The Media – The Cover Up

Here is a shocking ITV News Interview with Bill Maloney

As we have stated many times before at RH, we have the Political, Judaical and Security services covering up again for the “Elites”.

  • Who else are the Establishment covering up for? Why?

All the answers are to be found on the Media that matters.

Crimes go to the very,very top of the British Establishment.  They always have done. If the authorities start prosecuting people like Savile and Smith as examples, then they would turn round and say something like “hold up what about so and so and so and so” or words to that effect, and begin implicating those at the very top.

So they do a Captain Jack Sparrow – “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

Just look at Princess Diana, only in this case she happened to be a Lady.

More confimation.They know who, when and where. These are the perpetrators of the Crimes. They also know all the victims.

Who are they? Why, the Police of course.

Prime Minister Edward Heath was warned on four occasions for trying to procure young boys in public toilets in London by the then head of the Metropolitan Police.

Everything is seen and all is known,all will be revealed and everything shown

– RH

Love and Light as Always to Everyone.



Anti-Austerity Protests In The UK, And Germany

Who says things are not changing? Here are two reports not covered by the media whores in Britain. Still believe there’s no grand conspiracy to keep you all in the mushroom sheds?  By paying your BBC Tax of £144.50 a year, you are consenting to the manure being heaped upon you and are complicit in the BBCs paradigm.

The corporate news medias agenda worldwide.

Report the Lie.

Isolate the Truth.

Here s a photograph  of Britain’s finest over seeing a protest.  Their realisation will come when all the protestors are in prison, for terrorist offences.  Demonstrations are banned, and no one to march for them when they lose their livelihoods to G4S.  Only the Guardian Newspaper as far as we are aware managed to report on the antI-austerity protest in London.

The Tap talks about the world’s central banks andhow they control the world.  The truth in the UK is hidden in plain sight.  Money and its creation are absent from any school curriculum.  Universities teach economics, sadly not the economics of reality. The Bank of England (BOE) by its  very name implies a  British Bank,  in place to serve the British people and the British economy. In fact we have  insidious tyranny, disguised as the BOE, a financial tyranny that robs you of your self-esteem, identity, health, security and welfare. When the deck is finally stacked,  let’s hope those who have prophesied the economic collapse and are aware of the conspiracy are in sufficient numbers to assist and guide those who will still be in denial.

 “Truth is like the Sun, you can shut it out for a time but it aint goin away!

Elvis Presley

Makes you go cold

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”

Fred Rogers.

I truly believe that it’s an energy of Empathy that will eventually free us.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney


It’s Time For A New Body To Police The Police

Here are two reports concerning increasing  corruption and crimes amongst vast swaths of police officers the length and breath of the land.  In fact we’ve been subjected to  police collusion for so long now, whereby  police officers, in increasing numbers,  have in a  subtle way,  managed to circumvent  the law of the land.  The law that  is enforced on 99.9% of the UK population but allows  the police cart blanche  exemption from that law.  The links  below are  the latest in the endless revelations regarding police corruption. These  continuous disclosures of  crimes and corruption it seems are revealed  on a daily basis, certainly weekly.

The police reaction in  general  is to announce a  new opinion poll confirming the great trust the British people continue to  maintain in their police force. Also that those police officers caught committing crimes and conspiracy represent a tiny minority. Really?  Theses polls  are mere  marketing tools to suppress the Truth and leave those who disagree  with the polls dumbfounded, people however are becoming increasingly  disillusioned with the police and have little or no faith in the integrity of the UK  police force.


Image via police_cover_up

Above the is the Daily Mail report’s on  the national disgrace, regarding the Stephen Lawrence murder. Proven police corruption and cover up. Here are crimes committed by the police, yet no police officer has been charged or prosecuted for these crimes. The Stephen Lawrence murder took place in 1993,  but there’s still no justice for his family. Some have said “Oh were fed up with Stephen Lawrence”. Yes that may be so, none  than Lawrence  Family. We’ve got the  Hillsborough Disaster that seems to extend like episodes of Coronation Street. A truly gigantic soap opera orchestrated by the police,  politicians  and the judiciary. Still no justice for the victims and certainly none for the families and  British citizens in general.  Would this fiasco be tolerated at say Lords cricket ground? The ambiguity from the establishment is endless.  Take a look at the Guilford 4, the Birmingham 6 you can fill library’s with the corruption, crimes and failures of the British police… The link below concerns Hillsborough.

We have the scandalous case of  Ian  Tomlinson, conveniently criminal charges were dropped against the police because of the ineptitude of a  police pathologist. Lies and cover up, the police modus operandi on his death.  More people have died in police custody since the 70s in the UK than in the whole time of the Apartheid Regime under De Klerk in South Africa.  No police officer has been charged with the minimum, manslaughter, relating to any of these deaths.

Many people in the UK when attending Her Majesty’s Courts have a vastly  different experience to that expected.  The persona of  Her Majesties Courts is that  of  Justice. There is a  huge  misconception in  reality however.  All to often Judgement is dispensed to those  before the courts. Justice and Judgement are two opposites in Her Majesty’s Courts. Not wanting to go off on a  tangent here, all of Her Majesty’s Courts are in fact private companies run for profit. Don’t believe us then take a look. Education, but not the nonsense you’ve been taught.

This website will enable you to start reclaiming your Power.

Back to the criminals disguising themselves as  police officers.  Below you will find two  links confirming everything we have said in this post.

In  future there will be a  feature on  Mark Duggan. Was he murdered by the police?  Conspiracy? Not according to many.

This first class essay below focuses on another aspect of police nature.   Just ask those demonstrating against the destruction of the British countryside, those protesting against fracking.

Police corruption has now reached epidemic levels in Britain, yet we still rely  on the police to police the police. This paradigm is no longer acceptable in 2014.  The IPCC,  we reiterate are no more independent from the  UK police force than the Isle of Wright is independent from the UK. The time has come to  employ a separate body of people, void of all police association, political control  and judicial oversight. Subterfuge must no longer be allowed to prevail, concerning those who purport to serve the Nation, the  British establishment.    Here’s a link on City of London’s, finest. We put this in for those who still believe we live in an open and free democracy. Reality, however is  a totalitarian, debt serfdom police state.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory, when its a proven fact “

Happy Days

Michael  J  McCartney


Metropolitan Police Routinely Lied – Dozens more cases now in doubt: Undercover police routinely lied to the courts.

We will go further at RH and state categorically that much of today’s judicial system condones and is implicit with police false evidence. – IPCC face conferring ban after fatal police shooting. ( i.e getting together and rigging the evidence).

It is high time that we stop allowing the police’s own IPCC  from policing the police.  We need a totally independent body of people (not made up of the usual suspects) to protect the British people from an ever-increasing rogue element in British policing.  RH has been tireless in truthing the reality of many criminals that operate within the law and the protection of the UK Police Constabulary.  Just have a look at the comments section on the Daily Mail’s report (linked to through David Icke’s post) and the report below, they can be very telling on most newspapers.  The political establishment is again in complete denial of the police crimes and corruption, even more amazing after the Andrew Mitchell AKA Plebgate paradigm.

The Daily Mail – Scotland Yard anti-terror chief moved off operations after links to Stephen Lawrence spies revealed.

The only way we as a civilised society are going to eradicate the epidemic of police corruption revealed with ever-increasing regularity is to the corrupt officers.  It’s so simple, yet for decades it has eluded us – think about it.

Love to you all

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‘Too Hot’ Report On Police Leaks To Media Was Buried As Leveson Inquiry Ignored Met’s Bombshell Intelligence Report – 19 January 2014 – The Sunday Re-blog Via Lucas 2012 Infos

The Sunday Re-blog

Here’s the first in our newest feature, The Sunday Re-blog, where we share a story from another blog we really want to share and bring to your attention. As you can imagine from the heading this makes for some interesting reading. Love and blessings

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Bombshell file on Met links to News International was dismissed by Leveson Inquiry – classified 2006 document alleged senior officer passed secret information on Met chief’s decisions to the ‘News of the World’ to original article

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