The State of Being Sheeple

This is explaining  how difficult it’s become to get people engaged in reality, when they are so comfortable residing in the Matrix.  As David Icke once said “the most effective prison, is the one with no bars.”

Further on in this post is a link to  the hidden hands willful exposure in America,  the  year was 1978.  Whats the old adage “you can take the horse to water” etc . However when it’s exposing an Oligarchy that rules the world, controls governments, commerce , military,  judicatory, law enforcement, media, industry and big pharma  it becomes extremely difficult for those indoctrinated  to facilitate the reality. Incidentally, many once informed are quite happy to reside  in  their  status-quo, believing the Truth has no affect on them personally. Too  few at present are willing to comprehend  the truth,  as the truth, sounds, seams and smells too preposterous to contemplate, and reality to pernicious .  After all this egregious  Oligarchy has taken many thousands of  years to embed itself into the human psyche.  Remembering that those awakened may be   shouting from the hilltops but  can shout all they like , if humanity’s ears have been corked….  New avenues have to be explored in declaring truth to humanity.

At times it may seem that the media that matters are just sharing the Truth amongst themselves. Take a closer look however and the picture becomes much clearer.  Thrive ( Official Movie) has 7,700,000 views!!  The last time I checked the views were coming up to 5 million. The Money Masters, well over 1,000,000, and these are but two information videos.  Then consider the 1,000s of Truth websites exposing the Global Cabal.  They receive 10s of millions of hits on a daily basis.

” There is a plot  in this country to enslave, every man, woman and child.

Before I leave this high and noble office,  I intend to expose this plot”

– President  John F  Kennedy.  Seven days before his assassination.

Here in this post, going back to 1978, those attached to the Global Cabal are quite  blahsay  informing  the reporter just who runs America .  The writer is astonished, rightfully so.  Here we have an unelected think tank (Trilateral Commission ) directing American policy, this under the very noses of a democratically elected government.  Fast forward 36 years, we now know they were fanciful notions and democracy in America was hijacked  before the War of Independence.

You see we have progressed rapidly since 1978 in comparison to our fist link, state of being sheeple. So  much truth has been revealed now that it’s becoming increasingly challenging trying to keep pace with the daily revelations. Old paradigms are falling like pins at  the bowling alley. Everyone now, that is those who are awake are becoming increasingly anxious and  impatient  for the word “strike” to be bellowed from the four corners of the Planet.

There’s a beautiful message for all the awake at the bottom of this post, link below, from Neale Donald Walsch, starting

“On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know …..”

I know this message was for me, who else?

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

One Of The Most Important Videos You Will Ever View? “Death Blow” To The New World Order

Turn off the TV programming, put down the views papers and watch this.  Then inform your friends and family that it’s time to get real.  Watch the video described as then “death blow to the new world order”.  As the video says “it’s time to stand up” because if you don’t there will be nothing worth standing up for.

Dont excuse yourself by saying it’s too long, there is no get out of jail card on this viewing.  Pause the video and make a coffee, tea, beer, wine, water – whatever but watch it to the end.  Our survival depends on you being informed. This documentary is about YOU.

Love and blessings

Truths About Prostate Cancer and GMOs, Syria, The US Air Force Drug Run and UK Finances

Read about the claims on that prostrate cancer treatment is a bogus industry that harms more than it helps.

Now moving on to GMOs, here is a movie to look out for but be aware there has been some criticism summed up well here.

“Maybe it’s time we realized that the same company responsible for one of the deadliest chemical weapons in modern history is now in control of our food supply”

– Anthony Gucciardi, March Against Monsanto 2013

“Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people”

– Henry Kissinger

Press TV reported in August that Saudi Arabia (one of the Great Satans) had offered Russia economic incentives to end Syrian Support. No wonder Press TV were taken off the air by the UK authorities, you can’t have broadcasters reporting the truth in the UK especially when (The Great Satan) Saudi Arabia is exposed for the criminal zionist state that it is.

Again back in August reported that the US Air Force transported 24 Tons of Cocaine to Miami from Costa Rica.  What hypocrisy.

“We are renting our entire money supply from the Bank to the tune of £165M every day in interest on personal loans alone not including mortgages or interest on secondary loans such as Wonga, a total of £213B on all our debt every year. In many average household debt was £54,024”

– Martin Wolf, Financial Times 9 Nov 2010

Read the problem with positive money by Mike Robinson for UK  He really examines the debt based Money System designed to enslave us all.

Here’s  a quote from Mike Robinson:

“The Bank of England does not operate in the national interest, as implied by name. It is in fact a broker between government and private bankers who lend the nation its own national currency at interest; it does this by issuing guilt edged bonds.”

Who owns the Bank of England?

This is a fascinating insight into the freedom you think you have and how the global population is being “farmed” as we call it at Robin Hood.

Love and blessings


The New World Order, The Threat To Our Bee Population and Sandy Hook’s Kids

“Wikipedia ‘the site that exists to debunk the truth, or put another way to convince you that black is white'”

– Robin Hood

“Truth is like the Sun you can shut it away for a time but it Aint goin away”

– Elvis Presley

“The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of Love with ears open to listen and hands willing to help love”

There is “undisputed evidence a class of neuron- active insecticides-neonicotinoids destroying planets bee population run by Syngenta-Monsanto, we will not be able to grow enough food to feed ourselves” Russia warns Obama.  For more details go to Reporter.

Today is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook watch this amazing video:

“The purpose of Government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not”

– Thomas Dilorenzo

“People were created to be loved

Things were created to be used

The reason the World is in chaos

Things are being loved

And people are being used”

“You have been criticizing yourselves for years and it hasn’t worked,try approving of yourself and see what happens”

– Louise L Hay

Love and blessings

The New World Order, Disgusting Vaccination Ingredients, US ASA Urge Isreal Boycott and Nick Clegg

Ask yourself after watching this do you really feel free?  If the answer is yes that’s fine carry on as you are.  If the answer is no start asking yourself how you can change your situation and circumstances to gain freedom for yourself, your family and loved ones and ultimately help free Humanity.

“I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do this one by one. Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out. Giving birth to a new being- manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant World, have no fear trust yourself. Live your full potential.”

Still believe vaccinations are safe?  The pharmaceuticals want you to believe it as well.  Read this for more information on how unsafe they are.

“You must realize that fear is not real, it is a product of thoughts you create .Do mot misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice”

“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your Soul”

A little on Israel – the American Studies Association urged the boycott of Israeli academic institutions, read more here.  And now something on the Iranian Nuclear deal.

In other nuclear news, British MPs have urged Israel to come clean on it’s nukes.

The EU exists for one objective and one objective only, and that’s to destroy sovereign nations and to create a one world government.  We at Robin Hood would say that Nick Clegg is one of the most dangerously Marxist motivated people in the UK.  While publicizing his agenda on child care he is very craftily preparing to rob those same children and their parents of their identity.  The scheme is so grand, so cunning and so conspiratorial he believes he can get away with the grand deception.  Take a look at his wife, the person behind Nick Clegg, the one who is driving his agenda; she remains quietly in the background scheming and deceiving.  She is a person to be observed for who she is,what she represents and where she came from.  Do you know here name?

Love and blessings

Filter Out The Fluoride and A Little On The Pope’s Background

Look up Osmio Water with regards to taking fluoride from your water.  At the same time remember you are also wash clothes and bathing in fluoridated water.  You therefore need a filtration system that removes fluoride from the mains coming into your home.


Watch and read this about the lost generation in Fallujah. There are many other excellent pieces of truth linked in here.  Make no mistake these are war crimes of the highest order and  despite Tony Blair (Prince John) and G W Bush receiving absolution from the pope these two criminals will be charged with war crimes.

The current Pope is a Jesuit, this is the Jesuit’s own operational writings as the standard manner with which they conduct their business as written by the founder and first leader of the sect, Ignatius Loyola.

“Let us with all artfulness gain the pre-eminence over princes, noblemen and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends when we say it is for an interest and advantage”.

“This must be cloaked with such cunning and management as to avoid giving the least suspicion of our intensions.  We should always be ready to accept this principle.  I will believe that the evil I do is good, if it serves our purpose, which is for all persons on earth to become our subjects without the courage to give us any opposition.”

The philosophy of the current Pope, which he was trained, has been concealed for centuries.  Certain parts of that manifesto are very similar to that of Mossad.

Love and blessings