The Zionist/Nazi Cabal – Worldwide Divide And Conquer Plot

So much is revealing itself now on the Zionist/Nazi control system. We continually question ourselves at RH as to  reporting it seems of these daily exposures. There a plethora of reporting now on the media that matters, as to how the world has been engineered by the Zionist/ Nazi cabal, with  controls on a sovereign states media, Governments, and finance. The killing of the three teenagers  by the Palestinians has no justification in any society. Killing and murder and war create more war, murder and killing.  David Cameron was quick to state that Britain stands firm with Israel.  A soundbite to his controlling masters. Conspiracy. We will endeavor in this brief post to reiterate  the Truth. This is an earlier essay, still confirmation, also showing David Cameron greeting one of his controllers.

There is old propaganda describing those who speak about Israel or the Zionists/Nazis as anti semitic, those who speak regarding immigration as racist. These old paradigms have long been consigned to history. The corporate media whores continue with the pretence, the labels to stifle and shut down  the debate.  However consciousness of  the people has  long been awake to their modus operandi.

Israel is an apartheid state, the world on previous occasions has refused to do business with apartheid states. South Africa, Rhodesia, Yugoslavia etc.  Israel however is unique.  The Zionist/Nazi cabal rules America, Britain, Canada etc.  In a previous post we explained that after World War II the Nazis had not been defeated, they just moved to other countries and changed their names. One of the countries was America and one of the name changes is NASA. (For another post)

Take a look at the next link, its reality that you will not see reported on the BBC or Sky.

Jonathan Cook who wrote the essay can’t believe the Australian Broadcasting Corporation allowed this 45.30 minute video to be shown on TV. Unfortunately, but true to form the video was taken down by said broadcaster. After all the truth must be hidden. There is however a link on the post to ………

Sky’s strings are pulled by Murdock a Zionist and a darkness.

The BBC has been instructed no anti Israel reporting………

There is a huge world-wide movement  to boycott the apartheid state of Israel.  Silence from the corporate media whores. David Cameron again …..

The latest truth regarding Israel. Lets be honest, who in their right mind wants war, murder or killing?  Be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or a Kangaroo even. One of the cornerstones of the Zionist/Nazi cabal is divide and conquer.……..More and more truth.

Let us all hope with the conscious awakening that is now taking place the majority may empower themselves, to overthrow the minority that rule us. The Zionist/Nazi cabal controlled  Governments,politicians,bankers days are drawing rapidly to an end. The tyranny that has beset humanity for thousands of years has been found out. All wars are banker wars, as with debt serfdom they are initiated by the banks. The end of the subterfuge is in sight. The Zionist/Nazi cabal will do all it can to cling to power. The people we hope are qualified and many, to accept the challenge.

” World Zionism can best be described as the worlds largest organised crime syndicate. They appear to be soulless parasites upon the human race. They are empowered by the Zionist City of London private central bankers who specialise in Babylonian Money-Magic and making money from nothing (Debt based notes presented as money) and pernicious usury. They are generally recognised by numerous intel insiders to be parasites on the world, war profiteers and mass murderers behind every major war, as well as the hidden hand behind drug trafficking, pornography, sex trafficking, slave labour and other financial frauds and scams. Using their imaginary debt based pretend money, they have bought and now own almost every single US Congressman, most Supreme Court Judges and almost every Federal Judge.”

Preston James, Veterans Today

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney

Hitler – The Conspiracy Theory Gets New Evidence

2012 The Big Picture – FBI Quietly Posts Documents Claiming Hitler Escaped to Argentina.

First it was a whisper, later journalists researched and published it and now the FBI have released information on it.  Take a read of the true history that will never be taught in schools.

Why did the FBI wait 65 years?!

Love and blessings

The Zionist / Nazi / Jesuit Alliance – The People Are Waking Up

“As I have seen, those who plough iniquity and sow trouble reap the same”

There is a worldwide awakening to the axis of evil the Zionist/Nazi/Jesuit alliance with its ultimate aim to start another World War.   Number one and number two did not quite give them the whole world they desire, thankfully with the shift in consciousness the evil is being exposed and the truth of the conspiracy unfolding before  humanity.  Remember the reports appertain to the Zionists who have used the Jewish people throughout history as their whipping boys, continually ambiguous with  the word  Jew and  Zionist to ferment the Zionist Evil. We want to emphasize Jewish people are not Zionists.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Israel’s role in the Ukraine –

Israel: A significant shift in U.S public opinion? –

US scholars confront AIPAC and Jewish lobby bullies –

Full Boycott pressure is needed on Israel now! –

Hundreds of Thousands of Ultra – Orthodox Jews protest the Military Draft Bill in Jerusalem –

Israeli soldiers open fire on children with live ammunition – David

Rothschild Zionist David Cameron pledges “unbreakable” support for Israel –

Love to everyone, it’s all that matters – everything else is paste and wallpaper.RH

War – What Hollywood Won’t Tell You – War Vet Spills the Beans about the Atrocities in Iraq and more.

America sadly knows no difference, it is the dog that obeys its master.  The Zionist -Nazi-Vatican coalition- evil in its purest form.  Oh for the intelligence, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and so much more.  We run out of narratives for those who are so foolish, stupid , ignorant and insane.  These  Americans who perpetrate this evil in the name of freedom and the American way. What God, what World, what Universe would wish or bestow this insanity on humanity that is the Nation of America in 2014?

America look at what you are, what you have become?  God forbid where you are going!!!

This cannot go on America.

Do you know what America, a sad irony on how far you have fallen, Bradley Manning is in jail and Barack Obama is President of the United States of America.  Read this essay America and weep.

Love to everyone

Nazis: Things You Might Not Know

We mentioned previously about the trend for dark uniforms and the police link, and linked it back to the Nazis.  We will seek to prove at Robin Hood that the same dark forces that ran the Nazis 70 years ago are the same dark forces behind the elites, globalists, new world order,  whatever name you choose to call them.  We know this dark force as the Globalist Bankers.

During the last few months of the 2nd World war over 100,000 high ranking Nazis escaped Germany with the help of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.  These facts are well documented by the way and include the escape of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, being the most high profile of the Nazis.  Roughly half of the Nazis went to South America the other half going to the USA.  The Nazis who developed the V1 and V2 Bombs went to the USA  this group also had a name change today we know them as NASA.  There’s a lot more on the Catholic Church to follow.

Although the name has been changed as well as the methods they used to murder their victims there are far more people being wantonly killed today, Friday 1st of November 2013, than the Nazis dreamed of.  You are being killed, culled, exterminated – it’s just that most people don’t know yet.

The truth however is rapidly being revealed to the world and the speed of discovery, waking up, education and enlightenment is ever increasing!  Many wonders will be revealed to humanity and the truth told will be told.  All that is hidden will be revealed whether the dark forces want it to or not.

One name we will not tag them with is the Illuminati.  That name indicates “one who is enlightened”.  These beings may have the hidden knowledge but to act as they do is anything but “enlightened”.  We understand that the last few paragraphs contain some quite startling revelations to some people; others already know the information to be fact.  Adolf Hitler we shall come back to, it’s important at this time to deal with the present.

“The bigger the lie the more people believe it”

– Adolf Hitler

While writing about all this darkness sometimes, just sometimes we forget about the light, and then a song springs to mind.

Take a look at the video and play it loud.  The song as true today as it was in 1986.  It has a feel good energy, the energy that is finally going to end this dark force that seeks to control us.

Love and Light, I am my brother’s keeper.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out and the Oppresive Logic of Dark Police Uniforms

Same outcome, different semantics.  RBS will now “ring fence” the bad bank inside the good bank; they have admitted to £38B in bad loans.  We feel sorry for Vince Cable being interviewed – he looked totally lost and bereft of any answers as to what’s going on.  To think three years ago he could have been chancellor, he had the popular vote of the people. How politics changes these men and women of good intentions.

Barak Obama after his first election was given a 3 day briefing on what he could and couldn’t do as President of the United States of America.  Talking about America it’s been reported that the inequality between rich and poor is now level with Brazil.  30 years ago Brazil was shown despairingly to Americans, and verified by the corporate news media as  the country not to live in while  America was “the place to be”.  I wonder if this report will be aired on CNN or ABC? The USA has and is going through a massive stagnation period, only a return of the banks and returning manufacturing to her home soil can restore the heart and soul of this once great nation.

Take a look at this article by Glenn Greenwald.  It’s a brilliant piece and we use the word brilliant as a narrative as well for the way he shines a light on the USA today.  He states how America has turned the word terrorist into its trademark, wonderful analogy.

Piers Morgan is advocating gun control in America while the police forces throughout the land are busy militarizing.  Urban shied, the new authoritarian buzz word, is just another excuse for more imprisonment and the militarization of the police force.

Have you noticed the police forces throughout the years have changed their uniform is it us or have the uniforms all gone very dark?  We believe there are two reasons for this.

  1. “The corporate, global elite” know the darker the uniform the more psychologically intimidating the presence of the police officer.  It’s intimidation on a global scale.
  2. For many wearers of the dark uniforms the “corporate global elite” again know this that the uniform changes the persona of the dark uniforms wearers, mentally the police officer becomes much darker.

The “corporate global elite” knows from experience that this psychological warfare works.  The system by which they operate has been tried and tested in the 1930s and 1940s.  The Nazis knew a thing or two, think we’ve gone too far with the analogy then and now?  I wished we had.

Schindlers List starred Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Ben Kingsley.  The actor who played the part of the Nazi camp commandant in the concentration camp was Ralph Fiennes.  He said it was a strange part to play, when he put on the dark uniform of the Nazi commandant he began to change.  It seemed as if the uniform had taken over his personality he said he was quite startled by the whole experience he could feel himself becoming more than an actor.

Love and blessings