Seems Like Were Not Alone After All!!!!! Really

Really, in a universe with  boundaries or perimeters surely we are not as naive as our Corporate Masters portray us, are we. At RH we know personally of three friends who have experienced Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Come on let’s get real hear its 2014.  Weve selected five articles from the media that maters giving an update on information excluded from the corporate news media.

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Well what else would you expect us to choose for the music? Nothing else would suffice.

Were sure we’ve included this info before, but just to reiterate.

There are stars in our Galaxy which is called the Milky Way.

There are 1.000.000s of Galaxy’s in the Universe.

One Galaxy, Sombrero is 28.000.000 Light Years from Earth, has 800.000.000.000 Suns and is 50.000 Light Years Across.

The speed of Light travels at 700.000.000 miles an hour.

Still believe were alone?

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Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

The UFO Files – The Links And Videos You Need To See Part 2

This follows from our posts The UFO Files – The Links And Videos You Need To See Part 1.

Broaden your awareness about the beings things that inhabit our universe on a Saturday afternoon.

And finally something showing the beauty of our natural world courtesy of

Love and blessings


The UFO Files – The Links And Videos You Need To See Part 1

This is the first part of a three part installment on the UFO information and resources you need to see.

Whether you look at our history or just at the odds the existence of E.Ts, aliens and UFOs is highly likely.  Here’s some evidence to consider.

Courtesy of – ET – UFO Witness and Insider Interviews: First Rate Collection.

What do you feel?

Love and blessings

UFO Cover Up, 9/11 Predicted and Corruption in Australian Politics

Bill Cooper predicted 911 (it cost him his life)

“Do your thing

Do it unapologetically

Don’t be discouraged by criticism

You probably already know what they are going to say

Pay no mind to the fear of failure

It’s far more valuable than the fear of success

Take ownership

Take chances and have fun

And no matter what; don’t ever stop doing your thing”

– Asher Roth

Vitamin D is amazing, read about the benefits.

Five reasons why more Americans don’t protest against the system by Sigmund Fraud, this is an interesting read.

“There is no such thing as safe Vaccination there never will be”


Over in Australia:

A corrupt legacy that the poms sadly instilled in Australia.  When you view this film you will see that this legacy is alive and well, the last Australian that stood up to be counted was Geoff Whitlam, do some investigating Australia as to how he was disposed of by Queen and Crown and all this time you are being promised independence, as we say in pommie land carry on watching the cricket. While your concentrating on what matters your country will never be your own

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UFOs Over Noway and Canada & The Sad State of America

Have you heard of the Norway Spiral from 2009?  Have a look – at Robin Hood we see this has even more evidence of UFOs, adding to the mountain of evidence that already exists.

Here is a similar sighting in Canada from 2010.

Read this – a fascinating comparison of The Wizard of Oz and the world of 1930s America.

Over on 2012 The Big Picture – America oh say can you see?  America is changing rapidly for the worse.

Love and blessings