Russell Brand: Paxman Didn’t Take Him Down So Corporate News Media Go For Round Two

Russell Brand on Channel 4 News.

The corporate news media are desperate to extinguish the flame that is Russell Brand.  Now we have John Snow wheeled out to besmirch and ridicule Russell Brand, trying to expose weaknesses in his beliefs that politics, parliament and the prostitution of the British people are finally becoming history.  Any individual, free thinker, free spirit must be dispatched at all costs to the asylum where they can spout their truth.  The truth to those whom Paxman and Snow feel deserve it.  Anyone “not on message” must be insane, because look at what a wonderful society exists, and the system can only be changed using the tools of the system.  SKY sunrise today again has Stephen Dixon ridiculing Brand and the two guests analyzing the newspapers.  Why always the news papers,what about what the internet is reporting and social media via twitter, Facebook etc.  What do they have to contribute? – UK national newspaper sales: Guardian, FT and Daily Telegraph end 2012 on a high note.  The headline is totally misleading.   As you read these three newspapers mentioned had small month on month circulation increases.  The four charts in the essay show huge sales declines over the year for every newspaper.  Yet every day we have SKY and the BBC reviewing the newspapers.

This present society in which many find themselves enslaved and imprisoned cannot and will not be changed by visiting a ballot box every and marking a piece of paper with a cross.  This is the insanity,people have been going through this ritual for thousands of years and look where we have arrived in 2014.  With all honesty, hand on heart is the world today the UK for that matter a shinning light we wish to bestow on our family our children our grandchildren?  People are awakening, they know our current civilization does not serve itself or the planet we occupy.

This is the reason those in control fear people like Russel Brand, he doesn’t think outside the box, he tells the corporate news media there is no box.

Love and Blessings to everyone

Daily Mail Attacks Brand and The Government Helps Banks Speculate on Food Prices

The Daily Mail has begun the assassination of Russell Brand.  You know you are on the money when the fascist Daily Mail rolls out two pages to destroy the messenger.  However the message is truth is eternal, it cannot be destroyed.  Look what the Globalist bankers did to Jesus.  He threw the money changers, the Globalist bankers from the house of God and they murdered him.  The message today is stronger than ever, only the churches don’t get it . The churches are empty, the flock has moved on.

“What you sow, so shall you reap.”

This time round there are 10s of millions of us telling the Truth, they will not be able to kill us all. The army of Truth has many recruits, the forces of darkness have many deserters.  All religion has sown division, and so the people will be divided from religion – from those whom preach religion and those who know the reality.

What don’t Ed Milliban, Nick Clegg, Nigel Forage and David Cameron want you to know?

The UK  is trying to water down efforts in Europe to curb the impact of commodity speculation on food prices.  Anti poverty group the World Development Movement obtained a treasury document showing the efforts to add “loopholes” to planned position limits which cap the size of bets on grains and other foodstuffs.

The group argues commodity price speculation fuels famine.  It’s argument has been backed up by research issued by banks such as Barclays which has its self been highly active in food speculation.  There is no food shortage, no oil shortage, no banana shortage – the message you are being indoctrinated to take into your psyche is shortage.  We all know when the Globalist bankers introduce this word the price goes up.  There was no shortage in Ireland with the so called Potato Famine.  Ireland was exporting butter, beef. grain etc when this was being reported.  Educate yourselves.

This deregulation of the banking system came about when president Clinton repelled the Glass-Steagle Act which separated banking from investment banking.  This act had been in place for 67 years, now it was an open house.  The banks and corporations could play roulette in the casino of worldwide commodity gambling.

So there you have it, this post should have been on the front page of every newspaper and every TV broadcast.  Do you understand the magnitude of this statement?  What the UK government is doing here is allowing the Globalist bankers to make even more money from people going  hungry, as if making money from people keeping warm is not enough.

Obviously not.  You want to then go and vote government back again in 2015.

The Globalist bankers are admitting they are manipulating the price of food and this manipulation you can be sure is not for the benefit of the consumer.  So here we are, today the British government is lobbying Europe for an unlimited amount of money to be given to bankers in bonus payments and bankers are to be allowed to run up the price of food so as to make money.  All this from an institution that has bankrupted the nation.

The second biggest buyer of gas in Europe is Deutsche Bank.  The bank will say they are buying gas for their clients  but you and we know the truth don’t we.  What is it going to take for the British people to wake up from this nightmare?  We at Robin Hood feel that when the day comes and you go to the ATM machines and they are empty, this will be the people’s wake up call.

Changing the subject as we do for there is so much truth to be exposed

Love and blessings

The System Strike Back at Brand Due To Fear

Following our earlier comments on the best vote is no vote, the Independent newspaper today has an article telling people to ignore Russell Brand.  Bite the Ballot, a pro vote organiSation, has defended our voting system.  I wonder if Bite the Ballot receive any private or public funding?  Interestingly, underneath the article bestowing the virtues of the people voting is the comments section.  The first comment is by SNAPSTEP which finishes with a vote yes or no to the comment.

Boycott any elections by the political class (a typical Trotsky socialist worker comment) then

Scrr!! Strikes riots and civil commotion!!

The propaganda machine is in full swing.

”I’m not asking you to think like me I’m just asking you to think”

In the interview with Paxman, Brand suggested nothing of the sort – he is being vilified.  You see the self-fulfilling rotten to the core system is frightened.  The Globalist banker controlled corporate news media fears the truth above anything.  This is very fitting for the Russell Brand situation.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win”.

Love and blessings