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Little to add here, just sit back and listen to the Reality.

main-stream-media-liesImage by…  Is This not, or is this not a Magic Tune and Video,  accompany a most informative  and Truthful Radio Interview.

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Were finally getting the Truth out there.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

China Warns of “Revolutionary Actions” and “Unforeseeable Consequences” Over US – The Tiger Awakens: China Warns of “Revolutionary Actions”and “Unforeseeable Consequences” Over US.

Obama and Kerry and Hague and Cameron want to take us headlong into world war 3 with Russia, do you sit back and let it happen or …. ?

It’s all left up to you.

Love and Light as always

Ukraine – An Update The Delusional Western View of the Ukraine – and everything else we see.

The first picture on 2012s blog typifies the view of  so many and the corporate news (views) media.  We need to open our eyes to the truth.  Here is just s short excerpt.

Read about the neo-nazis intimidating the Central Election Commission in order to secure rule and personnel changes in order to favor the ultra-right in the forthcoming elections. Thug Aleksandr Shevchenko informed the CEC that armed activists will remain in CEC offices in order to make certain that the election is not rigged against the neo-nazis. What he means, of course, is the armed thugs will make sure the neo-nazis win. If the neo-nazis don’t win, the chances are high that they will take power regardless.

Love and Blessings to Everyone

Osborne “British Cash Available To Assist The People Of The Ukraine” – UK Chancellor:” We should be there with a cheque book to help Ukraine.

An act of kindness?

Global grandstanding?

We’ll let you decide, it’s a big move to make though considering the recent floods in the UK.

Love and blessings