Royalty-Has It Become An Obscenity ?

The bedroom tax doesn’t apply to Kate, William or George.

One courtier said it offered taxpayers “Great Value” so as we understand. The taxpayer pays £4,000,000 for the refurbishment, and then the taxpayers pay £16.50 to go and view what they have paid for. Yes I can see why its good value for the taxpayer as Kate and William  paid for the fittings after all.  Makes sense  now, of course it does….  let’s have a closer look.  Yes we see,  this  would explain why Kate and William are so happy with baby George looking out of the window of Kensington Palace.  They’re counting the people queuing at the entrance to pay their £16.50.

Two opposing links here.  Below is  a link on the latest  regarding Sandy Hook.  The American authorities have finally admitted it was a hoax.  The metabunk website however had already debunked the Sandy Hook hoax as a conspiracy theory.  However the site did say that in their understanding the Queens wealth is $500,000,000. Sorry to go off on a tangent, I feel metabunk is about shooting the messenger here. The message being that with no  stretch the  imagination the royal families are extremely rich organisations.

The Queens personal wealth is £300,000,000.

Prince Charles personal wealth is £126,000,000.

Prince Williams personal wealth is £11,400,000.

Remember that these amounts are those which royalty deem acceptable  for pubic knowledge . However, although the British people finance the royal families and their life styles,  their true wealth is kept secret.  No motions of inquiry into the truth of their wealth may be put down in parliament, it’s illegal.  Transparency however we are told by HMRC is  the way forward.  They go onto say that if you have nothing to hide, why seek to cover it up ?

With an annual  income of   £x,000,000 from the taxpayers to finance the royal families lifestyles. We have left the £x Millions , as this figure is  widely disputed.  The sum amount does not include princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s royal protection etc,etc. Some put the annual income the royal families receive at £213,000,000.  Again no transparency. You have to go very deep down the rabbit hole to get to the bottom of the British royal family.  When the Truth is revealed, well wait and see, not long now. Sad really as the whores of  the corporate news media put them at the epitome of Britain.  Wonder how the world feels about the rest of us?

The link below epitomizes in our view, the obscenity. Wonder how many of her subjects, her majesty has taken out of poverty? Just a thought.

Well, is anything else appropriate in 2014

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney.





Savile – Who’s Responsible? Why The Police Of Course

Garry Glitter, the latest celebrity, thrown to the lions (public).

Old Axiom “If you throw up, you’ll feel better”.

This report is 18 months old now, the public are being drip fed parts of the truth, however all the big questions remain unanswered.  This is because the corporate news media don’t have permission from their owners to ask the big questions.

Who were Savile’s friends in high places ?

Who protected him?  He often quoted he was protected.

Who instructed the police on numerous occasions to drop their investigations ?

Why have all references to various members of the Royal Family been suppressed by the corporate media ?

Why is there a different law for the authoritarian plutocracy in the UK ?

Yes the paper may be the Daily Star but we wanted the focus on the redacted links with Savile and Prince Charles, and the Daily Star had the courage to print the truth.

Edward Heath, Tony ( liar)  Blair and Prince Charles are hardly mentioned in the probe into Savile.  Of course the police denied any wrong doing regarding Savile and carry on their  merry way investigating themselves when some truth surfaces referring to their inactivity and their non-intervention while the crimes were taking place.  Not surprisingly they award themselves a clean bill of health, and so the farce that is Operation Yewtree continues, till a satisfactory conclusion.   Satisfactory that is, to those that instituted the investigation. The clues in the word “institute”-ed.

David Icke has done such a wonderful  investigation and reported his findings. I chose the word wonderful intentionally, because truly in time people will awaken to the wonderful service people like David Icke are gifting  humanity. Only the truth will set us free. When people are made aware of the truth,then they will empower themselves to change the world.

Savile was allowed to operate by the BBC, unhindered. Savile was allowed to operate with the knowledge and appeasement of hundreds of police officers, from various forces (all documented) for many, many years. His victims were known to the police. What a sad indictment on the British police that they were unwilling to come together to end Savile’s crimes,putting their livelihoods and the police force before Savile’s victims.   Here’s another brave soul, shining the light into the world of institutional criminal etiquette.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

Sky News (Views) & the Royal Corporation

“In many ways Kate and William are just like us”

– A quote from one of the Sky news presenters ,on the  Stephen Dixon sunrise programme.

“The youth of Australia feel as if they have grown up with prince  William”

– A quote from an Australian royal watcher on BBC News 24.

All carefully choreographed and insidious on behalf of  the Royal Corporation, to continue to drip feed the unsuspecting pubic and to continue to curtail to a family of  very dubious disposition,

Remember as a UK taxpayer your paying for this, here is just one example of the obscenity below.

Not convinced?  Take a look at the next link.–Prince-Charles-foots-bill.html

Yes its easy to dismiss all these reports regarding the Royal Corporation,but really can such a vast selection of media over such a huge period of time keep “getting it wrong”.   Take another look at the latest obscenity, in actual fact that word doesn’t go far enough to describe the degeneracy this section if the Royal Corporation has sunk to, I would describe the whole Royal Corporation as pornographic.  These desplays of wealth almost on a daily basis, certainly weekly,  are now quite crude.

We keep hearing that another section of the Royal Corporation is paying for Kate and Williams this, then another section of the Royal Corporation is paying for that.  No ,the Royal Corporation is a  state funded organisation and the States money is supplied by the Tax Payer.  Therefore you are paying for this pornography,it’s just  part of the charade being played to hide the Truth.

The Royal Corporation operates today in secret, supplying only the information it wants you to know.  You’re not allowed to know how much the Royal Corporation is worth or where its money and property is invested.  However the Royal Corporations, Government,seek access to your  citizens bank accounts (link below) and your Isas.

We will leave you with the link below and one other chestnut the UK Corporation slings in the mix”.  Well all the tourist come to “see the Queen” but really how many tourists “see the Queen?”?  Or for that matter ,how many UK citizens “See the Queen?”

Remember,its like this ,cause you let it .

Michael J McCartney.

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Prince Charles Will Never Be King: A Royal Up-Date – Prince Charles Will Never Be King: A Royal Up-Date.

  • The British Monarchy
  • The British Establishment
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Zionists
  • and last but not least the Globalist Bankers who finance the circle.

They’re all one big circle of evil.

Love and Light to Everyone

Royal Family, Prince Charles, Prince Charles Will Never Be King


BBC Allowed Saville To Deliver Kids To Royals – Can The UK Public Now Call Time On The BBC? – Savile fed kids to the Royals, facilitated by the BBC.

David Icke has carried out extensive investigations, and has been  reporting on the Savile- Government -Royal connections for many years. – Elite child abuse:Jimmy Savile Doorman to the cess pit.

We believe at RH that when the BBC has finally been found to have been complicit in the Savile child crimes it should no longer be tax payer funded.  The license fee (TV tax) should be abolished and the BBC should be sold off to private enterprise enabling several thousands to be returned to each licensee.

As a footnote only the UK and Israel to the best of our knowledge pay a TV License (tax).

Love and Light as always RH

The Artist Taxi Driver: The Queen, Inequality And Control

Yes, the Artist Taxi Driver swears but don’t we all?  Listen to the message, some tend to be judgmental about the messenger but there is so much truth in this 12 minute video, and it’s only part one of three!

No one can doubt his passion to expose the inequality, corruption, and hypocrisy that exists at the heart of the British establishment.  The interviewer states that the:

“Queen is redundant, she’s a figure-head, she has no power.”

The interviewer expresses the opinions of a great many world-wide – not just those in the UK.  The grand deception  the Artist Taxi Driver exposes, and it’s modus operandi,  could not be further from the truth.  The Committee of 300, the Queen is the head of this oligarchy and that’s just for starters.

When the  truth is finally revealed regarding the kleptocracy that is the British monarchy people are going to be amazed.  For the moment the “truth” is what they tell you it is.

Love and Light

Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, Committee of 300, Royal Family