Corporate Government – Organised Crime

The Daily Mail –  Given £184 million by the Treasury… but US predator Pfizer paid just £118 million in tax in three years

No you’re not dreaming,this is how “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” operates in the UK in 2014.  Most governments world-wide that have a Central Bank also support “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS”.  When you go to the ballot box to vote in a general election every 4 – 5 years you elect one of the selected.  Although the names change the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” functions stays exactly the same as before.  By the way so does the Central Bank, that’s for another time.  Lets today focus on Organised Crime, purporting to be a “Multi National Company” such as Pfizer.  All Countries have hundreds of these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS operating within their borders.  They are the usual suspects – Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Pfizer, Barclay’s, HSBC the culprits as we’ve stated run into the hundreds, if not thousands of companies.

Here, Pfizer collected from the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” of the UK £66,000,000 in 3  more than it paid.  Nice business for a company making nearly £5,000,000,000 in sales in that same period.  Now we all know that the vast majority of the money “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” need to function comes through taxation.  Here we have another example of a FINANCIAL TERRORIST company, our old favourites Amazon.

The Telegraph – Amazon received more money from UK grants than it paid in corporation tax

Here, Amazon collected from the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” £2,500,000 and paid out £2,400,000 in Corporation Tax in 1 year.  Nice business for a company making £4,200,000,000 in sales for 1 year.

So knowing that “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” rely on taxation to function, lets keep it simple as to how the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS operate, with the consent of “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS”.

Example; a “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT”needs £100 to operate.  It could just as easy be Euros or Dollars or whatever the currency.

Now the UK has 20 people paying £1 each in tax and 20 companies paying £4 each in tax = £100, the assumption that most companies operate to make a profit.  Now when those companies decide for whatever reason they don’t want to pay tax in the UK, in 100% of cases its greed, the” CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” still needs that £100 to operate.  However the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS  masquerading as Multi National Companies,having contributed nothing to the UK economy, now begin to steal taking money from the UK economy, in the form of TAX  CREDITS, BREAKS, CONCESSIONS – however you dress it up.

So now instead on contributing to the economy ,they are now taking and distributing money from the economy, in 100% of cases into TAX HAVENS.  £170,000 leaves the UK economy,every minute of every hour of everyday 365 days a year into off shore TAX HAVENS.  That’s a lot of money!

Now here, we have the poor old taxpayer in the UK picking up the TAB for the FINANCIAL TERRORIST who are paying sweet f— all.  So instead of paying their share £1 each, they end up paying £5 each to get to the figure of  £100 that the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT needs to operate.  It’s so clever, but then the simple things in life usually are.

Direct and Indirect taxation accounts for 65% of  the income of the UK public.

Just imagine how all the people in the UK will Thrive and Prosper when the FINANCIAL TERRORISTS pay their Taxes.  We could then have a system where those whom we choose to govern us would take responsibility for the people’s interests, not the “CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS” that the Multi National Companies select for us now.


Happy Days

Google Is Hit With One Billion Euro Tax Bill: An Example To The UK Tax System Failure

The Daily Mail – Google hit with one billion euro tax bill in France after tax inspectors search web giants Paris offices. – Democracy live Monday 12 November 2012 – Public Accounts Committee.  Google is described as “morally bankrupt”. – Democracy live Tuesday 8 January 2013 – Corporate tax avoidance debate 3.17.17.

Yes these two videos are long, but very informative.  By viewing them both you can understand why your taxes in the UK are so high.  Government rely on tax revenues to provide basic services and these services are funded through taxation.  Governments have no money, only the people or companies who pay taxes provide that money. You see it’s very very simple, don’t let the accountants try to complicate it for you.  Those who pay tax have to pay the taxes of those who don’t pay such as Sir Philip Green.

It really is that simple because Governments require a certain amount of money every year.  In the cases such as that of Sir Phillip Green paying £300m in dividends to his wife in Monaco the sums of money very quickly add up.  Now when you get huge Corporate multinational companies like Google, Amazon ,Apple etc (there are literally 100s of them) their tax revenues if collected would run into the billions.  These companies would like to contribute by way of finances very little or nothing.  Read this article if you still think there no correlation  between what taxes you pay and the corporations.

The Independent – Take from the poor, but not the rich: Tax authorities accused of” siding” with big business over small firms and individuals.

Tax compliance, tax evasion, tax efficient, tax avoidance ,tax exempt.  They all describe Google.  And then you have Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, who says he is “very proud of the structure we set up”. – Schmidt “very proud”of Google tiny tax bill:its called Capitalism.

Google wouldn’t know the meaning of the word capitalism, how many times have they been caught and fined for their “shenanigans”.  We googled “Shenanigans”,  Google’s description:

Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering, example “the chairman was accused of financial shenanigans”

Google, Tax, Multinationals, UK Tax, Google Hit with million euro tax bill

You really couldn’t make this stuff up.  Morality, enough and empathy are words that don’t exist in the vocabularies of multinationals like Google and Apple –  their mantra is “we want it all”.  As a footnote Google pays 3.2% tax on overseas profits – amazing!  How simple would it be for the UK to introduce a turnover tax – every company large or small pay a % of tax on every £ in revenue they generate?

The two major fears of capitalists are the truth and competition.  That is the only context in which we could describe  Google as being capitalist.

There is £170,000 leaving the UK economy and going offshore every minute of every day.  When the people decide enough is enough this practice will stop.  We have government by corporation in the UK now and we have had for many years.

The Guardian Monday – Its business that really rules us now.

The article mentions Tony Blair (Prince John) and Gordon Brown (The Sheriff of Nottingham).  Now it’s Cameron Clegg and Miliband all vying for respectability.  Parliament and government can only deteriorate in the face of corporate takeover, a vote in 2015 will only exasperate the problem.  Parliament is beyond repair and we as a nation cannot expect a system that has deserted the population to return the UK to Democracy.  Only a new start can now achieve the direction and  benevolent procedures to serve the people once again.

Love and Blessings to Everyone

The UK – The Government’s Mission To Make Us An Island of Consumers & Our Healthy and Better Future

The agenda of all governments is to allow as many people (consumers) into the UK as possible, the last Labour government admitted as much and this government continues to lie.  The multi-nationals then thrive on the volumes of consumers.  Fact, there is documented proof that this secret agenda is in place and has been for the last 30 years.

Secondly the benefits are not permitted to the UK citizen by the EU and the UK governments, this Agenda is driven by the multi nationals.  Take a look at the prices and services and of consumer goods in the UK compared to The EU and you will find a huge disparity, this is by design not by accident.  Take a look at the price difference in the cost of money and the price of cars; forget the nonsense the cars in Europe have only got “3 wheels”.  Then compare how much it costs to borrow money in the UK and in Europe.  Then you have things the “social Contract” that would benefit workers, the UK opted out.  Putting a cap on interest charged on  payday loans, the UK opted out, and so on.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever”

“Be the change you want to see in the World”

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

In the next 20 years there is going to be a health explosion, looking at the video below you can see why.

We at Robin Hood must keep reiterating the only energy that is going to end once and for everyone the Globalist Banker’s reign is “peaceful non-compliance”.  Make a two hour window and watch the amazing documentary for possibilities in our future.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core but I know that it exists”

– Nikola Telsa

”You can’t change what you refuse to confront”

Watch the video for inspiration, the whole experience lifts you to a higher level.  We also suggest you play it loud, and then tell us we are not all one.

“Truth and beauty, I crave for life for and would die for”

“I am not a visionary. I claim to be a practical idealist”

“My non co operation has its roots not in hate, but in Love”

“The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good the good is only temporary: the evil it does is permanent”

“Man becomes great exactly, in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow man”

Love and blessings

How Central Banks Work or Why Your Lives Are The Way They Are

All this information can be found in a Federal Reserve document called “Modern Money Mechanics”.

Money is created through a fractional reserve banking system.  A government decides it needs some money, say £10M.  The central bank, in this case the Bank of England, says ok we will buy £10M of government bonds from you.  The government then hands over the £10M of bonds it has printed, and gives them to the Bank of England.  Then the Bank of England instructs the mint to print £10M and give it to the government.  The government then deposits the £10M in a commercial bank.

These transactions are all carried out electronically as only 3% is physical money the remaining 97% only exists in computers.  Government bonds owned by the central bank (Bank of England) are instruments of debt.  Now when the Bank of England purchases these bonds with money it has created out of thin air the government promises to pay that money back to the Bank of England, in other words the money is created out of debt.  So all the money is created out of debt

That money then becomes part of the commercial banks reserves that must be maintained as a prescribed % of its deposits, i.e most reserves require 10% e.g £1m kept and £9m loaned.  What really happens is £9m is simply created on top of the £10m deposited making £19m.  This money is again created out of nothing,  i.e nine times the amount can be created out of nothing.  So this money creation out of nothing goes on and on.  More and more money is created out of nothing

This ultimately leads the value of the money created out of nothing to be worth less and less.  This then causes inflation which is a hidden tax.  The deposit money cycle can technically go on forever.  What gives this money value?

Answer: the money that is already there and so this makes your money worth less and less.  However as everyone knows prices keep going up and up.  The result?  Sooner rather than later you start to experience financial difficulties.  Banks do not pay out loans from the deposits they hold.  If they did this no additional money could be created.  When banks make loans they accept promissory notes, i.e contracts you sign and they the banks credit the borrowers account.  Then the bank start the whole money creating process again, the bank keeps 10% of the money deposited into the borrowers account and so the money creation goes on and on.

Therefore debt can never be repaid as the money for the debt did not exist in the first transaction.  MONEY is DEBT and DEBT is MONEY

As long as the Bank of England exists perpetual debt is guaranteed.  As dysfunctional as this system is there is one more nightmare a waiting, interest.  When the government borrows money from the Bank of England, or you as an individual or company borrow money from a bank, the money always has to be paid back with “acrued interest”.  Every £ borrowed must be returned to the bank plus interest.  Remember now the interest does not exist, so the bank wants the principal plus interest.

However the bank has only ever created the principle.  This is why inflation is always in the system.  New money has to always be created to pay off the old debt, plus interest.   Therefore it follows – bankruptsy, insolvency and debt are built into the banking system.  Eventually all money will end up with the banks – assets, property and businesses will be taken by the banks to repay debts.  Any loan that you take out from a bank personal, business, credit card  or mortgage is counterfeit.  The loan is also an illegitimate form of consideration and hence voids the amount to pay as the bank money is property to start with.   All this information is permanently suppressed as no one is ever taught where money comes from.

This process is all hidden from you.  Yes you are taught about Henry the 8th and his wives but the most fundamental system of trade and commerce – nothing.  The reason being that in reality banking is a system of modern slavery.  To guarantee that slavery banks introduced income tax.  Banks make governments of the day through the monetary system the banks introduced, guarantee the banks money by making workers pay income tax to the government.

This banking system keeps the wage slaves in line with a job – just over the breadline.  The banking system only benefits those at the top of the pyramid.  Banks finance governments and the multi-national corporations. Google, BP, Nestle, Pyslers are just below the banks, the pyramid is shaped so those on the bottom the 99% have what is left, 50% of the world’s population are on less than $2 a day.  The top of the pyramid is becoming much more pointed and the base much more wider.

Estimates of the Rothschild’s worth $500 trillion.  Physical slavery requires people to be housed and fed, economic slavery requires people to feed and house themselves, it’s the biggest scam ever created for it is an undetected war against all populations with interest as its weapon of destruction.  Rothschild central banks exist in all but three countries – this is the entity behind the curtain.  The curtain that Toto the dog pulled back in The Wizard of Oz to reveal the lie. Today instead of Toto there are millions of people worldwide who are telling the people the truth about the lie.

“There is something behind the throne greater than the King himself”

– Sir William Pit, House of Lords 1770.

“The World is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”

– Benjamin Disraeli English Statesman 1884

“The real truth of that matter is that a financial element in the large centres has owned the Government since the days of Andrew Jackson”

– USPresident Franklin Roosevelt

Let us give you an example of those last three quotes in practice.

Take one bank as an example –  HSBC, though there are 20 more to choose from the Globalist Bankers.  The usual suspects the ones always getting caught with their hands and noses in the cashiers draw ,Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Deshler, RBS, Citibank   ETC,ETC

HSBC has 900,000 premier accounts.  HSBC premier accounts on average are expected to have £50.000 in deposit and assets with the bank.

900.000 x £50.000 = £45b

Multiplied by say nine:

900.000 x £50.000 x 9=£405b – ample money to buy all the political influence you need, finance all the political parties, buy up the civil servants required , the Police hierarchy , the Judiciary and just for measure all the multi-national corporations and last but not least the corporate news media.

That kind of money buys a lot of influence in a society that’s been programmed to worship money and possessions, bearing in mind that HSBC is only one of the Globalist Bankers

Never be under the illusion that what these Globalist Bankers do does not affect you. Their actions affect everyone on the planet.

Love and blessings


The Truth About Hemp

Here’s a sad stat.  19 thousand people are dying every day.

Hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var indica) come from similar species of plant, however they are very different and confusion has been caused deliberately.  Hemp is illegal not because of any health or environmental issues, it is quite the opposite.  It is so environmentally friendly, nutritionally and medically beneficial it even cures cancer.  Hemp provides so many abundant resources the multi-national corporations cannot compete with its benefits.

Richard Branson was reported to have said “if Spain were allowed to grow hemp in 2 years all its financial problems would be alleviated”. goes into more detail. There are literally 100s of investigative links to follow.  There is so much truthful information you cannot but ask yourself why this wonderful recourse has been intentionally derided and surpressed from mankind.

Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s) closed the Hemp industry down in the early 20th century to ensure  oil  did not have to compete with hemp.  Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s), JP Morgan and General Motors had too much to lose.  And so the lies, mis-information and education over the years has been compounded.

One other huge point, by making the growing and possession of marijuana a criminal activity it enables M16 and the CIA to keep all the criminality exclusive, a two member club as it were.  The money enables them and their respective governments to then fund all the world wide black operations that they keep off book, a bit like the Globalist bankers who keep their $700-$1050 worth of derivatives off books.  You know, the bets that the shareholders and depositors know nothing about.  They are the two groups that will be reasonable for recapitalizing the banks when they crash the system.

Love and blessings