What Facebook And Google Are Hiding From The World – Something To Think About

Here is a very interesting talk on Facebook and Google to name only two who apply filters based on what we search for online, to the point that two searches by two people of the same thing at the same time bring up completely different results.  This is called a filter bubble – but we don’t choose what gets in and we don’t see what isn’t included.

This is very interesting viewing.

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Google Is Hit With One Billion Euro Tax Bill: An Example To The UK Tax System Failure

The Daily Mail – Google hit with one billion euro tax bill in France after tax inspectors search web giants Paris offices.

Bbc.co.uk – Democracy live Monday 12 November 2012 – Public Accounts Committee.  Google is described as “morally bankrupt”.

Bbc.co.uk – Democracy live Tuesday 8 January 2013 – Corporate tax avoidance debate 3.17.17.

Yes these two videos are long, but very informative.  By viewing them both you can understand why your taxes in the UK are so high.  Government rely on tax revenues to provide basic services and these services are funded through taxation.  Governments have no money, only the people or companies who pay taxes provide that money. You see it’s very very simple, don’t let the accountants try to complicate it for you.  Those who pay tax have to pay the taxes of those who don’t pay such as Sir Philip Green.

It really is that simple because Governments require a certain amount of money every year.  In the cases such as that of Sir Phillip Green paying £300m in dividends to his wife in Monaco the sums of money very quickly add up.  Now when you get huge Corporate multinational companies like Google, Amazon ,Apple etc (there are literally 100s of them) their tax revenues if collected would run into the billions.  These companies would like to contribute by way of finances very little or nothing.  Read this article if you still think there no correlation  between what taxes you pay and the corporations.

The Independent – Take from the poor, but not the rich: Tax authorities accused of” siding” with big business over small firms and individuals.

Tax compliance, tax evasion, tax efficient, tax avoidance ,tax exempt.  They all describe Google.  And then you have Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, who says he is “very proud of the structure we set up”.

TheRegister.co.uk – Schmidt “very proud”of Google tiny tax bill:its called Capitalism.

Google wouldn’t know the meaning of the word capitalism, how many times have they been caught and fined for their “shenanigans”.  We googled “Shenanigans”,  Google’s description:

Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering, example “the chairman was accused of financial shenanigans”

Google, Tax, Multinationals, UK Tax, Google Hit with million euro tax bill

You really couldn’t make this stuff up.  Morality, enough and empathy are words that don’t exist in the vocabularies of multinationals like Google and Apple –  their mantra is “we want it all”.  As a footnote Google pays 3.2% tax on overseas profits – amazing!  How simple would it be for the UK to introduce a turnover tax – every company large or small pay a % of tax on every £ in revenue they generate?

The two major fears of capitalists are the truth and competition.  That is the only context in which we could describe  Google as being capitalist.

There is £170,000 leaving the UK economy and going offshore every minute of every day.  When the people decide enough is enough this practice will stop.  We have government by corporation in the UK now and we have had for many years.

The Guardian Monday – Its business that really rules us now.

The article mentions Tony Blair (Prince John) and Gordon Brown (The Sheriff of Nottingham).  Now it’s Cameron Clegg and Miliband all vying for respectability.  Parliament and government can only deteriorate in the face of corporate takeover, a vote in 2015 will only exasperate the problem.  Parliament is beyond repair and we as a nation cannot expect a system that has deserted the population to return the UK to Democracy.  Only a new start can now achieve the direction and  benevolent procedures to serve the people once again.

Love and Blessings to Everyone

Are Google Buying The Future? – The Thursday Freestyle

The third installment of the Thursday Freestyle by David Horn!

The future’s out there, expanding into increasingly digital realms.  The digital and the real world are coming closer and closer together.  This is underlined by the latest fashions in wearable tech that link you to your technology further than ever before.  Technology is going to be a big part of our future, that’s a given.   And I have to ask, is it good that Google are buying that future?


Google have been busy little bees indeed.  They’ve become the world’s go to search engine.  They’ve mapped the world in pictures both aerially and one street at a time with Google Maps and Google Earth.  They’ve bought Android, the main software used on mobile phones that don’t run IOS.  They’ve entered the entertainment market with Google Play.  They’re developing their own wearable tech in forms such as Google Glasses.  They’ve even cashed in on the social media boom with Google+ and are now joining in on the Soviet Russian dream of a population giving all their information away freely, today branded as social media.  Just look back at your day and ask yourself how many Google products you have used.

From online tools like online advertising and blogging to essentials such as companies working in broadband access Google have been developing or buying many of the products that seem like they’ll dominate our future, they even own YouTube.  But they’ve been looking to the next generation as well, those crafty buggers.  They’ve bought the company developing home automation, Nest, and a raft of companies developing and building the various components of robotics.  With one of their latest acquisitions DeepMind they’re even developing artificial intelligence.

Google aren’t just buying the future, they’re trying to extend yours.  They’ve launched Calico, a company focusing on health, aging and the human condition.  Google are developing, buying and owning the future in ever increasing entirety and not even paying tax towards the present.  Could this become the scariest science fiction film you can’t turn off or are we headed for a beautiful and blissful future?

Comment your views!

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David Horn

Scroll down for links.  The following short videos are from an episode of Dr Who just to give an visualisation of an extreme of what’s been talked about.

Companies Owned By Google

DeepMind – Google’s Artifical Intelligence

Google Glass – Google’s Wearable Tech

Calico -Google’s Research Into Aging And Death

Google Monopoly Reaches Disturbing New Low

Google’s History

Israel Objects To Peaceful Iran Nuclear Program Settlement

A meeting weekend in Geneva regarding Iran’s nuclear program is happening.  Britain, France and Germany will be attending along with the USA and Russia.  A settlement, a peaceful settlement, seems close after many years.  Israel’s prime minister states that a deal will be very bad for Israel, anything that is bad for Benjamin Netanyahu must be good for the rest of the world.

Israel: The Facts

Every citizen in the USA contributes $21.59 to Israel.  Israel then spends that money buying as many United States politicians as that money can buy.

Wikipedia. Where the word truth is not recognised, fact.  These organisations sell their souls to the highest bidder, they represent  the “me” conciousness however the planet has shifted and we are now in the “we” conciousness.  Wikipedia, Google, Microsoft etc will soon be a forgotten era  in human evolution, like grains of sand these companies  will just evaporate in the oceans.

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Crown Estate Crimes

China TV is advertising to the population to buy gold while shops in the UK buying your gold telling you to sell your gold.  I wonder if the Chinese know what’s really going on with the gold price not the manipulated London bullion market. Talking of bullion markets read several weeks ago that the London bullion market had run out of physical gold that’s the gold you can touch and hold in your hands not the computer screen generated gold, have not heard anything to the contrary since, I presume every time the Globalist Bankers dump gold onto the markets to crash the price the populations of China, India etc buy all the gold that can lay their hands on; at the last count the London bullion market was leveraged at least 100 to 1.  120 Million People in the EU are “on the brink of poverty”.

HM Revenue & Customs published figures for the tax gap 2011-2012 estimated it to be 35 thousand million pounds.  Independent experts say the sum is nearer 120 thousand million pound, both figures represent huge sums of money.

In the real economy that’s the one that Google, Amazon and Vodafone etc operate in, the corporate multi-national economy.  They pay their taxes (off shore) using those little charming islands like Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Jersey and all the rest.  Most of the islands by the way are crown estates and that’s another whole can of worms we will be opening soon.

So here we are today in this economy, titled the austerity economy by the media and the politicians.  Call it the economy where there’s never enough for the sic, the poor, the children or the old.  There’s never enough money, I call this economy the zombie economy where the unemployed have to cut back and people are in fear of losing their jobs.  Never the less  it’s the zombie economy that has £170,000 taken out every minute of every hour of every day to go into the Globalist banking economy, that’s the real economy.  An example of the non austerity economy last year could be seen at the Monaco Grand Prix.  A British banker paid £330, 000 for a magnum of champagne!

We have had a financial appetite in this country for many years instigated by the City of London where the Globalist Banking Cartel perpetrates its financial terrorism, condoned by the royal family and sanctioned by parliament.  Please could someone tell me if they know of any person who has been taken out of poverty by the royal family?  300 houses and yet the bedroom tax does not apply.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him; had better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

– Henry Ford

I feel we can reciprocate here with the British Government.  To lighten the whole malevolent government scenario this comment was posted on a USA website Topix.com (Jan 3.2013) in response to the Henry Ford quote.

“That’s great advice unless you have 5 kids, no job no ambition and smoke weed all day. No worries Obama will hook you up.”

(Bar Fly ok) I just love the American sense of humor.

Love and blessings