The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria !!! A Follow Up To ISIL The Truth

Again, more information regarding the subterfuge in the Middle East, LINK below. Libya is now mentioned only in passing as the Coalition of  the Psychopaths bomb Iraq and Syria piecemeal. Libya however with all of Colonel Gaddafi’s quirks and misplaced liaisons with the West was a thriving Sovereign State.



And After

picImage by……

Above is Libya today. This same fate awaits Iraq and Syria.

America is a threat World Peace. The sooner America is degraded the better for the American people and Humanity.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.


Iraq The Truth: And Why You Should Never Beleive Your Government Again

Everything you’ve been spoon fed aka Iraq is lies, and now is the time to start again with the truth. This 13.17 minute video on the link below is another step towards  exposing the  Governments lies. The lie machine  in America is a replica of the lie machine in the UK, EU, Australia, Canada etc . Hardly surprising if you understand the cabal controls all the corporate media and the views they spew out endlessly. When you are continually bombarded with nonsense on a daily basis , unless you research on the alternative media, it’s almost impossible to gain the truth from the reported news and make sense of the information. The truth is so alien to many, having endured continual propaganda and misinformation for so long its a natural reaction to stand back in disbelief.

The Zionist/Nazi cabal controlling the corporate media are masters at manipulation and propaganda.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Adolf Hitler.

When you consider 10s of 1,000s of Nazi at the end of WWII were spirited into America it’s not too  difficult a task to comprehend the  intended and achieved outcome we find ourselves in at this present time. We have the hypocrisy of America demanding  Syria destroy her chemical weapons. Source

The American military used 640, 000 Lbs of Depleted Uranian ammunition in Iraq. In Fallugah women are advised not to get pregnant owing to the vast numbers of deformed babies .  Some of the scenes on YouTube are to harrowing to view of these babies and children.  The cause a direct link to the American military.


This was taken in Falljah, Iraq and is real.  This America is just one of your achievements in the Middle East.

You can fill library’s of the  lies the American administrations have attached to  humanity. The latest today 3, July, 2014  Sorry about the fox source here,  there  are untold links to the  latest  garbage presented as news,  however it correlates with  a poll taken a few years ago in America which revealed that people who view no news are more informed than those who view fox news. Honest we;re not making this up.

The aim is Fear, more Fear and  then more Fear. People who are in a state of fear obey. The human race is being  domesticated. People are easily controlled in a state of fear, they are much more responsive to threats and only to willing to forgo their freedoms on the pretext of safety and security. Populations will sanction wars, and any number of liberties to feel secure. War is presented in the logic of the psychopaths as the new peace.

Where’s the next war America? Got a felling it may just be on home soil.


Image via hitler

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney

Vitamins Are A Waste, The BBC Report 9/11 Tower Collapse Before It Happens and Claim On RT That Blair Committed War Crimes

The Times has published a report stating that vitamins are a waste of money.   It took The Times 40 years to reveal the truth but better late than never.

Here is more the lies reported about 9/11 – this time by the BBC reporting the collapse of World Trade Centre building 7 twice.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your 3rd eye”

– Bill Hicks

It is an economics of the mad house.

China has just sent a rocket to the Moon and is an Economic superpower. So, Mr Cameron (Prince John) why are you still giving them £27m in aid?  What do you think?

“The greatest crimes in the World are not committed by people breaking the rules, but by people following the rules, its people who follow orders that drop Bombs and Massacre Villages”

– Banksy

Tax in the UK now amounts to 65% of your earned income, the governments and local authorities have many names for tax so as to disguise the word tax, some of these you will know and some you may not but here are many more we haven’t mentioned.


National Insurance  – TAX


TV License  – TAX

Parking Permit  – TAX

Dartford Toll  – TAX

Congestion Charge  – TAX

Income TAX  – TAX

Speeding Fine  – TAX

Parking Fine  – TAX

Road Tax  – TAX

Fuel Duty  – TAX

Purchase TAX  – TAX

Council TAX   – TAX

Duty-Alcohol Tobacco  – TAX

Energy  – TAX

Insurance  – TAX

Lottery  – TAX

Air Flight – Holiday  – TAX

Stamp Duty  – TAX

Out of every £100 pound you earn you give £65 in tax and actually keep £35.  Its time to ask where’s all the money going?  Because it s certainly not being spent in the UK or on its citizens.  Wake up look around you, while some reference positive growth figures for the UK’s recovery there is evidence the UK is in terminal decline and has been for a long time.  Just look at the amount of food banks springing up for one example.

We love this song at Robin Hood especially when played loud the Swedish word for seger is “Victory”.

Love and blessings

Filter Out The Fluoride and A Little On The Pope’s Background

Look up Osmio Water with regards to taking fluoride from your water.  At the same time remember you are also wash clothes and bathing in fluoridated water.  You therefore need a filtration system that removes fluoride from the mains coming into your home.


Watch and read this about the lost generation in Fallujah. There are many other excellent pieces of truth linked in here.  Make no mistake these are war crimes of the highest order and  despite Tony Blair (Prince John) and G W Bush receiving absolution from the pope these two criminals will be charged with war crimes.

The current Pope is a Jesuit, this is the Jesuit’s own operational writings as the standard manner with which they conduct their business as written by the founder and first leader of the sect, Ignatius Loyola.

“Let us with all artfulness gain the pre-eminence over princes, noblemen and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends when we say it is for an interest and advantage”.

“This must be cloaked with such cunning and management as to avoid giving the least suspicion of our intensions.  We should always be ready to accept this principle.  I will believe that the evil I do is good, if it serves our purpose, which is for all persons on earth to become our subjects without the courage to give us any opposition.”

The philosophy of the current Pope, which he was trained, has been concealed for centuries.  Certain parts of that manifesto are very similar to that of Mossad.

Love and blessings

Iraq, Syria and 9/11

“Many people especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct for being you.

Never apologies for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.

If your right and you know it, speak your mind, even if you are a minority of one.

“The truth is always the truth.”

– Gandhi

Bid to keep no 10 files secret halts Iraq report, by Tim Shipman in The Daily Mail.  The article speaks for itself.  Lies, collusion and blackmail – Tony Blair (Prince John ) is still getting others to cover his crimes.  One of the main criminals in the Iraq conspiracy.   This whole sorry scandal cannot be brought to the light quick enough.  Those who were and still  are instrumental in the cover up are just as guilty as Tony Blair (Prince John) and G W Bush.

A man advocating mass murder!


The Greatest Illusion ever performed-9/11 (new modified version)

View these images that sum up the truth about 9/11.


Love and blessings

Iraq, Fukushima’s Radiation Reaches America and Cancer Causing Teflon


  • 1.455.590 dead so far
  • 1.000.000 orphans
  • In Fallujah, depleted uranium shells have used by British and American forces

Our democratic legacy…

Jack Straw, the former Foreign Minister, has said “the greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is unlimited funds to Jewish organizations & AIPAC in the USA are used to control & divert American policy in the region”.

Read this for more information.  Our comment?  Thankfully he spoke the truth, it’s just sad he never spoke the truth before a full house of parliament when he was the incumbent foreign secretary.

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Read this about the effects of Fukushima radiation on America’s West Coast.  This guy is a true investigative journalist, not another reporter as seen on SKY or the BBC for example.

“Students who acquires large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt they cannot afford the time to think.  Tuition fee increases are a disciplinary technique, and by the time students graduate they are not only loaded with debt, but have also internalized the disciplinarian culture. This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy.”

– Noam Chomsky.

“The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others, and the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep you are a lion, a great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.”


Finally, something from Natural News.  DuPont have been sued multiple times as court backed science panel finds chemical C8 used in Teflon is linked to cancer.

Love and blessings