Monsanto – Update To Save Our Planet

The battleground today is Hawaii, where Monsanto and Dow undertake their experimentation with Humanity. LINK Below.

Monsanto Corn

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What can we do to halt the GMO Nightmare? Do the research, LINK Below.

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By empowering ourselves we can make informed decisions for ourselves and our families.

Choose your Health, and deprive the GMO Industry of its wealth.

Peaceful, Non Compliance, Will Change Our World.

Michael J McCartney.

Monsanto, Hush Hush!!! Government And Industry Still Scared To Label GMOs

This is the latest information we have from the USA regarding GMO labeling laws.  The Grocery Manufacturers Association ( GMA) seem hell-bent on “keeping the lid” on GMO labeling.   With the information at our disposal one common denominator  continues to rear its head above the parapet from Monsanto, Dupont,Bayer etc.  They are petrified of laws forcing GMO labeling on food.

This obsession to prevent GMO labeling is however world-wide. An article below referring to the UK, is another clear example.

Now our understanding from the GMO industry, and Governments that support GMOs is science has proven that  GMOs are safe to eat, and that they are the “Saviour of Mankind”.  Now it may be us at RH,but we suspect not, if you had a product that could “Save the World” wouldn’t you want to tell your consumers, and wouldn’t Government inform the citizens by labeling the product so as to let as many people know as possible, wouldn’t you?  After all said and done, you would want to hail the “Wonders of GMOs ” from the rooftops, wouldn’t you?

ARRRRRR NO !!!!!!!!!!

Here we have the two”Ministers of Death”, Environment Secretary Owen Patterson and his Accomplice Science Minister David Willetts conspiring to hide the “TRUTH”.

Our understanding at RH is that 18% of the World Population are now “AWAKE”.  That’s a lot of people.  Slowly, too slowly for many, that number is increasing every day.  There will come a time soon a change, when all the TRUTH regarding GMOs will be revealed.  It will then be up to humanity as to  how those responsible and their associates will have to atone for their Crimes.

Just before we end this essay you may like to read the excellent post below.  There’s a ten page summary of the book Seeds of Deception ,or a two page summary of the article.  Either, or both, make for fascinating reading.  Truth,and Truthful information, frightens the life out of these CORPORATE/GOVERNMENTAL, CRIMINALS.

Everything is seen and all is known,all will be revealed and everything shown


Educate yourselves and others.

Remember; it’s like it is, because you let it

– RH

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The World Is Banning Monsanto – Monsanto Has Been Removed And Banned By: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland!

Now we know without a doubt that smoking and lung and throat cancer are kissing cousins. Because GMOs have been around for 15 years or so, with no long-term studies other than Monsanto’s being done, we only have Monsanto’s word that GMOs are safe.

How much are they paying you David Cameron (Prince John)?

What does Owen Paterson (The Minister of Death) know that the other countries listed don’t?

How about you getting off your backsides and finding out?

Love as always

Even Animals Are Being Fed GMOs, Drugs & Links Between Refined Sugar and Cancer

America – Addicted to War.  What do you think?

“They take our Skills





Our best ideas


Lives in the end

Jobs these makers

Then turn around and call us “Takers”

No one is safe from GMOs, not content with using them on people Monsanto are also corrupting animals with them.  Find out more.

Read more about starving Cancer to death by removing refined sugar – an opinion held by a growing number of experts.

“If you tell the TRUTH you don’t have to remember anything”

– Mark Twain

“To remember who you are you need to forget who they told you to be” – Everything you know about drugs is wrong.  This offers new and alternative insights well worth considering.

Here’s something very festive and apt for our world – the NSA is coming to town.

This honorable man speaks the truth and is a credit to the American people.

Love and blessings