Corporate Government – Organised Crime: Further Down The Rabbit Hole

When the original post went up on this issue, one of our colleagues commented that we must supply more confirmation on the Truth we are conveying.   Now here we are , the universe has responded to our call.  Half way down the article in the Independent, which we must say is investigative journalism at its best, we have one of the (Mafioso) by the name of ,yes you’ve guessed it, SIR Alan Parker.  (Prince John) David Cameron’s was guest of honour at his 50th Birthday party, coincidence? As Einstein said  “God does not play dice with the universe” ie,there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Also we have JP Morgan involved, well their reputation goes before them.  Two examples of this GLOBALIST BANKER FINANCIAL TERRORISM are below.  There’s pages and pages on the search engines confirming JP Morgan Bank’s FINANCIAL TERRORISM.

And don’t forget here RH and other Truthers are labelled “Conspiracists” by the corporate news media.

And then we have one of the “Ministers of Death” involved,surprise,surprise.  David Willets in this racket,purporting to be a takeover bid by Pfizer for AstraZeneca.  We will explain the phrase “Minister of Death ” in a later post tagged Monsanto ,Hush-Hush.

Look at the 34 comments referring to this article, those that are aware of reality,are aware of this most vital of news stories even through the corporate news media.  34 comments, at RH we would have hopped for at least 34,000.  By the way we have no shares or monetary interests, or any other interests in the Independent.

They AstraZeneca could be losing  10,000 jobs here.  18,000 were,announced by Barclay’s yesterday; does the public give a —-?  Remember, we are the public,citizens,people of the UK.  Look what happened to Cadbury’s.  It could be you next.  If it is, is that what it would take to get you engaged?  The Jobs being created in the UK economy today are mostly zero contract,and minimum wage jobs.  This is reality, it’s not a “Conspiracy”.  Where are your Children and your grandchildren going to work ?

There is an old saying “The people get what they deserve”

Educate yourselves and others.

Happy Days





Banking: The Suicides, The Suicided, The Murdered And The Murderers

Here is an update as to whats really been happening in the last few days regarding bankers and their deaths/murders, courtesy of

18 Feb – And We Have Another Jumper… JPMorgan is in the Lead

18 Feb – As Bank Deaths Continue to Shock, Documents Reveal JP Morgan Has Been Patenting Death Derivatives

19 Feb – Why the whole banking system is a scam

19 Feb – Karen Hudes Guests with Dr. DREAM & Laura Eisenhower Feb 18th 

19 Feb – Following a Wave of Banker Suicides, 3 Former Barclays Bankers Now Charged in LIBOR Scandal 

21 Feb – New Clues in Suicide of JP Morgan Hong Kong Banker Add to Mystery

23 Feb – Bank Closures: Truth or Consequences? Video Posted Feb 21 Says it’s About to Happen

23 Feb – Investigation into Forex Manipulation & the Case of 12 Dead or Disappeared Bankers and Journalists 

It seems that the financial reset is fast approaching.  Have hard cash in case of emergency.

Always Love to Everyone.

JP Morgan – Ten Years Of Crime – DOJ sued for crony Justice-Presenting”A Decade of Illegal conduct by JPMorgan Chase.

This is another informative piece as usual from Zero Hedge.  We wouldn’t know the narrative the Americans would use to describe their situation, but here’s three we use regularly in the UK.

  • Same S**T different day
  • Jack the Ripper investigating the Whitechapel Murders
  • The IPCC investigating the Police

We do know however that it will only take one of the Globalist Bankers to be prosecuted and receive justice for their financial terrorism and the whole deck of marked cards will collapse.

Happy Days

American Political and Financial Corruption

Come on, are you really going to entertain this corruption?  She only does this because you let her, come on America get real.  What are your children going to say when they confront you and ask why your were watching X factor and allowed the country to be stolen from us”,  Mum and Dad turn off the Kardashians, teachers told us all our microchip implants are due for their yearly.  Check over and its 11pm tonight at Wal-Mart’s.  Disobedience means we are “switched off”.

America: The Council for Foreign Relations

Colonel Edward Mandell House, founding member of the CFA (Counterfeit, Fraud and Retribution)and adviser to Woodrow Wilson pushed through the Federal Reserve Act creating a private US Central Bank. He published a book anonymously in 1912 called Philip Dru: Administrator.  The book deals with a:

“Conspiracy in the USA bent on establishing a Central Bank , a graduated income TAX  and Control of both Political Parties”

– Dean Andersons Book : Big Oil and Their Bankers .

CFR (Counterfeit Fraud and Retribution) are sworn to Secrecy regarding Goals and Operations. The CFR (Counterfeit, Fraud and Retribution) is funded by international financiers, David Rockefeller (The Great Satan) JP Morgan Chase (Globalist Bankers).

One member of the CFR ( Counterfeit , Fraud and Retribution) Admiral Chester Ward said the goal of the Group is “to bring about the surrender of Sovereignty and the National Independence of the United States.  Primarily they want a world  banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in control of the global economy.

Love and blessings


FTSE Pay Rises in Austerity and JP Morgan Are Caught Misleading Americans

The FTSE directors total pay has increased 14% year on year according to income data services.  As you can see “we are all in this together”.  George Osborne (Sheriff  of Nottingham).  This rise takes the average directors pay to £3,200,000 a year.  Nick Clegg is in discussions with his colleges in government to raise the tax threshold of the lower paid in 2015.  That’s two years time from its existing level now to £10,500 in 2015.  Letting the low paid earn £210 a week before paying tax.  Do you see the disconnect here?  I hope so because the pay and tax structures for the elite worldwide are now off the richter scale.  The people in the FTSE are paid £63,000 a week.

We read a fantastic news headlines in the Daily Mail – the church of England is dead.  The Centre for Social Justice,a body that helped shape the Conservative manifesto in 2010, has stated the average UK household is now £54,000 in debt – twice the sum a decade ago.  Plenty of growth here in the economy, Mark Carney and George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) must be very pleased with themselves.  A separate report states that the UK economy ranks 159 in the world for business investment.  David Cameron (Prince John) poured scorn on the report in parliament stating that the UK had “received more inward investment this year than any other country in the world”.  We suspect that the investment he speaks of is the property market in London and that he doesn’t understand the difference in investing for our future in businesses and filling up the pockets of his already obscenely rich associates in the City of London.

The Israeli PM is flying to Moscow to try to block the Iran nuclear talks, as we at Robin Hood have stated before what’s bad for the Zionists in Israel must be good for the rest of the world.  JP Morgan agrees to pay $13B-£8B for “misleading”, banker talk for lying, to the American People.  The bank acknowledges it made “serious misrepresentations”, banker talk for “telling even bigger lies and stealing the American Peoples money”.   However the bank said it did not violate any US laws.”

We have two points:

  1. JP Morgan Bank writes the US laws
  2. Just in case JP Morgan missed some details while writing the laws and so could face prosecution for its criminal activities they just have the laws redrafted to include that particular coarse of crime

“We are pleased to have concluded this extensive agreement” said Jamie Dimon head of the bank .  At Robin Hood we bet he is.

  1. JP Morgan asks the Federal Reserve for the $13B and the Fed complies thus transferring payment of the $13B to the American taxpayer
  2. It’s business as usual at the bank with huge bonuses and their criminal activities

Love and blessings

The Truth About Hemp

Here’s a sad stat.  19 thousand people are dying every day.

Hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var indica) come from similar species of plant, however they are very different and confusion has been caused deliberately.  Hemp is illegal not because of any health or environmental issues, it is quite the opposite.  It is so environmentally friendly, nutritionally and medically beneficial it even cures cancer.  Hemp provides so many abundant resources the multi-national corporations cannot compete with its benefits.

Richard Branson was reported to have said “if Spain were allowed to grow hemp in 2 years all its financial problems would be alleviated”. goes into more detail. There are literally 100s of investigative links to follow.  There is so much truthful information you cannot but ask yourself why this wonderful recourse has been intentionally derided and surpressed from mankind.

Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s) closed the Hemp industry down in the early 20th century to ensure  oil  did not have to compete with hemp.  Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s), JP Morgan and General Motors had too much to lose.  And so the lies, mis-information and education over the years has been compounded.

One other huge point, by making the growing and possession of marijuana a criminal activity it enables M16 and the CIA to keep all the criminality exclusive, a two member club as it were.  The money enables them and their respective governments to then fund all the world wide black operations that they keep off book, a bit like the Globalist bankers who keep their $700-$1050 worth of derivatives off books.  You know, the bets that the shareholders and depositors know nothing about.  They are the two groups that will be reasonable for recapitalizing the banks when they crash the system.

Love and blessings