Are Vaccines Safe? !!

“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective”

Dr Leonard Horowitz.

There’s a plethora of information in this article concerning many types of, Click Green, Vaccines.

The Right (Anti Mandatory Vaccines) V Might (Big Pharma/Government) Mandatory Vaccines War is about to begin in California.


Comments short owing to the breath of content contained in the article, however we would like to say judging by the data therein, would you Vaccinate your Pet?

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Two UK v CJD Deaths Confirmed As Coming From POLIO Vaccine

Submitted by Traci Frost.


Just how bad does this whole Vaccine Nightmare have to get? before the people rise up and bring to justice those responsible for these Criminal Actions.

Are we reading this article correctly?

What the Frigging Hell are Big Pharma doing, giving people Oral Bovine Material in Vaccines.

Wondering what other substances and materials Vaccines contain?

Take a look, via your search engine. Bet you wouldn’t put the contents of a Vaccine on your garden plants, never mind inside you or your child’s body.

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Bang: Robert De Niro Wakes Up And Opens Up On Vaccines

As previously stated at RH, VAXXED is not going away.


The Facts and the Truth regarding Vaccines are the least the people are entitled in 2016.

Once this knowledge is in our possession, we can debate the next course of Action.

Lies, Weird Science, Concealment and being Cautious with the Truth are not acceptable.

Those responsable forĀ  continually withholding the Truth on Vaccines are in fact hastening their own demise.

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Richard Gale And Gary Null – Why IS The CDC Petrified Of The Film VAXXED?

Seems when you look at the credentials of Richard Gale and Gary Null, feel we ought to sit up and assimilate the text in their report.


As stated at RH, the first time we covered the reports regarding VAXXED, the subject may well be a ‘Watershed’ in the evolution of Humankind.

This report is another must read for everyone, as not only is the subject matter of such Paramount Importance, it also reveals the Lengths and Depths Governments andĀ  the Authorities are prepared to sink for their ’30 Pieces of Silver’

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all”

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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