Blair, Immigration And The Betrayal Of British Workers


History shows us Tony Blair is Lying, Conniving, Commandant, masqueraded as the people’s champion.

It’s a given that politicians present their version of the Truth. Take a look at the incumbant Liar and PR Man in 10 Downing Street today.

However, Blair has been found out on his ‘Big Lie’ the Iraq War.

We can disregard the semantics in the Chilcot inquiry, published later this year, just as the Dame Janet Smith investigation (Farce) into Savile.

The Establishment, investigating the Establishment: Dame Janet Smith, Sir John Chilcot, Lords and Barons, people see through the facade.

Happy Days.

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 2: The David Kelly Death Revelations

The Telegraph – The Betrayal of Dr David Kelly

As well as a very informative essay, Andrew Gilligan does express his naivety by admitting there’s an “odd symmetry ” between the Kelly conspiracy theorists and Blair.  Then he shows his absolute innocence by asking what motive anyone could have had for murder?  Could the answer be to save the British establishment and with it the Blair Government?

The Daily Mail – Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered,by the Mp who spent a year investigating his death.

The Chilcot Inquiry, much will be redacted but this time we have a feeling people will demand the whole “truth” not the truth as Tony Blair (Prince John) sees it.

Love and blessings

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 1: Paedophilia

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 1: Paedophilia

TPUC .org – Blair covering up paedophile scandal.

Read the above.  Even after the passage of time this report makes for very disturbing reading.  We have a public inquiry where various facts cannot be reported for 100 years, a paedophile ring being protected by Tony Blair (Prince John) under the guise of National Security and a massive British Establishment masonic cover up.  The mafioso of course were called in to investigate, this time in the guise of Lord Cullen who is now yes you guessed it a baron.

There is a huge police investigation being under taken at the moment into Saville, who has been made the “fall guy” for the British Establishment as will be revealed.  We’re not saying he’s innocent but he’s become a scapegoat. Looking at Scotland with Dunblane and Thomas Hamilton, not forgetting Hollie Greig – all as yet to be revealed and connected to the massive child sex crime Freemasonry ring operating in Scotland.

Saville is connected to Dando.

Love and blessings

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 2: The David Kelly Death Revelations

Blair’s Chilling Legacy and Investigation Into Child Grooming In Rochdale

The Chilling legacy of Blair’s (Prince John) war on terror – and it is chilling.

What a Nightmare history will confirm this man has been to the citizens of the UK and the world. But then he is honoured by the establishment with his portrait hanging in the national gallery.

In the same newspaper there is an article by Jaya Narain and Leon Watson – Police let Asian Gangs groom girls in part to avoid accusations of racism. The Greater Manchester chief constable Sir Peter Fahy is clearly on message ( that’s why he’s a sir) when he says “I think there is a real danger that if we that if we try to see this as a racial issue – which we don’t believe it was – it then means society is not confronting some of these really big issues”

As we have said before at Robin Hood the Law is clearly applied to different People in the UK.  We clearly have social, racial and economic profiling by all extensions of the British Establishment.

How on earth can this man ever hope to deal with the problem when he is in denial of the problems existence?

Love and blessings


Privatisation Of The NHS and The CIA Involved With Michael Hasting’s Death?

The instigators of the NHS Privatisation are Tony Blair (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and Alan Milburn.  Notice Alan Milburn is being brought back into the Labour Inner Circle.  Just in case they win the next election, he will finish the job of privatisation.  David Cameron (Prince John) and George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) have already signed up to NHS Privatization.

Its ironic Tony Blair at one time stood for some wonderful ideals.  On his first election win one of them was to save the NHS.  In 1997 the NHS was days away from privatisation under the Major Government.  Sadly Tony Blair (Prince John) like many before him fell foul to blackmail , and his wife Cherie to the money one of  the Globalist Bankers favorite entrapment strategies.

Look at the Blair’s today, bereft of power they are  recluses in a world society and outcasts in a world that recognises betrayal and greed.

Read this and consider this as a way of perceiving the world – another look at true reality.

A video concerning Michael Hastings another – “angel” that’s how we describe him at Robin Hood.  Like Paul Walker, Michael Jackson and many before him his name will be revered.  Alas that of Barack Obama, George W Bush will blow away in the winds of the weather, a passing of no significance, when their names promised so much more.

Love and blessings

Vitamins Are A Waste, The BBC Report 9/11 Tower Collapse Before It Happens and Claim On RT That Blair Committed War Crimes

The Times has published a report stating that vitamins are a waste of money.   It took The Times 40 years to reveal the truth but better late than never.

Here is more the lies reported about 9/11 – this time by the BBC reporting the collapse of World Trade Centre building 7 twice.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your 3rd eye”

– Bill Hicks

It is an economics of the mad house.

China has just sent a rocket to the Moon and is an Economic superpower. So, Mr Cameron (Prince John) why are you still giving them £27m in aid?  What do you think?

“The greatest crimes in the World are not committed by people breaking the rules, but by people following the rules, its people who follow orders that drop Bombs and Massacre Villages”

– Banksy

Tax in the UK now amounts to 65% of your earned income, the governments and local authorities have many names for tax so as to disguise the word tax, some of these you will know and some you may not but here are many more we haven’t mentioned.


National Insurance  – TAX


TV License  – TAX

Parking Permit  – TAX

Dartford Toll  – TAX

Congestion Charge  – TAX

Income TAX  – TAX

Speeding Fine  – TAX

Parking Fine  – TAX

Road Tax  – TAX

Fuel Duty  – TAX

Purchase TAX  – TAX

Council TAX   – TAX

Duty-Alcohol Tobacco  – TAX

Energy  – TAX

Insurance  – TAX

Lottery  – TAX

Air Flight – Holiday  – TAX

Stamp Duty  – TAX

Out of every £100 pound you earn you give £65 in tax and actually keep £35.  Its time to ask where’s all the money going?  Because it s certainly not being spent in the UK or on its citizens.  Wake up look around you, while some reference positive growth figures for the UK’s recovery there is evidence the UK is in terminal decline and has been for a long time.  Just look at the amount of food banks springing up for one example.

We love this song at Robin Hood especially when played loud the Swedish word for seger is “Victory”.

Love and blessings