Energy-Is it Time For Competition in a Rigged Market ?


There is now an overwhelming belief in the UK that the energy markets have failed  British consumers. With the “Big 6” energy suppliers many suspect a cartel has been allowed to formulate under the guise of competition. Its been revealed  in the past few days that there  have  been  huge price falls in  gas and electricity prices on the wholesale markets. Gas alone has seen a 38% fall in one year, with electricity falling to its lowest price since April 2010. Hands up those of you who have seen your energy bills fall this year. Exactly no competition, the regulator (Ofgem) is regulated. The time has arrived to inject significant competition into the UK energy market and abolish ofgem as their existence exasperate the energy problems.

When privatisation was sold to the British people, two criteria were at the pinnacle of the sales spill, investment and competition. See links below .

As you can read, the Government has been warned the UK faces the highest risk of blackouts in a generation, while energy companies playing fast and loose with their revenues generated by the British consumers.Many comments now express the view, not only has a cartel been allowed to prosper, that we are overseeing an oligarchy in  its entirety.

Above is a link into the perilous conditions of Britain’s energy supplies, and as far as RH is aware our predicament has not improved as of March 2013. Germany and France for example have vastly superior  facilities to the UK. These two countries are able to buy cheap when demand is low and store the energy for upwards of 45 days. The information we  posses at RH is that the UK has the  capability of 6 days storage. No inward investment here then.

The tax avoidance, we will come to at the end of the post. It’s all part of the BOE intentions to increase interest rates, announced 12. May 2014 by Mark Carney governor of the BOE and ex Goldman Sachs banker,via Canada “”The long way round”.

As stated, we desperately need new competition and  we can achieve this quickly and decisively when the  UK nationalizes  of   one of the big six energy companies.

The money is not the issue,  it’s the political will. The nationalised company must be allowed to  operate under commercial conditions. Free to make a profit. Profit is good, the money is then reinvested in the business. The company must be free from any political influence, allowed to function in the market as any private (run for profit enterprise). The remaining  energy  companies would then be forced to compete in a competitive market place ,bereft of government interests.  All  profits after investment would then be returned to the British people, not stashed in some Crown offshore tax haven. Latest estimates of the Crowns worth £ Let the people have an opportunity for once,  a true change from  centuries of liability.


Apr 2013 Heat or eat Compete or Cheat_col

Coming back to the tax avoidance of the energy companies, they are not however to be  pillard. The energy company’ s are but  few in number to  the 1.000s of companies and multi nationals  that contribute by way of taxes to the UK economy as little as their accountants deem  necessary. Hence the impending rise in UK interest rates. There has been such an expansive movement of capital from the UK to offshore tax  havens, £170.000 every minute, night and day, that the BOE under the guise of economic recovery, synonym,  (debt increase) must raise the interest rate to attract the repatriation of  this money to the UK . The EU has just announced negative interest rates, in effect paying you to borrow money. However the BOE stated intention is to expand the UK debt book from £4 Trillion to £ A huge figure,and beware of its destination(bust) the UK taxpayer. Mark Carney peddled his wares at Goldman’s, expect nothing less.

So there you have it  remedied, a  to cure for  the egregious energy industry. You will not find this solution to the UK  energy debacle in any of the three main political parties manifestoes.Sadly parliment has been bought and paid for by the City of London Bankers many moons ago.

We understand at RH from a reliable source that the only scenario that may engage the British public is when the lights go out. However this as yet, is not confirmed. ” I warn you of him, and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but iI will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal ( The Anti Christ) is one-eyed whereas Allah (God) is not”

We sign off with the song, surely this is Humanity Longing.

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We’ll Sell If The Price Is Right OR As RH Say – Connecting The Dots Of Financial Crime

It’s just a matter of putting all the known information together, and seeing where it leads.

Rather than targeting ordinary families how about dipping into the accounts of firms such as Amazon, Google and Starbucks which avoid paying the taxman with impunity?  Bet they’d hardly notice a few million going missing.  We have a name for these companies at RH, we call them ZOMBIE COMPANIES/ORGANISED CRIMINALS.   They operate worldwide in sovereign nations, putting nothing in and taking it all out.

And after all the posturing and crocodile tears as always its “all about the money”.  Surprise surprise.  If you look at our earlier post Corporate Government – Organised Crime we have begun to explain why UK citizens, and this also applies to most countries by the way, pay so much tax.  There are at least several hundred ZOMBIE COMPANIES/CORPORATE CRIMINALS operating in the UK.

Now here’s a Question: Say all these ZOMBIE COMPANIES/CORPORATE CRIMINALS paid their “fair share in taxes” could

Petrol go down to 50 pence a litre?

Income Tax be 20 pence in the Pound?

We abolish National Insurance?

1/4 % Stamp Duty?

Have free public transport?

Of course you may have to add in the 100s of 1000s of individuals who avoid paying their “fair share” plus all the  “celebrities” like Garry Barlow, Bernie Ecclestone, Jimmy Carr, Sir Phillip Green (MAFIOSO) and the 1000,s who work at the BBC, etc, etc to pay for it,but we feel at RH it’s quite achievable.  What do you feel?

Remember its like this ,cause you let it

–  RH

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Michael J McCartney

Corporate Government – Organised Crime

The Daily Mail –  Given £184 million by the Treasury… but US predator Pfizer paid just £118 million in tax in three years

No you’re not dreaming,this is how “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” operates in the UK in 2014.  Most governments world-wide that have a Central Bank also support “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS”.  When you go to the ballot box to vote in a general election every 4 – 5 years you elect one of the selected.  Although the names change the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” functions stays exactly the same as before.  By the way so does the Central Bank, that’s for another time.  Lets today focus on Organised Crime, purporting to be a “Multi National Company” such as Pfizer.  All Countries have hundreds of these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS operating within their borders.  They are the usual suspects – Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Pfizer, Barclay’s, HSBC the culprits as we’ve stated run into the hundreds, if not thousands of companies.

Here, Pfizer collected from the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” of the UK £66,000,000 in 3  more than it paid.  Nice business for a company making nearly £5,000,000,000 in sales in that same period.  Now we all know that the vast majority of the money “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” need to function comes through taxation.  Here we have another example of a FINANCIAL TERRORIST company, our old favourites Amazon.

The Telegraph – Amazon received more money from UK grants than it paid in corporation tax

Here, Amazon collected from the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” £2,500,000 and paid out £2,400,000 in Corporation Tax in 1 year.  Nice business for a company making £4,200,000,000 in sales for 1 year.

So knowing that “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” rely on taxation to function, lets keep it simple as to how the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS operate, with the consent of “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS”.

Example; a “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT”needs £100 to operate.  It could just as easy be Euros or Dollars or whatever the currency.

Now the UK has 20 people paying £1 each in tax and 20 companies paying £4 each in tax = £100, the assumption that most companies operate to make a profit.  Now when those companies decide for whatever reason they don’t want to pay tax in the UK, in 100% of cases its greed, the” CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” still needs that £100 to operate.  However the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS  masquerading as Multi National Companies,having contributed nothing to the UK economy, now begin to steal taking money from the UK economy, in the form of TAX  CREDITS, BREAKS, CONCESSIONS – however you dress it up.

So now instead on contributing to the economy ,they are now taking and distributing money from the economy, in 100% of cases into TAX HAVENS.  £170,000 leaves the UK economy,every minute of every hour of everyday 365 days a year into off shore TAX HAVENS.  That’s a lot of money!

Now here, we have the poor old taxpayer in the UK picking up the TAB for the FINANCIAL TERRORIST who are paying sweet f— all.  So instead of paying their share £1 each, they end up paying £5 each to get to the figure of  £100 that the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT needs to operate.  It’s so clever, but then the simple things in life usually are.

Direct and Indirect taxation accounts for 65% of  the income of the UK public.

Just imagine how all the people in the UK will Thrive and Prosper when the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS pay their Taxes.  We could then have a system where those whom we choose to govern us would take responsibility for the people’s interests, not the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” that the Multi National Companies select for us now.


Happy Days

Google Is Hit With One Billion Euro Tax Bill: An Example To The UK Tax System Failure

The Daily Mail – Google hit with one billion euro tax bill in France after tax inspectors search web giants Paris offices. – Democracy live Monday 12 November 2012 – Public Accounts Committee.  Google is described as “morally bankrupt”. – Democracy live Tuesday 8 January 2013 – Corporate tax avoidance debate 3.17.17.

Yes these two videos are long, but very informative.  By viewing them both you can understand why your taxes in the UK are so high.  Government rely on tax revenues to provide basic services and these services are funded through taxation.  Governments have no money, only the people or companies who pay taxes provide that money. You see it’s very very simple, don’t let the accountants try to complicate it for you.  Those who pay tax have to pay the taxes of those who don’t pay such as Sir Philip Green.

It really is that simple because Governments require a certain amount of money every year.  In the cases such as that of Sir Phillip Green paying £300m in dividends to his wife in Monaco the sums of money very quickly add up.  Now when you get huge Corporate multinational companies like Google, Amazon ,Apple etc (there are literally 100s of them) their tax revenues if collected would run into the billions.  These companies would like to contribute by way of finances very little or nothing.  Read this article if you still think there no correlation  between what taxes you pay and the corporations.

The Independent – Take from the poor, but not the rich: Tax authorities accused of” siding” with big business over small firms and individuals.

Tax compliance, tax evasion, tax efficient, tax avoidance ,tax exempt.  They all describe Google.  And then you have Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, who says he is “very proud of the structure we set up”. – Schmidt “very proud”of Google tiny tax bill:its called Capitalism.

Google wouldn’t know the meaning of the word capitalism, how many times have they been caught and fined for their “shenanigans”.  We googled “Shenanigans”,  Google’s description:

Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering, example “the chairman was accused of financial shenanigans”

Google, Tax, Multinationals, UK Tax, Google Hit with million euro tax bill

You really couldn’t make this stuff up.  Morality, enough and empathy are words that don’t exist in the vocabularies of multinationals like Google and Apple –  their mantra is “we want it all”.  As a footnote Google pays 3.2% tax on overseas profits – amazing!  How simple would it be for the UK to introduce a turnover tax – every company large or small pay a % of tax on every £ in revenue they generate?

The two major fears of capitalists are the truth and competition.  That is the only context in which we could describe  Google as being capitalist.

There is £170,000 leaving the UK economy and going offshore every minute of every day.  When the people decide enough is enough this practice will stop.  We have government by corporation in the UK now and we have had for many years.

The Guardian Monday – Its business that really rules us now.

The article mentions Tony Blair (Prince John) and Gordon Brown (The Sheriff of Nottingham).  Now it’s Cameron Clegg and Miliband all vying for respectability.  Parliament and government can only deteriorate in the face of corporate takeover, a vote in 2015 will only exasperate the problem.  Parliament is beyond repair and we as a nation cannot expect a system that has deserted the population to return the UK to Democracy.  Only a new start can now achieve the direction and  benevolent procedures to serve the people once again.

Love and Blessings to Everyone

Vitamins Are A Waste, The BBC Report 9/11 Tower Collapse Before It Happens and Claim On RT That Blair Committed War Crimes

The Times has published a report stating that vitamins are a waste of money.   It took The Times 40 years to reveal the truth but better late than never.

Here is more the lies reported about 9/11 – this time by the BBC reporting the collapse of World Trade Centre building 7 twice.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your 3rd eye”

– Bill Hicks

It is an economics of the mad house.

China has just sent a rocket to the Moon and is an Economic superpower. So, Mr Cameron (Prince John) why are you still giving them £27m in aid?  What do you think?

“The greatest crimes in the World are not committed by people breaking the rules, but by people following the rules, its people who follow orders that drop Bombs and Massacre Villages”

– Banksy

Tax in the UK now amounts to 65% of your earned income, the governments and local authorities have many names for tax so as to disguise the word tax, some of these you will know and some you may not but here are many more we haven’t mentioned.


National Insurance  – TAX


TV License  – TAX

Parking Permit  – TAX

Dartford Toll  – TAX

Congestion Charge  – TAX

Income TAX  – TAX

Speeding Fine  – TAX

Parking Fine  – TAX

Road Tax  – TAX

Fuel Duty  – TAX

Purchase TAX  – TAX

Council TAX   – TAX

Duty-Alcohol Tobacco  – TAX

Energy  – TAX

Insurance  – TAX

Lottery  – TAX

Air Flight – Holiday  – TAX

Stamp Duty  – TAX

Out of every £100 pound you earn you give £65 in tax and actually keep £35.  Its time to ask where’s all the money going?  Because it s certainly not being spent in the UK or on its citizens.  Wake up look around you, while some reference positive growth figures for the UK’s recovery there is evidence the UK is in terminal decline and has been for a long time.  Just look at the amount of food banks springing up for one example.

We love this song at Robin Hood especially when played loud the Swedish word for seger is “Victory”.

Love and blessings

Christine Lagarde (IMF) in Court and More Health Benefits of Marijuana, Bare Foot Walking and Dialy Poisons to Avoid

Direct and indirect taxation accounts for 65% of the money paid in tax to HMRC.  Ever sat down and contemplated this?

“A Country run by an elitist ruling class are able to demonstrate on a daily basis that an elected body can just as easily trample the citizens rights as easily as a monarch or a Dictator .Don’t wait for people to be friendly – show them how”

The head of the IMF (Infant Mortality Fund) Christine Lagarde is in Court charged with embezzlement and fraud .

Moving onto Marijuana,  cannabinoids (it’s active chemicals) slow brain degradation and aging.  They reverse Dementia and cancers, read more here.

We do not claim to be doctors at Robin Hood, what we do know however is at these times of major change many people are confused and unsure about their feelings.  They could be anything; relationships, family, work etc.  “A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved” – talk to someone and share your problem with someone, you will be presently surprised at the results.  Another health tip many health exponents advise is to walk as much as possible bare foot, you connect with Mother Earth when you begin to do this your and perceptions on reality will start to change for the good.   Watch the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, the two young girls in the movie will confirm what we say.

Vist The EXtension TOXicology NETwork – it will inform you off all the poisons you come into contact with that the authorities know about only too well.

Love and blessings