Energy-Is it Time For Competition in a Rigged Market ?


There is now an overwhelming belief in the UK that the energy markets have failed  British consumers. With the “Big 6” energy suppliers many suspect a cartel has been allowed to formulate under the guise of competition. Its been revealed  in the past few days that there  have  been  huge price falls in  gas and electricity prices on the wholesale markets. Gas alone has seen a 38% fall in one year, with electricity falling to its lowest price since April 2010. Hands up those of you who have seen your energy bills fall this year. Exactly no competition, the regulator (Ofgem) is regulated. The time has arrived to inject significant competition into the UK energy market and abolish ofgem as their existence exasperate the energy problems.

When privatisation was sold to the British people, two criteria were at the pinnacle of the sales spill, investment and competition. See links below .

As you can read, the Government has been warned the UK faces the highest risk of blackouts in a generation, while energy companies playing fast and loose with their revenues generated by the British consumers.Many comments now express the view, not only has a cartel been allowed to prosper, that we are overseeing an oligarchy in  its entirety.

Above is a link into the perilous conditions of Britain’s energy supplies, and as far as RH is aware our predicament has not improved as of March 2013. Germany and France for example have vastly superior  facilities to the UK. These two countries are able to buy cheap when demand is low and store the energy for upwards of 45 days. The information we  posses at RH is that the UK has the  capability of 6 days storage. No inward investment here then.

The tax avoidance, we will come to at the end of the post. It’s all part of the BOE intentions to increase interest rates, announced 12. May 2014 by Mark Carney governor of the BOE and ex Goldman Sachs banker,via Canada “”The long way round”.

As stated, we desperately need new competition and  we can achieve this quickly and decisively when the  UK nationalizes  of   one of the big six energy companies.

The money is not the issue,  it’s the political will. The nationalised company must be allowed to  operate under commercial conditions. Free to make a profit. Profit is good, the money is then reinvested in the business. The company must be free from any political influence, allowed to function in the market as any private (run for profit enterprise). The remaining  energy  companies would then be forced to compete in a competitive market place ,bereft of government interests.  All  profits after investment would then be returned to the British people, not stashed in some Crown offshore tax haven. Latest estimates of the Crowns worth £ Let the people have an opportunity for once,  a true change from  centuries of liability.


Apr 2013 Heat or eat Compete or Cheat_col

Coming back to the tax avoidance of the energy companies, they are not however to be  pillard. The energy company’ s are but  few in number to  the 1.000s of companies and multi nationals  that contribute by way of taxes to the UK economy as little as their accountants deem  necessary. Hence the impending rise in UK interest rates. There has been such an expansive movement of capital from the UK to offshore tax  havens, £170.000 every minute, night and day, that the BOE under the guise of economic recovery, synonym,  (debt increase) must raise the interest rate to attract the repatriation of  this money to the UK . The EU has just announced negative interest rates, in effect paying you to borrow money. However the BOE stated intention is to expand the UK debt book from £4 Trillion to £ A huge figure,and beware of its destination(bust) the UK taxpayer. Mark Carney peddled his wares at Goldman’s, expect nothing less.

So there you have it  remedied, a  to cure for  the egregious energy industry. You will not find this solution to the UK  energy debacle in any of the three main political parties manifestoes.Sadly parliment has been bought and paid for by the City of London Bankers many moons ago.

We understand at RH from a reliable source that the only scenario that may engage the British public is when the lights go out. However this as yet, is not confirmed. ” I warn you of him, and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but iI will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal ( The Anti Christ) is one-eyed whereas Allah (God) is not”

We sign off with the song, surely this is Humanity Longing.

Happy Days.


Election Fraud – What Has America Done To Deserve It’s Incumbent President? Why Has The World Waived It’s Right To Vote?

The Daily Mail – Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn’t ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report

There is another post coming on RH titled The Clinton Chronicles, which by coincidence (“Einstein – there’s no such thing”) coincides nicely with this current essay by David Martosko, the Mails US Political Editor.  Make no mistake America, Hilary Clinton has been selected a long time ago.

“That’s OK we will  just have to vote Republican” America behave yourself, come on. – Stolen elections – The Illuminati Always Win The ‘Election’ -BUSH ELECTION RIGGED!!!!!

Just three examples from the MEDIA THAT MATTERS regarding elections.  Whether they be in America or anywhere else, there have been many proven election frauds in the UK.  Too numerous to mention or investigate we urge you to do your homework.  Wherever you live, you find the modus operandi is very similar in all “Democracies”

“It is enough that  the people know there was an election.  The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything . ”

– Joseph Stalin

Love and Blessings to you all

Society Is Stage Managed, Read How – The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition -The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition.

The organisation and breadth of the control that is applied to every facet of our society is terrifying.  Read the article, even the protests are controlled and directed, used as social release valves to satisfy protest tendencies.   But not too much release!  Just enough to keep the system running.

The level of control across the media, politics, business and daily life is total.

Love and blessings