Ex British Prime Minister Edward Heath Paedophile Crimes Covered Up By British Establishment [video]


“Since when has the truth been a conspiracy?”

Three essays from David Icke, the first explains how the Child Crimes committed Edward Heath, were known to the British Establishment for Sixty Years.


The Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing Britain would be foolish to acknowledge David Ickes revelations regarding the Establishment Paedophile Rings, as the adage states ‘Turkeys don’t Vote for Christmas’ By the way, the video in this article is a MUST. The disclosure concerning the nefarious British Establishment, it’s quite enlightening.

Finally were taken further down the rabbit hole, where Satan and Evil reside. The whole British Fiefdom needs burning to the ground, with those Complicit, along with those Responsible for these heinous acts against our Children spending the remainder of their natural lives, in jail.


Obviously Washington is far from the only Swamp that needs Draining.

” They must find it difficult; those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority”

Happy Days.



America: The Land of The Free? Chemtrails and Links to Alien Intervention On Earth

A deeply sad start to the post, but some heroic tolerance from the protesters!

Someone wrote “bankers steal pensions and attack people protesting against bankers” – from what we see we would have to agree.  The truth is the police are in the pay of the bankers.

America: Land of the Free?

Moving onto chemtrails.

Alien intervention on earth – there is some fascinating information here on Waking Times, a wonderful website.  Have a look, the military and governments have known the truth for a long time and they have hidden the knowledge and technology of the ETs for a very long time.  Very soon now all will be revealed.  Remember it’s the most important when disclosure comes to not be afraid.  Do not fear, fear is a vibration the Globalist Bankers have used to keep us enslaved.

Everyone would like to live a healthier life.  Avoid the following like the plague.

  • Fluoride
  • Aspartame
  • Prescriptions Drugs
  • Vaccines, any Vaccines
  • Genetically Modified Food (GMOs)
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • Red Meat
  • Monosodium Glutamate ( MSG)

“If you can’t find a way create one”

Love and blessings

Unfit Doctors Surgeries and The Police State

1/3 of Doctors surgeries are not fit for purpose.  The Conservatives, their Liberal partners in Crime and the Labour party can’t privatise the NHS quick enough.  We are just sitting back and letting this happen waiting for the next person to do something about it.

People say “what can I do it’s always been like that?”

The answer from us is “It’s always been like that because you have always let it be like that”.

This was a beautiful moment in Italy,

“Everything was impossible until someone did it”

We have chosen three interesting videos among the 100s that have been posted by people against the Police State.  Remember when viewing Judgment is another tool in the Globalist Banker’s psyche, don’t fall into the trap.

Remember white Britains when all our Brothers and Sisters the Black and Muslim communities have been arrested the police will be coming for you, we love all at Robin Hood.

In Spiritual news WisdomOfTheRays.com reports the Dam of this present darkness is about to break.

Read about where all your honest and beautiful donations are actually going when you give to Comic Relief.

Love and blessings


The Case of Mark Duggan and It’s Sad Comment On The Police & A Brain Chip?!

Mark Duggan’s case concluded at the Old Bailey today.  Mark’s family were holding a peaceful march in Tottenham to protest at his death and what the family and friends viewed as murder and police brutality.  The police being what they are decided to block the route of the protester just because they could and to assert their  police authority.  Mark’s sister began swearing at the police and at that point she could go no further.  The police being the police started bashing her with batons, that incident started the nation’s riots of 2011.  Don’t believe us at Robin Hood?  Ask the people who were there, sadly though if you want the truth don’t ask the police, we use the word sadly emotively for the people of the UK for it has been proven time and time again the police cannot be trusted.

Don’t worry though for those people still left in the UK who believe that the state is benevolent have a look at the next video

Love and blessings

FREE Energy, The Police State and The Globalist Bankers Insidious Approach To Our Food, Environment and Health

Politicians – shame on you:

For those of you clinging to the belief that politicians work for you , know that 827 people have died during or following police contact since 2004.  It was raised in parliamentary debate and only one politician turned up !!  As the popular Facebook community say the last person to enter parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes’.

Students “punched and dragged to the ground by their hair as Police break up sit in”.  Published in the London Evening Standard this is a shocking example of Police Brutality.  Watch this video of students being evicted from Senate House, London – how did it come to this?

Click here and look at the cartoon of extra terrestrials viewing our religous conflicts.

“The time rapidly approaches when you will be given the opportunity to raise your vibrations to such a level that eventually only the truth will exist”

– This was channeled from SaLuSa, www.treeofthegoldenlight.com

Here’s an interesting disection of a Reuters article,Why modern society must do away with privacy ASAP.  As a footnote to this article Reuters is owned by “the great Satan” the Rothschild’s so the agenda here proposed has to be detrimental to the human race, for we ask at Robin Hood is he one of us?

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do”

“I don’t want you to think like me I just want you to think”

“The law requires labels telling us what is in our mattresses, how can anyone object to labels telling us what’s in our food”

– Old Uncle Dave

“Stars can’t shine without the darkness”

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life”

– Confucius

“Aspartame putting the DIE in diet since 1983”

Monsanto seed was priced at 5 to 7 rupees a kilo on entry to the Indian market, the price then rose 3600 rupees a kilo.

This is a must watch regarding what the Globalist Bankers have conjured up for us through their various holding companies.

On 2012: The Big Picture – The Greedopoly Game is Nearly Up.  Also on 2012 is this about water powered cars and the killing of their inventors.  Now, on to free energy.  Watch the video below and read about a company marketing it.

This website and the information it contains is so vital to all the children of the world we have listed it twice on Robin Hood.  In actual fact it’s so important that everyone reads the information we at Robin Hood will list this site periodically – Vactruth.com.  It is all the more poinyent when as we have been saying at Robin Hood that Big Pharma and the Government knew about this nightmare all along.

Love and blessings

Posions – The Government and Aspartame

Keith Vase says he “fears tor the public, if the police can act this way towards a cabinet minister what chance has the general public got?”  

There have been more revelations about MPs expenses again.  Whats new the public keeps voting them in and they keep robbing the public.

“The more we do to you the less you seem to believe we are doing it”

– Joseph Mengele

How can we vote these politicians out?

The answer – you can’t.  Not to vote is the only answer; the British people are given very little choice at the ballot box – only the names are different.  This is why the corporate news media are obsessed with voting.  Those in power know that when nobody votes the game is over.  You can’t have a war when no one turns up – same scenario.

People are tired of this endless charade that is Parliament.  That’s the problem with a house built on talk, there’s not enough listening.  Pull the building down and the rotten criminal self fulfilling elites and institutions that it represents will come down with it.  Then all the people can build a utopia that represents everyone.

Aspartame (poison), a food additive – the game is up.  The food industry and food manufacturers have been discovered, so now they are changing the name from Aspartame (poison) to Amino-sweet (still poison), it still gives you Cancer buy hey at least it sounds better.  Sorry to be facetious but the money spent on the name change would have been better spent taking out the cancer causing effects.

Love and blessings