Bombshell Secret Documents Show Monsanto Knew About Glyphosate Cancer Links Over 35 Years Ago

Money Talks. This nefarious corporation has been able to manipulate Science to suit its business model for far to long. Four articles to validate the previous two sentences. The First.

The Second article reveals the GMOs interrelationship with Our Planet, rather lack of it.

Where there is a conflict of interests, Money sadly, tends to be the predominant factor.

Following up the rear, True Science explodes the GMO myth.

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money” Dr. Guy McPherson.

Happy Days.

What’s Occurring Regarding The GMO Portrayal ?

Yet another Study, condemning Monsanto’s Roundup.


We have collated ‘Half a Dozen’ articles, relative to the GMO debate, however this exchange of information is generally shunned by the Corporate Media Whores, always distorted and misrepresented.

The Momentum is gathering pace, the march is on to Eat Healthy.

A GMO Nightmare or coincidence ? As the latter doesn’t exist, this study articulates, we are left with the Nightmare.


Eventually the Truth regarding the ‘Weird Science’ Monsanto has been allowed to practice will be revealed to the broader public. Don’t be surprised if those responsable for these crimes and the people who facilitated Monsanto and aware of these …….are frogmarched to the nearest Tree and Lynched.

It would seem the British Government will remain the last bastion for this Bastardisation of Our Food, as Europe discovers the Truth.


Here Russia acknowledges the reality and acts to protect her People and her Enviroment.

Will be interesting when the Cameron Government is held to account, by the British People and the Nations of the World as to why against all the evidence, they persisted with the GMO doctrine. No matter how skillful a PR Man and Serial Liar David Cameron is, the GMO Nightmare may well be his ‘Bridge to Far’

Happy Days.