public, the criminals here being the Merc Pharmasutica.

“We’ve gone from 1 in 10.000 to 1 in 88 known to be Autistic, its more than an epidemic its an absolute Disaster”

– Congressman Dan Burton 2012

FACT: Autism does not exist in the Amish Community,

FACT:  The Amish Community do not Vaccinate their Children.

Dr Andrew Wakefield is a very Courageous Man he told the truth at a time when the truth was not “in fashion” and the Money People ( Big Pharma) and their partners in crime the BMA tried to bring him down.  Will you now support Dr Wakefield now?

There isn’t a shadow of doubt left that Vaccinations cause Autism, information released by governments confirm this is the case, also and much more disturbing the money people (Big Pharma) and governments colluded to keep the fact from the public after all its not their children having the MMR, just look at Tony Blair (Prince John) as an example the MMR Vaccination was no way safe enough for his children.

Love and blessings

Corporate News Media Get Scared and The Unstable State of UK Politics

Wow watch this guy go off on one! the Corporate News Media are shaking in their boots.

The Chancellor (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is demanding more spending cuts, as reported in  The Independent.  The money George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is looking to take from the people is roughly the same amount of money he and his patsy Vince Cable gave to the Globalist Bankers at the time of The Great Post Office Robbery.  The System of police thugery and the Police State knows no boundaries or borders; why should it for the Crown of England has taught their protégées well.  Take a look at this film clip, it can happen in any street in any town in any city in any country on any day, and does.  Sadly many people don’t want to believe the reality until it touches them.

As reported in the Telegraph the EU are guilty of a “Power Grab” against British justice system says Demonic Grieve the Attorney General.  We wonder at Robin Hood if the proverbial penny is starting to drop regarding the Political Elite in this country, with the daily “Grab of Power” by the EU pretty soon all these guys are going to be out of work, or worse still they could be put on zero hour contracts like millions of others in the work place, however the Political Elite would only be needed one day of the year, that being the state opening of parliament, then they’ll know how Father Christmas feels.

The Spectator – Our enemy is not Global Warming. In Britain people are dying of the cold.

Watch the video, every person on the planet today including Paul Walker is here to change the Scenes in this video, from those at 2.41 to 2.59.  We at Robin Hood wish everyone an early Merry Christmas.

“Some even believe we are part of a SECRET CABAL working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as Internationalists and of conspiring with others around the World to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world if you will. If that’s the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it “

– David Rockefeller from his own book.

The system however that he seeks to build is the opposite of benevolent.

Love and blessing

Greedy Bankers Still Don’t Get It says Daily Mail, Princess Diana and More on The Royal Mail

Greedy bankers stil don’t get it says James Salmon of the Daily Mail.  The word enough is not in the Globalist Bankers vocabulary, and by coincidence Save The Children are advertising on British TV to help feed, cloth and house children in Britain.  To quote Einstein said “there’s no such thing as Coincidence”.  The government and the politicians are not going to change what is happening in society, today the working people and the poor in the UK are increasingly having to fund the larger and larger payments to the Bankers as this article confirms.  Then they are called on to pay for the children, the multi-national corporations Google, Amazon and Vodafone are not going to pay into society

We at Robin Hood state voting for a political party in the system that exists at this time is a vote to continue as we are, what do you think?  How do we change peacefully an electoral process that is clearly broken? We believe the answer is peaceful non-compliance, voting is a futile exercise permitted by the Globalist Bankers as a way of pacifying the masses.  We know that the British electoral system is not fit for purpose so what do we as a people put into place?

Politcs, War, Voting

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own By Neil Sanders.  The book is about mind control, mass manipulation and perception management.  We recommend you read the book then let us know at Robin Hood what your thoughts are.  Still believe you’re not living in an open prison?

The Great Post Office Robbery saga continues, the “patsy” Vince Cable argues with the fund managers stating “he doesn’t agree that the shares could have been undervalued by 20p”.  They are today (03/12/13) well over £2 above their listing. The Globalist Bankers however will not argue that they have just made in access of £2,000,000,000 in profit.  To us taxpayers however we took on a liability and was robbed of an asset.

Love and blessings

The Great Post Office Robbery Of 2013

The Great Post Office robbery: the last time the Post Office was robbed on such a grand scale they robbed a train.  An innocent person died and the criminals were caught and put in prison.

This time round the criminals were much more clever.  They decided why rob from the post office when you can own it, and so the victims Vince Cable, The British taxpayer and the Post Office were selected.  The robbers; that great Satan again Goldman Sachs Bank, UBS Bank, George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and David Cameron (Prince John) set about a trap.  Then the great Post Office robbery gets even more devious, cunning, sly, evil and wicked and well you know all the other nasty archaisms the Globalist Bankers and their partners in crime the Governments get up to.  The robbers devise a plan whereby the people that own the post office, the British taxpayer buy it with their own money.  Then the comes the icing on the cake as it were; the price that the British taxpayer paid was only half the price the post office was worth.  This enabled the British taxpayer to save half its money on buying something it owned, then allowing the crooks who fixed the price to double their money on Stock Exchange.  How simple – but then all the great crimes in the world usually are.  The original Great Post Office robbers got away with just over £1,000,000 with most of the money recovered and a man killed.  In 2013 the robbers got away with an estimated £3,000,000,000 to £5,000,000,000.  Nobody was killed but poor Vince Cable had been assassinated and still doesn’t realise it yet.  We wonder if any of the money will be recovered this time round.

MP Brian Bingley said in the Houses of Parliament on 20/11/2013 that there is a “Cult of the High Priest” feel to how Goldman Sacs and UBS ply their wares.  How very true and appropriate that phrase will prove to be.   We at Robin Hood will do everything we can to expose these evil entities for what they are, who they are and what they represent.

Love and blessings

Banking As Fraud

Poor Vince Cable was announcing the latest lie about RBS today.  He looks totally lost, while he was in opposition in the Liberal party his buzz word was “casino banks”.  Now that word will dare not be spoken by him.  He’s a shadow of the man he was.  In truth the City of London and Wall Street are in fact just huge casinos, the irony is that it’s the share holders and their depositors money they are gambling with.   People do not understand how the banks are playing them it’s not what is said its what’s not said.  To understand something is to be liberated from it, with banking you are not told the truth.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society they create for themselves in time a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it”

– Fredric Bastiat

When people think of a bank they believe a bank lends out money that they the depositors have deposited in the bank ,nothing could be further from the truth.  Banking is a fraud, operated by the full knowledge of the bankers that they are committing fraud.  The Globalist Banking system today is headed in “one direction”.  How poignant, and that is to distribute money from the bottom to the top.  97% of the money in the world is debt (interest), now the banking scam has come full circle.  When the robbery started 3% of the money was (interest) debt.

“Capitalism is for the rich, there’s no free market, socialism is for the poor”

– Max Keiser

We at robin Hood believe max is one of the” shinning lights on humanity”.

Love and Light: “I am my brother’s keeper.”


Journalist Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out and the Oppresive Logic of Dark Police Uniforms

Same outcome, different semantics.  RBS will now “ring fence” the bad bank inside the good bank; they have admitted to £38B in bad loans.  We feel sorry for Vince Cable being interviewed – he looked totally lost and bereft of any answers as to what’s going on.  To think three years ago he could have been chancellor, he had the popular vote of the people. How politics changes these men and women of good intentions.

Barak Obama after his first election was given a 3 day briefing on what he could and couldn’t do as President of the United States of America.  Talking about America it’s been reported that the inequality between rich and poor is now level with Brazil.  30 years ago Brazil was shown despairingly to Americans, and verified by the corporate news media as  the country not to live in while  America was “the place to be”.  I wonder if this report will be aired on CNN or ABC? The USA has and is going through a massive stagnation period, only a return of the banks and returning manufacturing to her home soil can restore the heart and soul of this once great nation.

Take a look at this article by Glenn Greenwald.  It’s a brilliant piece and we use the word brilliant as a narrative as well for the way he shines a light on the USA today.  He states how America has turned the word terrorist into its trademark, wonderful analogy.

Piers Morgan is advocating gun control in America while the police forces throughout the land are busy militarizing.  Urban shied, the new authoritarian buzz word, is just another excuse for more imprisonment and the militarization of the police force.

Have you noticed the police forces throughout the years have changed their uniform is it us or have the uniforms all gone very dark?  We believe there are two reasons for this.

  1. “The corporate, global elite” know the darker the uniform the more psychologically intimidating the presence of the police officer.  It’s intimidation on a global scale.
  2. For many wearers of the dark uniforms the “corporate global elite” again know this that the uniform changes the persona of the dark uniforms wearers, mentally the police officer becomes much darker.

The “corporate global elite” knows from experience that this psychological warfare works.  The system by which they operate has been tried and tested in the 1930s and 1940s.  The Nazis knew a thing or two, think we’ve gone too far with the analogy then and now?  I wished we had.

Schindlers List starred Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Ben Kingsley.  The actor who played the part of the Nazi camp commandant in the concentration camp was Ralph Fiennes.  He said it was a strange part to play, when he put on the dark uniform of the Nazi commandant he began to change.  It seemed as if the uniform had taken over his personality he said he was quite startled by the whole experience he could feel himself becoming more than an actor.

Love and blessings