Has Paedophilia Now Become An Accepted Way Of British Life ?

Read into the first LINK below what you will.


Below LINK, seems many Investigations are stifled the moment the parents, guardians of victims report the Child Sex Crimes to the Police, after all, where and to whom could these accusation of Child Sex Crimes lead ? The Police for all intensive purposes are the first hurdle put in place by the Establishment to safeguard its Role and Position of Privilege. An example, Esther Rantzen who founded ChildLine was a Gatekeeper for the British Establishment. Savile was allowed to operate with impunity for over 50 years in the British Isles. Police in many Forces were instructed by Senior Police Officers and the Security Services that Savile was “Untouchable” Jimmy Savile would often taunt arresting Police Officers regarding  this Fact. What has not been revealed and investigated is as to whom Savile  procured children for, when you bear in mind that he and fellow D J Alan “Fluff” Freeman were supplying Young Boys for the Krays in the 1960s. How ironic that his Crimes are exposed by the Corporate Media after his death. As Captain Jack Sparrow would say “Dead men tell no Tales”


The 30 second interview with the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone LINK below exemplifies all that is Wrong and Rotten in Britain today.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU4wfVI7LNc MI

JIMMY SAVILE FINGERSImage …..charlesfrith.blogspot.co.uk

The British Establishment has to be De-constructed for True Reforms to Manifest.


Here we go further down the proverbial “Rabbit Hole” Link below.


The LINK below describes Fiona Woolf the latest Establishment figure put in place to guarantee the Status Quo and safeguard the Elites of Society from disclosure of their Criminal activities and Child Sex Crimes.



Be under no illusion, the Child Sex Crimes in Britain lead to the very echelons of Queen and Country. The conspiracy by the Crown and the British Establishment is of such magnitude that once exposed a new paradigm of Society, Governance and Identity will need to be created.

These two LINKS from the Daily Mail, Saturday. October 4, 2014 exemplify the headline on this post



So you see the Police are riddled with corruption and ” Vested Interests” To call on the IPCC ( Independent Police Complaints Commission) to scrutinize the Police is comparable to issuing an invitation for Jack the Ripper to investigate the Whitechapel Murders.


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Child Crimes, Child Murders And Institutional Paedophilia! The Best Video Yet To Expose The Truth

And so we go further down the rabbit hole. As Bill Maloney states from pienmashfilms.com, were barely scratching the surface.

If you’re interested in the truth  /Savile and the 9th Circle9royal affair extended and remastered 46.57 Youtube

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” Keep burying your head in the sand, eventually you’ll hit a landmine”


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Why The Liberals, Conservatives And Labour Fear The Truth Regarding Paedophillia

All three main political parties are complicit in the cover up of the Crimes and the Murders of Children. It’s a prerequisite when entering the British Establishment that it must be protected and guarded at all or any costs. You have seen this statement bourne out in the corporate news media in the previous weeks and months. All the leaders of the three main parties are cognizant on the subject of paedophillia.  Another Inquiry into the previous Inquires. Investigations into lost files, folders shredded, information passed onto no one knows who are an endless charade of manipulation and misinformation designed to throw the hounds from the scent of the Truth. Endless pontificating by the establishment and yet after 50 years of Crimes perpetrated by the political elites, of  those that have been found guilty many in their absence owing to their deaths no one has faced the courts for Crimes against Children and Child Murders.

Yes we’ve just had the Harris guilty verdict with a prison sentence of three years, but no mention or investigation into the child abuse, child crimes, or his Paedophilia. Harrowing as it is for his victims he was tossed to the hounds as a scrap to once again keep them at bay. We are once again appointing the establishment to investigate itself,  hardly filling the British people with any confidence. In fact those more astute amongst the people have already predicted the findings of the latest Baroness Butler Sloss fiasco. Again the establishment stating however that it is confident in the outcome.

Time and time again we have proven at RH the police are no longer  fit for purpose. In time a new supervisory organisation will have to be designed by society to oversee its well-being and protect its self  from the less  scrupulous and the criminals amongst us. Police playing the role of tax collectors and games of  blind mans bluff  are no longer acceptable. The law must apply to all, not just to the small.


We have reached the stage  in our evolution where  there is no alternative other than to accept the end of  Government for Britain from the Palace of Westminster. Alternatives must now be sought and implemented into a new governance of Britain. The opaque Establishment that has existed for 100s of years can  no longer be tolerated. Criminals operating with impunity in any organisation cannot be condoned, Criminals operating at he heart of Government, which has been proven Link Below, constitutes the  breeding ground for a Fiefdom.



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We have added a link here http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/leon-brittan-admits-he-saw-geoffrey.html

Half way down this post we dispense with the fluff and get to the stuff as Marcus Allen would say, he hosts a Radio show in the USA.  The three links we’re referring to reveal a wealth of information and truth the Establishment are desperately trying to conceal and prevent from being  exposed to the public.

The media that matters are well aware of who committed the Crimes, when the Crimes were committed and where the Crimes were committed. The corporate news media as with the Establishment have morphed into two huge dinosaurs, both facilitating  eachothers lies and Crimes. We all know the fate of the dinosaurs, it’s a matter of when the British people choose to start anew,  regarding dismantling  and changing  the institutions that have transformed themselves from benevolent to malevolent organisations.

The country is rapidly failing and there is a terminal decline in civility and morality predominant in the decay the ruling elites,  that’s despite the views you see on the BBC and SKY.

” A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”

Ariel Durant


This is the latest false trail in the Telegraph laid out by the Establishment. Claire Perry would have you believe the Establishment is nothing more than an antiquated old boys club. This article is a cynical attempt to codify the facts, leading the hounds astray with comments on cyber bullying and on-line grooming. There is despicable evil being practised at the heart of the British Establishment. Let us call those who commit crimes, criminals and those who are responsable and accomplices to child murders, murderers. Nothing less will suffice.  How this excuse for a human being can have the audacity to link “chumocracy” with pure unabated evil is beyond us. If ever an example of the out of touch were contemplated Claire Perry would exemplify that example in all its fame.

And here we are, joining all the dots………..http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/david-cameron-covered-up-for.html………….Our great leader, just like Blair before him. Makes you wonder what we as a nation are responsible for,  to be condemned to this dam-Nation.

The shift of consciousness is in process, can you feel it?

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Paedophila RottIng Through Our Society and Energy Truths

Just after the financial collapse of 2008 an American investigative journalist followed a missing money trail in New York amounting to $1Trillion.  Her investigations let her to Jersey, surprise surprise, one of the Crown Estate island tax havens.  When she got to Jersey and began picking up the money trail she was astonished, people did not want to talk about the missing $1 trillion.  They had more pressing matters to confer, and Haut De La Garenne was number one on their minds and in their hearts.  The reporter is Leah McGrath Goodwin and she has her own website dedicated to exposing the guilty.  She is a very courageous lady, one of many to come forward to bring these child muderers to justice.

This is another excellent site to learn more of what’s really going on in Jersey, one of the Crown Estates – The voice for children Blog.

Cliff Richard –Paedophile?

The missing ingrediant and the awakening from the amnesic sleep

Visit this site and other like it for information on the dangers of fracking.

Energy crisis?  Cold fusion has the potential to chan ge all that with a little attention and effort, read this.

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry do not own the Sun”

– Ralph Nader

Read the truth about Big Oil, the money trail and the hold it has on our energy generation past, present and future.

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Pedophilia and Child Murderers

Child Murderers:

We at Robin Hood prefer to use the correct name for this evil.  The word Pedophilia seems to roll of the tong.  It does not describe the barbarity, the evil of the crimes perpetrated on poor defenseless children.

Books have already been written on child murderers so we will hope at Robin Hood to take those responsible for these heinous crimes into the Courts of the Lands where these crimes have been committed.  Only by everyone coming together and saying “no more children to be killed” can we bring this evil to an end.  The perpetrators of these child murders are well known; European Royalty including British Royalty, The Black Nobility and a Prime Minister, Presidents of America, politicians, judiciary, top police, civil servants and media tycoons, captains of industry music and film royalty and the Churches.  You all know who you are and your names will be published and reported there are no more hiding places.

Jean Nicolas & Frederic Lavachery have published the book Dossier Pedophilia, an excellent investigative work, however those responsible in Belgium for the child murders were allowed to “live another day”.  The patsy in the child murderer Mark Dutroux was imprisoned.  The people of Belgium must examine their conscience, reflect and ask themselves how did we as a nation allow the truly guilty for the heinous crime of child murder to escape justice.  It was allowed people of Belgium because you allowed the guilty to go free.  You could write books and books over the years of how “patsys” around the world have been set up, we will post a short list later but there are 1000s.

Lots and lots of truth to come regarding Jersey, the Crown Estate.  Another can of worms this time the British Monarchy and its Mafia shutting down the truth Sometimes at RH we wonder what will it take to get people off their bottoms and engaged with reality hopefully not the murder of their Child ,what does it take to awaken the people?

Could this be the answer “as long as it wasn’t your child getting into the back of Jimmy Saviles rolls Royce it was ok” a quote from a celebrity employed for 30 years by the BBC.

Type in Holly Gregg in your search engine, another nightmare scenario.  This time not a murder of the child but child abuse, of a down’s syndrome little girl, sexually abused by Scotland’s finest and covered up by Scotland’s finest.  However there was a murder this time, the child’s Uncle, killed by the State or the child murdering ring it protects.  Does it really matter?  Yes it does if you’re an honest decent individual it does which is 99% of people.  Take back your power forget Independence Scotland ask Alec Salmon to sort this little Conspiracy of silence out ,see what answer you get.

Back to Jersey, we have the notorious torture chamber that was the Haut de la Garenne.  It makes you wonder how those responsible and more importantly those responsible for the cover up, and we reiterate that statement because if the child murders, and the crimes were reported.  The perpetrator  could not carry on their evil trade, therefore the silent are as guilty as the criminals of the child murders.  Without your consent the criminals would not prosper.

Love and blessings