Lessons From The Miracle Doctors

We have no financial connection to jonbarron.org, however we have a huge connection to Humanity. Our way of an introduction to one advocate of Natural Medicine, there are literally millions of them on the Planet, not the alternative medicine commonly described as prescription drugs, which when you think about it is actually ‘Alternative’

Submitted by Jenni Bodenham.

7 Inspirational Stories Of People Who Beat Their Cancer With Cannabis Oil

Cancer Research UK (Big Pharma) continue to seek the Magic Bullet (Cancer Cure) patent medicine that would make them rich, beyond their wildest dreams.

Therein lies the problem. Money not Morality, Morals or Patient Care is driving the Cancer Industry.

Once we force the Cancer Industry/Governments to release the information they currently hold on Natural Cancer Treatments/Cures then we can set about exposing where all this Cancer has derived.

Here we have one example, Cannabis Oil.


Image the revenue Big Pharma will lose when Cannabis is legalized globally. Make no mistake, it’s about to happen very soon.

Happy Days.