Is Everything in the Mainstream Media Fake? – Is everything in the Mainstream Media fake?

We have touched on this subject many times at RH.

“Propaganda is the executive arm of invisible government”

– Edward Bernays – Global ministries of Disinformation confirmed. Here is some xxcellent information confirming what many already know, that governments around the world are just as incapable of telling the truth as the corporate news Media.

You may say propaganda is a wartime terminology, can you really compare it to media manipulation?  Sadly you can and you must for the war is being perpetuated on every one of us by the invisible government described by presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy and a host of esteemed public, private and industrial figures only to aware of who controls the World.  Military Industrial Complex, Illuminati, Cabal, Globalist Bankers -they all add up to the one oligarchy.  This is the evil that controls the corporate news media.

GCHQ are four letters that describe the nightmare into which the UK is descending.  The good news, no pun intended, is that the corporate news media’s best days are behind it.  People are disengaging in their millions worldwide. – How They Manipulate your thoughts online. – Hacked CNN reports “China dumps all US bonds”.  As the report states CNN was hacked and this report went out, but there was no market response to this report.  This is confirmation that people are not watching this garbage.  When the advertising industry catches on and realises there’s no audience, you’ll be able to buy their shares for 2 cents on the Dollar.

Happy Days

Don’t Trust The Corporate News Media

This is the Ron Paul clip that fox refused to air.

There are lots of links and information regarding this CIA disinformation program, ironically more prevalent in 2013 than at any time in history including the Cold War.  One more link so you get the picture, watching the corporate news media gives you as much truthful information as a junkie looking for a fix.

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