Osborne “British Cash Available To Assist The People Of The Ukraine”

BreitBart.com – UK Chancellor:” We should be there with a cheque book to help Ukraine.

An act of kindness?

Global grandstanding?

We’ll let you decide, it’s a big move to make though considering the recent floods in the UK.

Love and blessings

Corporate News Media Get Scared and The Unstable State of UK Politics

Wow watch this guy go off on one! the Corporate News Media are shaking in their boots.

The Chancellor (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is demanding more spending cuts, as reported in  The Independent.  The money George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is looking to take from the people is roughly the same amount of money he and his patsy Vince Cable gave to the Globalist Bankers at the time of The Great Post Office Robbery.  The System of police thugery and the Police State knows no boundaries or borders; why should it for the Crown of England has taught their protégées well.  Take a look at this film clip, it can happen in any street in any town in any city in any country on any day, and does.  Sadly many people don’t want to believe the reality until it touches them.

As reported in the Telegraph the EU are guilty of a “Power Grab” against British justice system says Demonic Grieve the Attorney General.  We wonder at Robin Hood if the proverbial penny is starting to drop regarding the Political Elite in this country, with the daily “Grab of Power” by the EU pretty soon all these guys are going to be out of work, or worse still they could be put on zero hour contracts like millions of others in the work place, however the Political Elite would only be needed one day of the year, that being the state opening of parliament, then they’ll know how Father Christmas feels.

The Spectator – Our enemy is not Global Warming. In Britain people are dying of the cold.

Watch the video, every person on the planet today including Paul Walker is here to change the Scenes in this video, from those at 2.41 to 2.59.  We at Robin Hood wish everyone an early Merry Christmas.

“Some even believe we are part of a SECRET CABAL working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as Internationalists and of conspiring with others around the World to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world if you will. If that’s the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it “

– David Rockefeller from his own book.

The system however that he seeks to build is the opposite of benevolent.

Love and blessing

Police Whistlerblowers Criminal Stats and Corrupt Politics

Today we are entering the Majic Time:

”Only your mind can hold you back.”

–Sai Baba

An interesting article was included in the daily mail on the 26th Oct 2013 written by Eleanor Harding.

The article concerns Irene Brown, a whistlebower; we call these courageous people truth tellers.  She informed on the extravagant lifestyle of her employer Cumbria Police, the ordeal her police colleges then put Ireneand her husband through is truly disturbing.  We will let you make your mind up as to what conclusions you draw from the article, to us it’s another example showing some factions in the police who – what do you think?  More importantly what do you feel?

Inflation –how come I can’t pay my bills?

The EU has had no audited accounts for 18 years.  The Iraq war up to the year 2012 has cost $1.735.000.000 million and counting, the cost to humanity incalculable.  It would take $135Billion to eradicate poverty according to a UN Study.  The Crown estates are estimated to be worth £40Trillion.  9000 ex service personnel homeless, rough sleepers, relying on charity.  These are just a few figures to put the priorities of the system.

“When the rich rob the poor it’s called business When the poor fight back its called violence”

– Anonymous

It has been reported by ActivistPost.com that JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers to foreign banks and preventing cash withdrawals of $50.000 and over,so has HSBC with the rest of the banks to follow.  Power is where the money is, if you look at the EU countries who gave up their currencies they have become powerless to influence the decisions made by Germany and France.

Now look at the UK, George Osborne (the Sherriff of Nottingham) he’s taking the EU to court to stop them restricting the Globalist bankers in the UKs bonuses’ to 10 times their salary.  These bankers in the UK that have so far cost the country £7,000,000,000 and counting – too big to fail and no one in jail.  One of the rioters who received a stolen TV got four years in prison.  We do not condone rioting.  It’s quite clear the government condones financial terrorism, that’s what the banks are.  They hold the British people and the world to ransom.

You quite clearly have to be a psychopath to run a nation in this way.  It’s beyond reason that sane elected officials could continue like this –isn’t it ?

”They laugh at me cause they think I’m different, but I laugh at them cause there all the same.”

– Kirt Sutter

Love and blessings

Osborne says Recovery, Globalist Bankers Plan Crash

George Osborne (the Sherriff of Nottingham) says the recovery meant better times are in sight for millions of families.

Let me assure you the UK and the world’s financial system is very close to the biggest crash in human history.

The complete crash of the monetary system has been engineered by the Globalist bankers and the Elite families controlling the world financial system.

Love and blessings

Should the UK be more like China?

Take a look at some of the comments!  It’s happening, it’s happening.

There has been lots of corporate news media coverage regarding Boris Johnson and George Osborne’s (the Sheriff of Nottingham) visit to China.  They both state they want the UK to be more like China.  George Osborne (the Sheriff of Nottingham) says that the UK workforce are 2nd rate compared to the Chinese  and in some respects he’s right.  Do we really want a lock down of Tibet and the terrorisng of the Tibetan people.  It would be like England locking down and controlling absolutely Wales.   Do we then outlaw religious and spiritual freedoms?  Just ask the China based spiritual movement the Falun Gong.  Just take a look at these:

  • 2nd rate  education they have had to endure
  •   2nd class stamps when we post our letters
  •  2nd class carriages that they have to use when they go to work on  the trains the
  • 2nd  class food they have to buy, it’s called (saver or value or economy), you know what he means
  • 2nd class food it’s  all over the supermarket shelves ,I could go on  and on but you know what he means

We also have increasingly have a 2nd rate health service that has been set up to fail by corporate governments of both political persuasions over many years.  Ask Tony Blair (Prince John) and Alan Milburn about the NHS in their term of Government.  Andy Burnham lied and cheated and covered up the corporate manslaughter of 1000s of NHS patients that he as health secretary was responsible for, that was the NHS under his watch.  Many people will confirm the 2nd rate service they and their families have received from the health service, and we will revisit the health service in future.  My father used to call government and the civil service  “a culture of failure”.

Then in some ways we are like China.  The suicide rate in the Chinese working class has got so high the factory owners have built wire nets around the factories to stop people jumping from the windows and roof tops.  Here in the UK have look at the suicide rates here to see how there rising, just ask TFL for the real figures on the underground.

Like China the UK is also experiencing a housing bubble but there the similarity ends.  China’s housing is mostly cash fuelled the UKs is mostly debt fuelled.  Both countries have a command and control economy, China spends more money on policing its citizens to control them than they spend on their army and the UK has the most CCTV cameras in the world to control its citizens.  China has a 5 year plan AND the UK has a 5 day plan.  China has a $4T mountain of foreign exchange while the UK has the highest debt black hole to GDP in the World, over £10T if you add it all up correctly.  The Chinese national debt is 30% GDP as a backdrop, the Chinese citizens have managed to save $7T in the last 10 years.

Most of the UK investment is channeled to the banks, with very little trickle down effect happening.  The corporate economists are very fond of the trickle down effect into the austerity economy (Zombie economy) it’s their mantra. We have a sovereign debt fund China has a sovereign wealth fund.  The Chinese economy along with the French will receive £1B a year subsidized by the UK taxpayer when the nuclear contracts are signed the price has been fixed to show a profit.

So there you have just a brief analysis of the two countries, the one they don’t want you to know.  China has stated that it wants to de-Americanize the world stating there has been no true reform of the Globalist bankers, the financial terrorists in the city of London and on wall street.  Bitcoin is surging ahead in China, the monetary system that the FBI and NSA tried to close.  The system that cannot be hacked or manipulated, the system that bypasses the banks. China has stated that the USA has lost the moral high ground.  China may very soon introduce a new world currency based on gold reserves.  She will make a statement next year with regards to her gold holdings, analysts estimate between five and six thousand tons.  China’s increasing wealth and prosperity will have major changes for the global economy – many of them for the good, thankfully because the people of the world have waited a long time for beneficial change.

Love and blessings

Firms Running NHS Care Services Are Avoiding Millions In Tax Through Legal Loopholes

Read this.  It’s all so very legal, but so very morally bankrupt.  Just a question to put out there – say a legal loophole was found whereby instead of an allowance of 200 duty free cigarettes it was increased to 2000.  How long it would take HMRC to close the loophole?

George Osborne (The Sherriff of Nottingham) has said he would like a uniformed tax regime in the G8 countries by 2021 to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance.

Love and blessings