Global Oil: The Game Has Changed – Kissinger Petrodollar Collapses: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal ~ Leads The Way For Peer To Peer Trading!

The world has had enough of America. – Guest Post: From PetroDollar To PetroYuan – The Coming Proxy Wars

This post by zerohedge is dated 31 jan 2014 and is more or less a prelude to the post by PolicalVelraft.  There a saying that the Universe works in strange ways.  With the “plug ” being pulled on the American Dollar the fallout for the American people will be tremendous.  For a start there will be a huge hike in the price of petrol at the pumps, with a knock on effect throughout the American and western economies, but particularly America.

Perhaps this is one way for the American people to start electing credible politicians instead of the politicians being selected for them.  This may be the time to end congress and the house of representatives and usher in a new wave of governance by the people, for the people of the people.  Its been obvious for many years now especially to those outside America looking in that the Globalist Bankers and their corporation minions hijacked the American governments a long long time ago.

Love and Light to you all

China Warns of “Revolutionary Actions” and “Unforeseeable Consequences” Over US – The Tiger Awakens: China Warns of “Revolutionary Actions”and “Unforeseeable Consequences” Over US.

Obama and Kerry and Hague and Cameron want to take us headlong into world war 3 with Russia, do you sit back and let it happen or …. ?

It’s all left up to you.

Love and Light as always

Leaked EU’s Ashton Phone Tape: Kiev Snipers Were Hired by US Supported Opposition Leaders

Russia Today – Leaked  EU’s Ashton Phone Tape: Kiev Snipers Were Hired by US Supported Opposition Leaders.

Now the truth is being exposed, it’s just a matter of time until the world says enough is enough to Obama, Biden, McCain, Hauge and Cameron to mention only a few.  As David Icke so often states “its problem, reaction ,solution” – tried and tested many times by the Globalist Bankers i.e, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan Iraq.  We can go back hundreds of years, the Globalist Bankers’ Modus Operandi is now well-known, we’re just amazed how the corporate news media are getting away with spilling all this garbage on the daily news programs.

As  the  oligarchy tries again and again with its nefarious actions in all these aforementioned countries  to start WWIII we are served up daily the Oscar Pistorius side-show and the Simon Cowell fake baby show.  We stand corrected, their the  baby is the only real player in the”pantomime”.

“What the mind cannot conceive it doesn’t achieve.

What the mind does not except it will reject.”

Humanity must start excepting responsibility for people like McCain (net worth $10,500,000) and Kerry (net worth $194,000,000) .  Wake up, war is for the poor driving this agenda in your name.  These people are not going to put on uniforms and fight, its your brothers and fathers, sisters and mothers who are going to do that.  Only the people can change the paradigm and for all our sakes we must start soon. – Ukraine Scripted to Perfection. – The History and Science of Color Revolutions, Part 1.

Love to everyone

Truths About Prostate Cancer and GMOs, Syria, The US Air Force Drug Run and UK Finances

Read about the claims on that prostrate cancer treatment is a bogus industry that harms more than it helps.

Now moving on to GMOs, here is a movie to look out for but be aware there has been some criticism summed up well here.

“Maybe it’s time we realized that the same company responsible for one of the deadliest chemical weapons in modern history is now in control of our food supply”

– Anthony Gucciardi, March Against Monsanto 2013

“Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people”

– Henry Kissinger

Press TV reported in August that Saudi Arabia (one of the Great Satans) had offered Russia economic incentives to end Syrian Support. No wonder Press TV were taken off the air by the UK authorities, you can’t have broadcasters reporting the truth in the UK especially when (The Great Satan) Saudi Arabia is exposed for the criminal zionist state that it is.

Again back in August reported that the US Air Force transported 24 Tons of Cocaine to Miami from Costa Rica.  What hypocrisy.

“We are renting our entire money supply from the Bank to the tune of £165M every day in interest on personal loans alone not including mortgages or interest on secondary loans such as Wonga, a total of £213B on all our debt every year. In many average household debt was £54,024”

– Martin Wolf, Financial Times 9 Nov 2010

Read the problem with positive money by Mike Robinson for UK  He really examines the debt based Money System designed to enslave us all.

Here’s  a quote from Mike Robinson:

“The Bank of England does not operate in the national interest, as implied by name. It is in fact a broker between government and private bankers who lend the nation its own national currency at interest; it does this by issuing guilt edged bonds.”

Who owns the Bank of England?

This is a fascinating insight into the freedom you think you have and how the global population is being “farmed” as we call it at Robin Hood.

Love and blessings