Savile – Who’s Responsible? Why The Police Of Course

Garry Glitter, the latest celebrity, thrown to the lions (public).

Old Axiom “If you throw up, you’ll feel better”.

This report is 18 months old now, the public are being drip fed parts of the truth, however all the big questions remain unanswered.  This is because the corporate news media don’t have permission from their owners to ask the big questions.

Who were Savile’s friends in high places ?

Who protected him?  He often quoted he was protected.

Who instructed the police on numerous occasions to drop their investigations ?

Why have all references to various members of the Royal Family been suppressed by the corporate media ?

Why is there a different law for the authoritarian plutocracy in the UK ?

Yes the paper may be the Daily Star but we wanted the focus on the redacted links with Savile and Prince Charles, and the Daily Star had the courage to print the truth.

Edward Heath, Tony ( liar)  Blair and Prince Charles are hardly mentioned in the probe into Savile.  Of course the police denied any wrong doing regarding Savile and carry on their  merry way investigating themselves when some truth surfaces referring to their inactivity and their non-intervention while the crimes were taking place.  Not surprisingly they award themselves a clean bill of health, and so the farce that is Operation Yewtree continues, till a satisfactory conclusion.   Satisfactory that is, to those that instituted the investigation. The clues in the word “institute”-ed.

David Icke has done such a wonderful  investigation and reported his findings. I chose the word wonderful intentionally, because truly in time people will awaken to the wonderful service people like David Icke are gifting  humanity. Only the truth will set us free. When people are made aware of the truth,then they will empower themselves to change the world.

Savile was allowed to operate by the BBC, unhindered. Savile was allowed to operate with the knowledge and appeasement of hundreds of police officers, from various forces (all documented) for many, many years. His victims were known to the police. What a sad indictment on the British police that they were unwilling to come together to end Savile’s crimes,putting their livelihoods and the police force before Savile’s victims.   Here’s another brave soul, shining the light into the world of institutional criminal etiquette.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

Jimmy Savile: Turns Out The Truthers (Conspiracists) Were Telling The Truth All Along – Mass Murder of Canadian Children Admitted – Sheriffs’ Attempt to Arrest the Queen of England Blocked in Rome April 3rd – Trial of the Century Launched?

David Icke has been “out on a limb” for over 20 years.  When he first started bringing the Truth into the Light , his audience would not fill a phone booth.   Now he’s the biggest speaker in the world,filling Wembley Arena with 12,000 people; so someones listening.  One thing that never ceases to amaze us at RH  is how the police involved for example with Savile (He’s just the tip of the iceberg by the way) let these Child Crimes continue till this day.  After all with all the child crime investigations going on in the UK alone. The “Great and the Good” continue with immunity to carry on perpetuating their Evil.

Surely  there must be hundreds, if not thousands of police  who know exactly what is going on.  It’s not beyond the wit of man for several of these police officers to come together and “turn Queen’s evidence” (whistle blower) on the whole rotten collusion,continuing at the top of British Society.  Many of these police officers must have family’s including children.

As a reporter commented at the BBC  “every knew about Savile, as long as it was someone else’s child getting in his Rolls Royce, it was OK”.   Really Esther Rantzen, bow your head in shame.  As for the rest of the oligarchy at the BBC, past and present,the days are coming when all the Truth will be revealed.  They will then as it where have to face the music.  The truth and all the guilty will be exposed, no matter who they think they are.

The Telegraph – Jimmy Savile sex abuse: ‘Islington is still covering up’

Forgiveness, is not easy,but lets reveal all the guilty,to give us all that opportunity.

Love and blessings to All


BBC Allowed Saville To Deliver Kids To Royals – Can The UK Public Now Call Time On The BBC? – Savile fed kids to the Royals, facilitated by the BBC.

David Icke has carried out extensive investigations, and has been  reporting on the Savile- Government -Royal connections for many years. – Elite child abuse:Jimmy Savile Doorman to the cess pit.

We believe at RH that when the BBC has finally been found to have been complicit in the Savile child crimes it should no longer be tax payer funded.  The license fee (TV tax) should be abolished and the BBC should be sold off to private enterprise enabling several thousands to be returned to each licensee.

As a footnote only the UK and Israel to the best of our knowledge pay a TV License (tax).

Love and Light as always RH

Paedophila RottIng Through Our Society and Energy Truths

Just after the financial collapse of 2008 an American investigative journalist followed a missing money trail in New York amounting to $1Trillion.  Her investigations let her to Jersey, surprise surprise, one of the Crown Estate island tax havens.  When she got to Jersey and began picking up the money trail she was astonished, people did not want to talk about the missing $1 trillion.  They had more pressing matters to confer, and Haut De La Garenne was number one on their minds and in their hearts.  The reporter is Leah McGrath Goodwin and she has her own website dedicated to exposing the guilty.  She is a very courageous lady, one of many to come forward to bring these child muderers to justice.

This is another excellent site to learn more of what’s really going on in Jersey, one of the Crown Estates – The voice for children Blog.

Cliff Richard –Paedophile?

The missing ingrediant and the awakening from the amnesic sleep

Visit this site and other like it for information on the dangers of fracking.

Energy crisis?  Cold fusion has the potential to chan ge all that with a little attention and effort, read this.

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry do not own the Sun”

– Ralph Nader

Read the truth about Big Oil, the money trail and the hold it has on our energy generation past, present and future.

Love and blessings

Pedophilia and Child Murderers

Child Murderers:

We at Robin Hood prefer to use the correct name for this evil.  The word Pedophilia seems to roll of the tong.  It does not describe the barbarity, the evil of the crimes perpetrated on poor defenseless children.

Books have already been written on child murderers so we will hope at Robin Hood to take those responsible for these heinous crimes into the Courts of the Lands where these crimes have been committed.  Only by everyone coming together and saying “no more children to be killed” can we bring this evil to an end.  The perpetrators of these child murders are well known; European Royalty including British Royalty, The Black Nobility and a Prime Minister, Presidents of America, politicians, judiciary, top police, civil servants and media tycoons, captains of industry music and film royalty and the Churches.  You all know who you are and your names will be published and reported there are no more hiding places.

Jean Nicolas & Frederic Lavachery have published the book Dossier Pedophilia, an excellent investigative work, however those responsible in Belgium for the child murders were allowed to “live another day”.  The patsy in the child murderer Mark Dutroux was imprisoned.  The people of Belgium must examine their conscience, reflect and ask themselves how did we as a nation allow the truly guilty for the heinous crime of child murder to escape justice.  It was allowed people of Belgium because you allowed the guilty to go free.  You could write books and books over the years of how “patsys” around the world have been set up, we will post a short list later but there are 1000s.

Lots and lots of truth to come regarding Jersey, the Crown Estate.  Another can of worms this time the British Monarchy and its Mafia shutting down the truth Sometimes at RH we wonder what will it take to get people off their bottoms and engaged with reality hopefully not the murder of their Child ,what does it take to awaken the people?

Could this be the answer “as long as it wasn’t your child getting into the back of Jimmy Saviles rolls Royce it was ok” a quote from a celebrity employed for 30 years by the BBC.

Type in Holly Gregg in your search engine, another nightmare scenario.  This time not a murder of the child but child abuse, of a down’s syndrome little girl, sexually abused by Scotland’s finest and covered up by Scotland’s finest.  However there was a murder this time, the child’s Uncle, killed by the State or the child murdering ring it protects.  Does it really matter?  Yes it does if you’re an honest decent individual it does which is 99% of people.  Take back your power forget Independence Scotland ask Alec Salmon to sort this little Conspiracy of silence out ,see what answer you get.

Back to Jersey, we have the notorious torture chamber that was the Haut de la Garenne.  It makes you wonder how those responsible and more importantly those responsible for the cover up, and we reiterate that statement because if the child murders, and the crimes were reported.  The perpetrator  could not carry on their evil trade, therefore the silent are as guilty as the criminals of the child murders.  Without your consent the criminals would not prosper.

Love and blessings

Police in 11th Hour Cover Up

Read this and this from The Daily Mail.  It just adds to my earlier comments vast swathes of police in the UK believe the laws of the land do not apply to them it’s, don’t do as I do do as I tell you.  We let the police conduct themselves in this way at our peril.  It’s taken the downfall of a cabinet minister to bring police criminality to the public’s attention.  The police in conjunction with the courts for many years have operated outside the law instead of applying the law.

“P*** off I’m waiting for midnight when she turns 16”.   This was Jimmy Saviles’ comment to the police when he was questioned.  It’s well know that Savile had connections to the very top of the British establishment.  He told the police this fact on the many occasions when he was interviewed and this is all documented.  David Icke has already talked about a Prime Minister and the Royal Family just to name two.  Read here for more information.  The people who have been exposed so far are but the tip of the iceberg, however every person and detail about Savile is going to be exposed and brought into the light.

In a change of subject the EU is the biggest importer of goods and the biggest exporter of jobs.

Love and blessings