The State of Being Sheeple

This is explaining  how difficult it’s become to get people engaged in reality, when they are so comfortable residing in the Matrix.  As David Icke once said “the most effective prison, is the one with no bars.”

Further on in this post is a link to  the hidden hands willful exposure in America,  the  year was 1978.  Whats the old adage “you can take the horse to water” etc . However when it’s exposing an Oligarchy that rules the world, controls governments, commerce , military,  judicatory, law enforcement, media, industry and big pharma  it becomes extremely difficult for those indoctrinated  to facilitate the reality. Incidentally, many once informed are quite happy to reside  in  their  status-quo, believing the Truth has no affect on them personally. Too  few at present are willing to comprehend  the truth,  as the truth, sounds, seams and smells too preposterous to contemplate, and reality to pernicious .  After all this egregious  Oligarchy has taken many thousands of  years to embed itself into the human psyche.  Remembering that those awakened may be   shouting from the hilltops but  can shout all they like , if humanity’s ears have been corked….  New avenues have to be explored in declaring truth to humanity.

At times it may seem that the media that matters are just sharing the Truth amongst themselves. Take a closer look however and the picture becomes much clearer.  Thrive ( Official Movie) has 7,700,000 views!!  The last time I checked the views were coming up to 5 million. The Money Masters, well over 1,000,000, and these are but two information videos.  Then consider the 1,000s of Truth websites exposing the Global Cabal.  They receive 10s of millions of hits on a daily basis.

” There is a plot  in this country to enslave, every man, woman and child.

Before I leave this high and noble office,  I intend to expose this plot”

– President  John F  Kennedy.  Seven days before his assassination.

Here in this post, going back to 1978, those attached to the Global Cabal are quite  blahsay  informing  the reporter just who runs America .  The writer is astonished, rightfully so.  Here we have an unelected think tank (Trilateral Commission ) directing American policy, this under the very noses of a democratically elected government.  Fast forward 36 years, we now know they were fanciful notions and democracy in America was hijacked  before the War of Independence.

You see we have progressed rapidly since 1978 in comparison to our fist link, state of being sheeple. So  much truth has been revealed now that it’s becoming increasingly challenging trying to keep pace with the daily revelations. Old paradigms are falling like pins at  the bowling alley. Everyone now, that is those who are awake are becoming increasingly anxious and  impatient  for the word “strike” to be bellowed from the four corners of the Planet.

There’s a beautiful message for all the awake at the bottom of this post, link below, from Neale Donald Walsch, starting

“On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know …..”

I know this message was for me, who else?

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

Written In The Stars: The Crimes Of The State & Church, And The Future – Historic Breaking News from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

These crimes are so heinous they are beyond most people’s mental capacity to take on as truth.  An extract from this short Essay was taken from Astrologer Simon Bentley in October – November 2012, titled Co-operating with Crisis.

“TO SAY THAT the world is facing challenging times is to state the obvious,”he goes on

“The position of Pluto in Capricorn is fundamental to all that is happening now; I have written about it before but just to recap, it is very effectively bring out into the open all the weaknesses, problems, and improprieties associated with government and with large institutions and with the administration of power.  The effect is thorough and unstoppable and will continue for a long time yet.  The emergence into daylight of all the corruption and double-dealing that has been going on , sometimes with the complete abandonment of ethical and moral principles,is an ongoing process that is supremely important for the future of humanity.  A very large “volcano” is bringing all the muck to the surface so that it can be cleared away for a fresh start in so many areas of life.

For the next three years, Pluto is strongly squared by Uranus, which is presently in Aries. Uranus in Aries is by itself a wonderful symbol of a new beginning (Aries) and of bringing the truth to bear on the issues which Pluto is bringing up.  Traditional, squares are “Hard” aspects, but they have the great advantage over softer aspects that they release energy and Spur us into action.  It is almost as though the world has been plugged into a powerful electrical circuit.  The electricity thus set to pass through us all has many and varied effects, some more spectacular than others, but no one is unaffected.  The current course through every life both individual and collectively.  It is changing things so profoundly that we are already in unknown territory Politically, Financially, Climatically and in many less obvious ways.  It impels us all to change within ourselves to.”

There’s an old adage”it is writen in the Stars”.  The Gnostic illuminati,Globalist Bankers,Cabal or whatever name you give them do not make a move without consulting the Stars.  Years ago astrology was as much a part of our education as learning how to walk.  The workings of the universe, meditation,who we truly are and how to fully utilise our ability and potential were taught out of us, as were our parents and their parents before them.

The truth has set the Globalist Bankers free with the esoteric knowledge and wisdom,and the rest of humanity well?  The link underneath is a little eye opener ,we hope. – The Indoctrinated West

“Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do”

– J P Morgan

We say at RH keep researching and the truth will eventually free you.

Happy Days



War In The Ukraine More Banker Murders, Potential For A Bankrupt America – End-Game Begins? via -War in the Ukraine and more Banker Murders as the End-Game Begins.

The recent spate of banker deaths shows no sign of stopping if the Bush and Rockefeller families get their way.  Meanwhile the events of Ukraine and Asia point to the beginning of end game, with the potential bankruptcy of America this week.

Keep some money about you in real cash form, if things develop as some are predicting – credit cards etc and the internet may be no good.

This guy is usually spot on with his intel, and another soul shinning the light onto our world.

Happy Days

Ian Duncan Smith Your Services Are No Longer Needed AKA We Don’t Need To Work – We dont Need To Work.

We have been moulded into a race of slaves distracted by mod-cons like TV.

These guys really are a shinning light in the universe, we must  not say gals owing to Jimmy Saville – no really” folks” (only the pomms would understand).  This website, 2012 really is on the money as we say in dear old blighty.

We know it sounds complicated but really its simple, we tend to complicate matters, we are one and we return to the one.  It’s just that somehow along the way we get diverted.  The comming together is drawing near, the Globalist Bankers worst fear.

Honestly the Magic is near.

No more fear.  It  keeps you from your destiny which is love.