Anti-Austerity Protests In The UK, And Germany

Who says things are not changing? Here are two reports not covered by the media whores in Britain. Still believe there’s no grand conspiracy to keep you all in the mushroom sheds?  By paying your BBC Tax of £144.50 a year, you are consenting to the manure being heaped upon you and are complicit in the BBCs paradigm.

The corporate news medias agenda worldwide.

Report the Lie.

Isolate the Truth.

Here s a photograph  of Britain’s finest over seeing a protest.  Their realisation will come when all the protestors are in prison, for terrorist offences.  Demonstrations are banned, and no one to march for them when they lose their livelihoods to G4S.  Only the Guardian Newspaper as far as we are aware managed to report on the antI-austerity protest in London.

The Tap talks about the world’s central banks andhow they control the world.  The truth in the UK is hidden in plain sight.  Money and its creation are absent from any school curriculum.  Universities teach economics, sadly not the economics of reality. The Bank of England (BOE) by its  very name implies a  British Bank,  in place to serve the British people and the British economy. In fact we have  insidious tyranny, disguised as the BOE, a financial tyranny that robs you of your self-esteem, identity, health, security and welfare. When the deck is finally stacked,  let’s hope those who have prophesied the economic collapse and are aware of the conspiracy are in sufficient numbers to assist and guide those who will still be in denial.

 “Truth is like the Sun, you can shut it out for a time but it aint goin away!

Elvis Presley

Makes you go cold

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”

Fred Rogers.

I truly believe that it’s an energy of Empathy that will eventually free us.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney


Goldman-Sachs: The Bank That Rules The Word

Just under 50 minutes in length this video gives a slight insight into the behaviour of the bank and its operations.  However it’s worth a view.  These huge Globalist Bankers are the acceptable face  of world governance, as perceived by the World Rulers.  As the reporter states “governments come and go, but Goldman Sachs goes on and on”.  There’s a clue in that statement.  He confirms that by voting in national elections your efforts are  a waste.

This link from RT discusses the “cult of Mark Carney”, governor of the BOE and you guessed ex Goldman Sachs.  Nothing new here then.

Goldman Sachs, along with several other Globalist Bankers, HSBC, Barclay’s, Citigroup, J P Morgan  etc took total world domination in 1997 when they were granted the pinnacle of their desires, the abolition of  the Glass-Steagall Act.  This one sole procurement enabled them to consume  any politician, company or nation before them.  Blackmail was and is the name of the game as true today as in 1997.

Yes I know this is history, August. 2013,  our intention is  to take you to where we believe the end game is headed.  Also to initiate how the  Truth is hidden in plain sight. Goldman Sachs is connected to Warren Buffet, who is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffet is a friend of Jacob Rothschild and Evelyn De Rothschild,  Goldman Sachs is connected to Benjamin De Rothschild, and  Edmond De Rothschild.  The concentration of wealth is being channeled to the “super rich” can only be at the expense of the poor.

 ” It’s not enough for you to succeed, others have to fail”

Goldman Sachs  This is the end game then.  A total subservient humanity, enslaved to serve the elites. A prison planet.

This is the breakaway civilization that has been planned for humanity over thousands of years.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

The Economic Stimulus Package

How simple is this? It just  about sums up the Western economies – EU, ( Germany, exempt ) UK, USA, Australia etc. Then we have the manufacturers like China, Korea, Germany etc who actually manufacture. The West in general services itself , that’s the foundation of their economies. The fundamentals of economics are this . All  economies built on house prices and debt, will eventually end in tears. Could be an opening for Kleenex and handkerchief manufacturers. Don’t say you haven’t  been warned. By the time you decide to get out, the smart money will already be in the Bahamas, drinking pena coladas.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. ”

– Albert Einstein

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

Help I’m A Soverign Nation, Get Me Out Of Here – Globalist Banking Crimes

Have a look at this post, it’s nice to have confirmation regarding RH finance posts.  It feels like not long before the several hundred other Bankers too numerous to name here will be in the courts in their respective countries world wide.  The Bankers know who they are and humanity knows who they are.  This time they must be charged with the crimes they have committed, and appropriate sentences dispatched for the seriousness of their Financial Terrorism.  Make no mistake, the Banking Terrorists are no different from the Terrorists that plant bombs, and blow people up.  The Banking Terrorists are just as implicit in the taking of another life.  The only difference being that the Banking Terrorist, instead of  killing people with bombs, kill people,with a pen and a computer screen.  Banking Terrorists have blown up people and families lives and national economies.  Just like the Terrorists who makes a conscious decision to destroy life , they made conscious decisions to destroy lives and countries, they just went about the Terrorism in a different way.

The quote in the above post is about the Central Banks Agenda,whether it be the UK, Australia, America Europe or any sovereign country.  Now take a look at how Central Banks with the collusion of their Corporate Government  have plunged their Sovereign nations into debt –  Just a footnote here, for  the UK , this debt clock does not include the billions in pension liabilities, in Public – Private Partnerships, Bank Re- capitalizing , Bank Derivatives, held off books by various City of London Banks.  I.e RBS has $18,000,000,000,000 – yes that’s $18 TRILLION, and we could go on and on.  This information can easily be confirmed, by you when you start educating yourselves to the Truth.

Also never forget that all this debt in secured on your income tax payments.  It was Central Banks that introduced income tax ,guaranteeing Corporate Governments borrowing from the host nation.  That’s why Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Pfizer don’t pay – you the Taxpayer , pay for them.

Central Banks yes, Private No.

Just a footnote to end on this post.  In the East End of London, Cockneys use a language called rhyming slang. Here’s a few examples they use for Money.

  • £1- A Nicker
  • £25 – A Pony
  • £500 – A Monkey

In The City of London, they also have Banker Talk.  Here are a few examples the Bankers use for Banking.

  • Fraud – Miss-Selling
  • Bank Betting Slips – Derivatives
  • Crimes – Oversights and so on.

Happy Days






The Depopulation Programme

The Depopulation Programme – sadly that includes you and your family.

Always remember, Wikipedia is a Globalist Banker  controlled information site where truth is labelled conspiracy.

Now why would you listen to RH?  After all were just another bunch of  “conspiracy theorists”.

Have you heard of this guy?  He’s one of the richest people on the planet.  Now perhaps you’ll take notice of what he has to say as being rich is a prerequisite to commanding  most people’s attention in this current climate.  When Bill Gates says “jump” governments, politicians and NGOs say “into what?”

There are an estimated 7.161 billion souls on this planet.  The programme is to reduce that number to a “manageable” five hundred million.  With those odds now you’ve got to ask yourself one question, “Do I feel Lucky”  Inspector Callahan, Clint Eastwood. – “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

This is a really extensive investigation.  A good 30-45 minute read that starts connecting the dots, and revealing more of the program.  But then you could also use that time to view maybe the X Factor or Britain’s Got talent.  Life is choices, whats the old saying “Ignorance is Bliss”?  Wonder who said that ?  Two names just spring to mind immediately regarding the Iraq War ,Bush and Blair.  How many scenarios could you relate the quote too?  Say Syria or the, Ukraine, there are many that warrant a closer “look”.  Well there for another post.  Lets stay with the programme,shall we.

There is a huge amount of Truth ,confirming Bill Gates programme and various other methods explaining the “culling” at present being perpetuated on the world population. Ignore it if you please, you have a choice, however the programme does affect you and your families , whether you believe or not.

Are you Awake ?

Happy Days