The NHS: Is It Set Up To Fail? Corruption Or Incompetence? It’s All Three

The NHS was built-in 1945 when the country was bankrupt.  This article dated June 24, 2014 predicts 3% growth for the economy this year. Stay with us on this one as we attempt to connect the dots.

This is a short 2 minute video, explaining how Barclay’s sustains its  profligacy. Bear in mind Barclay’s is just one bank, there are many in the City of London. The Bonus figure here is £2,000,000,000.  Now we go to the link in the Telegraph dated 18, June,2014    Are you following the coaliltion. Here we have the NHS facing a £2,000,000,000 funding gap for 2014 .”One has nothing to do with the other you say”.  We disagree.   For many years now we have been subject to an authoritarian plutocracy, government by wealth.  As with all countries there’s a certain amount of money in the kitty as it were. If one takes more, then one takes less,  unless one taking more creates more,  however the banking fraternity are still being supported by the UK taxpayers, Barclay’s included , despite their bravado.  All major banks up till the  present day, are taxpayer subsidised,  so in the bankers example, the economics do not apply.

Apologies for using this BBC image, its important to portray David Cameron and the Worth Economic Forum,  as that’s one of the organisations he works for.

How the NHS spends £2,600,000,000 a year filling gaps with agency staff. The Daily  Mail Saturday, June 21, 2014, by James Chapman. Political Editor. No direct link to this article.  Spending on temporary and agency staff in the NHS has been branded “out of control” as official figures show costs have soared to £2.6Billion a year. Hospitals are hiring agency nurses for as much as £160 an hour-or £1800 a shift-as they struggle to cope with rising demands on services, particularly A&E departments. Figures obtained by Labour show that NHS trusts spent £1.2 billion on temporary staff in 2013-4. Foundation trusts which have a degree of independence, spent nearly £1.4 billion – 162% more than they originally planned. There are now more than 60 private firms providing agency nursing and medical staff to the NHS. Doctors can earn huge sums with shifts, with one agency doctor at Mid Staffs getting £5,700 for a days work in 2010 and consultants being paid around £3,200 for a single shift. In many cases the NHS pays commission of 20% or more to agency’s providing the staff. Typically agencies employees are up 30% more expensive than equivalent permanent staff but critics have pointed to evidence that costs can sometimes more than double.

Trusts often have to find more workers to fill empty positions on bank holidays and meet unexpected surges in demand. In Kent one hospital paid 21 locum A&E doctors £1,000 each for a single shift in casualty last year. Shadow health minister Liz Kendal said Labour warned about the dangers of cutting nurses jobs and training but the Government ploughed ahead anyway. Now hospitals are spending billions of pounds extra on temporary and agency staff. It’s a complete false economy. Patient care is going backwards under this Government and ministers are losing grip of the NHS finances. David Cameron needs to sort out the mess he’s created and get the NHS back on track. The most recent quarterly report states that foundation trusts planned to spend £523 million on agency staff in 2013-4 but ended up spending £1.4 billion -162% more than planned. By comparison there is only 0.3% discrepancy between the planned and actual costs of non agency staff. NHS organisations have cited difficulties recruiting permanent staff as one of the reasons for overspend on temporary staff, particularly nurses and middle grade doctors. But at the same time more than one in three NHS trusts in England have plunged into the red and now have combined deficits of £241 million.

Ministers say they will take no lessons from Labour, which regularly oversaw deficits in the NHS. David Cameron said ” The average wait in A&E was 77 minutes when Labour was in power, it is now 30 minutes under this Government”. A Conservative health spokesman said ” In the wake of the terrible events at Mid Staffs that took place on Labour’s watch, and following the Francis Report , the NHS has responded emphatically. In some cases temporary staff have been used to address under staffing problems that persisted under the last government, but there are now 7,400 more permanent doctors and 5,700 more permanent nurses than in 2010. We’ve also increased adult nursing training by 10% this year”

We would like to add, surely it’s not beyond the wit of man that with an aging population and a population explosion, the latter engineered over many years and still increasing to plan for the future.

The above article in the Mail states the Government has increased adult nursing training by 10% this year. Clearly woefully inadequate considering the perfect storm, of population and age.

Corruption, incompetence either or both,  anyway you view this latest disclosure about this NHS trust chairman – it smells fishy, and I don’t believe its the fish my wife’s frying either.

And for the final link, this resonates at RH, our understanding of the deception that is Parliament. Time for a new way guys.

“The Truth when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears”

Hunter S Thompson

Happy Days

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NHS: The Privitisation Nightmare

Take a pay cut or leave appears to be the mentallity at the NHS.

Well paying for just one  finance director is £50,000 a month, the equivalent to £600,000 a year I would imagine the overnight stay in your general hospital would be well in excess of £1,000.  We’re quoting this figure as when costs are introduced for your GP and hospital admissions, patients will be as scarce as well perhaps that’s part of the “plan”.  Many of the venerable in society cannot pay their council tax, energy bills and the food they eat now.


ENERGY BILLS –   Keep in mind this is just one of the “BIG 6” (CARTEL) energy providers and by no means the largest.  An estimated 4,000,000 households behind with their bills.


Remember also that when the NHS is privatised, there will be 10s of millions who will be unable to pay.  Everyone will be ” means tested” so those who are able to pay will pay for those who are unable.  Medical Insurance would be mandatory for the population, always bearing in mind that the medical insurers will be loath to insure those with existing health problems.  Insurers are into profitability, not liability. It really is time now people to get bums off seats, put down the remote and start participating in your future.  Don’t leave the cause to someone else, as you’ve done in the past.

Before we go any further into this essay and report the egregious path the UK is set on, lets state one categorical fact.  There is more than enough wealth, resources and ability in this country to service everyone’s needs. The stumbling block however, is  those who control the country – no not the politicians but their masters.  Politicians are just a public face, know those who really control the country are the “Global Bankers” who want more.  Plain and simple, easy for everyone to understand.  Look at the link below, this is where the taxpayers money is going, and why public services like the NHS are being denied funding.

BANKS ––with-british-taxpayers-in-line-to-lose-their-entire-45bn-stake-9466823.html   See the smile on this man’s face, dare I say it, “He’s laughing all the way to the Bank”

Now getting back to NHS, has it been “set up to fail”?  The Conservatives have always known the price of everything and the value of nothing, so no surprises here with an all out assault on NHS privatisation.  Take a look at the link below.

The conspiracy here is NHS privatisation, the media whores in the UK read from the teleprompter script.  How much more evidence will convince you?

Read this book, The plot against the NHS.71GjmYuXgHL._SL1500_Again it’s all there in black and white.  Now I don’t want to leave the impression here that the NHS privatisation is purely a Conservative agenda, it’s not . The privatisation of the NHS has been instituted, from the very, top of the British Establishment.

“That’s a Conspiracy” I hear you say.  Take a look at this then. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband just represent the acceptable face of the establishment to the British People.  Conservative, Liberal, Labour – three masks “one face” Yes our old friend and Master Deceiver Tony (LIAR) Blair is of course involved.

And last but not least that “One of the biggest so – called infrastructure funds buying the contracts, HICL, has its tax domicile in Guernsey and was specifically set up by HSBC to buy up such contracts”. PFI a “diser”. Read the latest from the I Thursday 5th June.

So you see, it’s never been about your Health,it’s always been about your Money.


(Play it Loud)

 “They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the Truth, rather than Truth as Authority”

– Gerald Massey – Egyptologist

Love and Blessing

Michael J McCartney

It’s Your NHS – But It Won’t Be For Long – Despite the Government vows to protect whistleblowers, NHS boss who spoke out against locking up patients is sacked.

Time to get bums off seats people.  Everyone’s waiting for the person next to them to start the revolution.  The Truth is everyone’s waiting for you.  The NHS has been set up to fail, it’s just a matter of time.  It’s no good crying when you have to pay to see your doctor, and that’s just for starters.  Don’t forget as well ,you will be paying for everyone who can’t afford to pay.  Who’s going to pay for the elderly? The young?  The sick?  The unemployed?  The people receiving benefits and welfare?  Those that don’t want to work?   Only the people who work,that’s who.  Google and Amazon,the Multinationals only distribute – they do not contribute. – Reform Think-Tank Urges Ministers To Extend Charges For NHS Services.

Love and blessings

Also, read this tale of a student nurse in the NHS and experience the intense pressures placed on our NHS.

NHS, Enjoy It While It Lasts, Save The NHS, NHS Whistle Blower Faces Job Loss

Proton Beam Therapy – The Prostate Cancer Breakthrough Not On The NHS

The Daily Mail – Prostate cancer breakthrough that the NHS won’t offer: It can spare men like Joe the side-effects of treatment. So why is it only available abroad?

The headline says it all.  Proton Beam Therapy is far more refined and targeted than conventional radiotherapy and as a result will cause less side effects.  It also would have cost £16,000 rather than the £29,000 price tag associated with prostate cancer at an advanced stage.

Prevention is better than cure!

Love and blessings

Dis-credited MP Liam Fox Tells Times “Don’t Spare The NHS” And The Internal Document That Shows The NHS Meltdown

Read this article in The Times today where dis-credited MP Liam Fox has said the NHS should not be spared from budget cuts to fund the banks.

The first question to ask is does Liam Fox even use the NHS?  The second question is why does the corporate news media persist in attacking the NHS?  And lastly, why does the corporate news media continue to give air time and coverage in the dailys  to failed politicians?  Liam Fox was caught out with his friend Adam Werritty lobbyist (someone who pays money to corrupt politicians to follow the company agenda).  We have BBC continually wheeling out Jacqui Smith who had to resign due to her husbands porn habits being paid for by the tax payer and not content with fiddling for her husband she also fiddled for herself.  She would have made Nero weep.

Then we have the arch anti-Christ Tony Blair (Prince John) dusted down whenever war is mentioned, pursued or intended for nobody does it better as Carly Simon sings.  Then you have Ian Blair the major criminal ex Metropolitan Police Commissioner  who was forced out of office but continually promoted on the BBC.  His deputy who had to flee the UK is now overseeing the Bahrain Police and their treatment of protesters –  you could write five books about these guys but for the truth just ask the Menendez family.

Going back to the NHS where we started this post, if the British public to not get engaged with the NHS there will be nothing left to engage with, the globalist Bankers (Tories) will have won.  The NHS is worth saving, even with its many faults it has become a beacon of light to the world as to what can be achieved. What a pity then that this document below, which has been written by a newly qualified nurse and circulated anonymously, should show  how desperate our nurses feel at this time of crisis within the NHS.


NHS, Meltdown, Internal DocumentNHS, Meltdown, Internal DocumentLove and blessings,

Michael McCartney

Privatisation Of The NHS and The CIA Involved With Michael Hasting’s Death?

The instigators of the NHS Privatisation are Tony Blair (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and Alan Milburn.  Notice Alan Milburn is being brought back into the Labour Inner Circle.  Just in case they win the next election, he will finish the job of privatisation.  David Cameron (Prince John) and George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) have already signed up to NHS Privatization.

Its ironic Tony Blair at one time stood for some wonderful ideals.  On his first election win one of them was to save the NHS.  In 1997 the NHS was days away from privatisation under the Major Government.  Sadly Tony Blair (Prince John) like many before him fell foul to blackmail , and his wife Cherie to the money one of  the Globalist Bankers favorite entrapment strategies.

Look at the Blair’s today, bereft of power they are  recluses in a world society and outcasts in a world that recognises betrayal and greed.

Read this and consider this as a way of perceiving the world – another look at true reality.

A video concerning Michael Hastings another – “angel” that’s how we describe him at Robin Hood.  Like Paul Walker, Michael Jackson and many before him his name will be revered.  Alas that of Barack Obama, George W Bush will blow away in the winds of the weather, a passing of no significance, when their names promised so much more.

Love and blessings