Systemic Global Paedophilia Exposed : SGT Report 17 March, 2017[video]

“We may have found a cure for most evils but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all….the apathy of human beings. Helen Keller.

No it’s not going away.

We’ve been covering the Paedophile Industry for some years now. here’s our recent report on the 13 of this month.

BP takes up the mantle, which takes us further down the Rabbit Hole.

Make no mistake, those responsible (All, irrespective of Title or Status) for this Evil will have their collars felt, much sooner than the Perpetrators and Facilitators of this Evil would have you believe. Thomas Williams(Truth, Honour & Integrity Radio show) talks of 40-50% of figures in Public Life, Media, TV and Movies involved, in this Evil.

Happy Days.


Pizzagate Core Evidence In 5 Minutes; David Seaman And Demonstration Demanding Investigation March 25 In Washington DC [videos]

“The conspiracy theory label was contrived to derail the truth movement”

Seems the Americans in Washington DC are prepared to put down their ‘Remote’s, Remove Bottoms from Cushions and Engage’ Here, the apathy of the British is palpable, adopting the Australian posture “Shell be right”

In Britain the ‘Bad Guys’ tend to wait until Their Associates the ‘Bad Guys’ are deceased, before allowing the Facts concerning their insidious actions are made known to the Public. We list a few of these beauties below, bearing in mind the Paedophile Industry in Britain is ongoing. The First Line of Defence for High Level Paedophile Networks are the Police and Security Services. No images of Savile with any member of the Royal Family are permissible in Our State Media, be it Print or Screen.

Cyril Smith.

Leon Brittan.

Edward Heath. Footnote; David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret, named former Prime Minister Edward Heath as a Satanist, Paedophile, Murderer, 7 years before Heath Died.

Jimmy Savile. Procured Children for the ‘Bad Guys’ Kept Hush Hush at the Inquiry.

Greville Janner.

During the Savile Inquiry, one commentator remarked “Everyone at the BBC knew about Savile, it was all OK, as long as it wasn’t their Children getting into the back of his Rolls Royce”

“We may have found a cure for most evils, but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all….the apathy of human beings” Helen Keller.

Happy Days.


Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Run By A Powerful Elite Paedophile Ring

Can recall some years ago the British Spy Anthony Blunt in confidence told a colleague he was a member of a “High Class Paedophile Ring which operated out of Hollywood, where Errol Flynn and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin are amongst its members.

Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Run By A Powerful Elite Pedophile Ring


Happy Days.


4,444 Victims: Extent Of Abuse In Catholic Church In Australia And Why Churches Of All Religions Hold A Propensity For Little Boys.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell.

BP observation, “Is it my imagination, or do the British press enjoy exposing the paedophile/sexual abuse in Australia”

Yes people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but all the while the attention is focused on ‘Foreign’ (regardless the British Crown Owns Australia) folks continue to be lead up the garden path, as it were. Take Savile for example. He was allowed to pedal his wares through 30 Plus Police Forces for over 50 Years. That he Procured Young Children for the Wealthy and Influential has never been mentioned in the Independent Inquiry (Laugh) into Child Sexual, chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard, announced in July 2014 by Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, which is now on its Forth Chairman.

With reference to the Church, a fascinating article from Bradley Loves.

Paedophilia in Britain today is an Industry, functioning at epidemic levels – Conspiracy. Ask the people of Rotherham.

“The trouble with conspiracy theories is they have a habit of becoming reality” Yvonne P. McCartney.

Happy Days.



Obvious PizzaGate Question (By Design) Slips Through The Cracks And The Big Picture On Paedophilia [videos]

The brief synopsis from starshipearth reiterates the Evil on display Here.


Industrial Farming of Our Children has endured for decades Fact, maybe centuries.

Not until All the Guilty involved in this vile, pernicious Global Trade are brought to Justice will the True extent of the numbers of Innocent Children Involved come to Light. Once exposed through the Corporate Media, who remain complicit in the Cover Up of these Crimes, Protecting the Perpetrators, assisted by the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Security Services and Politicians, will the People grasp the severity of what History has to Reveal.

While were covering Paedophilia, another example from, just how the RABBIT HOLE EXTENDS.

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff”

Jeff Wells.

We are all responsible for ensuring the lyrics of the song are made manifest in Our Lifetimes.

Happy Days.

Kincora: The Establishment Cover Ups

article-2686781-1F8639BE00000578-746_634x359Image by…

Just one more exposé of the cesspit that is the British Establishment, LINK Below

We read many, many years ago that Lord Mountbatten was murdered by the IRA owing to his propensity for ” Young Boys ”

LINK Below, “All Roads Lead To”, in this case, not Rome but London. Here the dichotomy of the Establishment ends and the Grand Conspiracy reveals itself.


Hidden in Plain Sight we have Fiona Woolf. Key connections to the former Home Secretary Mafioso ( Lord ) Brittan, who by coincidence managed to loose Files implicating the Guilty on two separate occasions while in office.

Its now time to clean the cesspit of London, the abode of those who circumvent the laws and practise their Crimes upon the people, preserving the State at any cost. London is a modern day Fiefdom, where the kleptocracy must be de-constructed and those Guilty of these heinous Child Crimes brought to justice. Only then can all the people of the UK thrive and prosper.


City of London,Financial Capital of the World, till 2013

MI5 & MI6 Headquarters.

The Palace of Westminster.

New Scotland Yard.

Buckingham Palace.


Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.