Passion: Admiration For Two Souls Exposing The REAL Criminals In British Society

Robin Hood came into existence for this reason.  The crimes are being committed here by HSBC with impunity and the and sanctioned by the British Establishment,yes we mean the present government and opposition in parliament ,the crown and all those in the “corridors of power” that benefit from the banker’s crimes.  They operate with immunity in the UK, they always have done.   The banking system in the UK is broken, its only fit for purpose No.1 for the Bankers and No.2 for those whom the bankers pay to continue the (quid pro quo) and no one else, end of that’s it,simple.  Understand how it works,get over it,but leave the banking system to perpetuate at present at your peril.

It is beyond reform, repair or any other pseudonym you wish to grant to the authors and lawmakers who govern the Bankers.  In truth the banking regulators are regulated by government, who are regulated by the banks.

The Daily Mail – Revealed: Osborne’s 50 meetings with bank bosses in just two years

The Scotsman – Downing Street backs civil servant over bankers meeting

Our earlier post It’s Time To Take Back Our Central Banks: Stop Money Based On IOUs And Manipulation exemplifies all that the Globalist Bankers aspire to.

The Globalist Bankers only follow one rule ( The one with all the gold or in this case money) which makes all the rules.

The Daily Mail – Goldman Sachs’ new ruse to dodge bonus cap: New pay deal to help side-step laws designed to curb excessive payouts

As the above confirms the Globalist Bankers draft all the rules.  So here we are, a persona presented by the Globalist Bankers at odds with reality.  However what is real is that prosperity will be denied to all but the selected few, until and up to The Globalist banking oligarchy is completely destroyed and a new vision and energy that serves all ,not services itself.

All Truth passes through three stages;First it is ridiculed: second it is violently opposed: and third it is accepted as self-evident

– Arthur Schopenhaur 1788-1860

Car 67 – Driver 67  Nothing to do with the post,but then whoever says it has to.

Happy Days

HSBC Restrict Cash Withdrawals

BBC News – HSBC tightens cash withdrawals.

Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash as they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it.  The Large amounts range from £5,000 to £10,000.  We Know someone personally who could not access £10,000 cash from the Halifax Bank in October 2013.

Knowing that the Halifax is a “bit player” in the banking oligarchy we were not surprised.  Back in November 2013 JP Morgan Chase and HSBC put a $50,000 restriction on cash withdrawals in America.  Now when HSBC cannot give you your money being one of the top ten Globalist Bankers in the world  you had better watch this space. Watch this, Episode 553 – Keiser Report.

Max explains how HSBC is insolvent and has been for at least the last five years and how the bank has been built on fraud and the top accountancy firms are themselves complicit in the fraud.  We go further and tell you that the World Fiat Money System is one big fraud.

Big oil and their bankers in the Persian Gulf by Dean Henderson tells you everything you need to know regarding the Globalist Bankers crimes over many year sand HSBC’s modus operandi.  HSBC have not elaborated as to why they want to know what you intend to do with your own money.  We suspect  they will fabricate one of these two options to hide the fact that they dont have your money to give you as they’ve already paid themselves huge bonuses, with your money.  Either it’ll be:

  • Terrorism
  • Money Laundering

Now consider the following

HSBC at risk of Drug and Terror money laundering charges – International Business Times.

HSBC money – laundering investigation letter sparks questions over rush fine – The Guardian.

The key word here is egregious, we ask at Robin Hood how comes HSBC keeps getting away with financial terrorism?  HSBC Hires Ex – U.K. Spy Chief Evans to Bolster Oversight May.. To bolster oversight or to hide the crimes the bank commits further down “the rabbit hole?”  We ll let you make your own mind up.

HSBC as with all the globalist Banks have been allowed to proliferate and become too big to fail.  The fiefdom of those responsible for heading the banks are now too big to jail.

Remember as we have been saying since Robin Hood has been online, only leave the money in the bank you are willing to loose.  Your deposits will be used to re-finance the banks you will become unwittingly part of the “bail in”.

Love and Blessings as Always.

Globalist Banking: The Crimes And The New Libor Regulator

A new body has been appointed to administer Libor – the London Interbank Offered Rate.  A subsidiary of the Intercontinental exchange group (ICE), a global network of exchange and clearing houses,  it has been appointed to ensure Libor cannot be rigged by the banks again.  The Financial Conduct Authority has authorised the ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) to do the job from starting from February.

Libor is the rate at which London banks lend short – term money to each other.  Whilst we hope for an improvement we’re worried we  about to go straight into the next rigged market.

On the topic of Libor, have published this: Top German Regulator : Precious Metal Currency manipulation are worse than Libor.  And so we go from one Crime to the next,the Globalist Bankers as illustrated time and time again, are incapable of operating in a free and open market.  The Globalist Bankers manipulate, contrive and practice their fraud with impunity on, in and through worlds financial markets.  When their crimes are exposed they know the game is also rigged in their favour with the regulatory authorities.

On some occasions however events do not quite turn out as planned.  Read this over on – Barclay’s wins order to put $488M fine on hold.  Although even then as the headline suggests there appear to be ways and means to avoid paying.  Robin Hood understands Barclays would like to crawl back to New York where their partners in crime operate – the Judiciary, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)  and the political establishment state and federal.  Here Barclays can “peddle their wears” knowing full well the outcome will be favourable in the “den of thieves”.

HSBC has suspended two exchange traders as an investigation into the possible rigging of global currency dealing deepens.  The bank said late last year that it was one of a number of leading “finance houses” (banker talk for banks RH) being scutinised by international regulators.  Others being investigated include Citi Group, JP Morgan Barclays, UPS and Deutsche Bank ( the usual suspects).  City Group were also said on Friday to have suspended currency traders.

So what you may say how does all this impact on us the citizens of the world?  We will list a few examples everyone on the planet:

  • The Price you pay for your food
  • Mortgages and rent
  • Energy – gas, electric and fuel
  • Credit cards, credit card payments, leasing and buying

Everything is seen and all is known.  All will be revealed and everything shown.

Love and Light as always,

Michael McCartney

Police Whistlerblowers Criminal Stats and Corrupt Politics

Today we are entering the Majic Time:

”Only your mind can hold you back.”

–Sai Baba

An interesting article was included in the daily mail on the 26th Oct 2013 written by Eleanor Harding.

The article concerns Irene Brown, a whistlebower; we call these courageous people truth tellers.  She informed on the extravagant lifestyle of her employer Cumbria Police, the ordeal her police colleges then put Ireneand her husband through is truly disturbing.  We will let you make your mind up as to what conclusions you draw from the article, to us it’s another example showing some factions in the police who – what do you think?  More importantly what do you feel?

Inflation –how come I can’t pay my bills?

The EU has had no audited accounts for 18 years.  The Iraq war up to the year 2012 has cost $1.735.000.000 million and counting, the cost to humanity incalculable.  It would take $135Billion to eradicate poverty according to a UN Study.  The Crown estates are estimated to be worth £40Trillion.  9000 ex service personnel homeless, rough sleepers, relying on charity.  These are just a few figures to put the priorities of the system.

“When the rich rob the poor it’s called business When the poor fight back its called violence”

– Anonymous

It has been reported by that JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers to foreign banks and preventing cash withdrawals of $50.000 and over,so has HSBC with the rest of the banks to follow.  Power is where the money is, if you look at the EU countries who gave up their currencies they have become powerless to influence the decisions made by Germany and France.

Now look at the UK, George Osborne (the Sherriff of Nottingham) he’s taking the EU to court to stop them restricting the Globalist bankers in the UKs bonuses’ to 10 times their salary.  These bankers in the UK that have so far cost the country £7,000,000,000 and counting – too big to fail and no one in jail.  One of the rioters who received a stolen TV got four years in prison.  We do not condone rioting.  It’s quite clear the government condones financial terrorism, that’s what the banks are.  They hold the British people and the world to ransom.

You quite clearly have to be a psychopath to run a nation in this way.  It’s beyond reason that sane elected officials could continue like this –isn’t it ?

”They laugh at me cause they think I’m different, but I laugh at them cause there all the same.”

– Kirt Sutter

Love and blessings

Banking – A Bad Business Model

Activist has reported that JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers to foreign banks and preventing cash withdrawals of $50.000 or more, HSBC has done the same with the other banks set to follow.  You will notice with banking the culture is that of always on the upside wherein the creditor and taxpayers find themselves on the downside.  Banks are totally reliant on borrowing; they are by far the most indebted companies in any sector of the economy.  Banks are private companies, just let them fail.

Private investors will not invest in banks because of their business model.  Banks cannot raise money from the markets.  Banks would not dream of lending money to companies or individuals or businesses who borrow as much money as they do.  Banks operate in this manner because they can get away with it.  Banks know government will not let them fail.  Banks don’t conserve their cash they pay themselves

RBS Losses: £5.2B      Bonuses: £607M         £18T of derivatives off book.

J P Morgan Chase $79T of derivatives

Bank of America $75T of derivatives

And don’t forget the Glass-Steagall Act was scrapped in 1999 which separated deposits from investments by Bill Clinton on the instructions of Wall Street.

Love and blessings

HSBC In Class Action

HSBC is facing a £1.5B class action in the USA over sub-prime mortgages and so it goes on a never ending trail of litigation.  Here, there and everywhere fraud, market manipulation, price fixing, money laundering, theft, and client misappropriation of funds are being reported.  The crimes are endless the only thing that changes is the names of the banks. Today it’s HSBC, yesterday it was Barclays, another day UBS and so it goes on and on.  The crimes are not going to stop until we all decide we have all had enough and change the system.

There is some good news however.  All together we have had enough and today we are changing it for the good of everyone, and the next day and the next day and so on until this Globalist Banking system ends once and for all.  George Osborne aka the Sheriff of Nottingham is using the workers’ taxes and jobs to pay back the banks.  That’s the A side, the B side is the 1% have all the cash and the 99% cannot spend it.  The big four banks in this country alone have cut 189,000 jobs worldwide in the last 5 years.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

– Bob Marley

Love and blessings