How Wheat Literaly Decimates Your Health – Edible Truths – How Wheat literary decimates Your Health.

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It’s interesting where the word decimate derives from, linking wheat’s past to it present and the addictive properties within it.

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White Sugar – Edible Truths – John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about Sugar.

The Daily Mail – How food giants sweet talk minister: Sugar campaigners fears over “secret stitch up meeting”. – Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco warn health experts. – Sweet poison: Why sugar is ruining our health.

Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, Canada, Yoni Freedhoff; “Not only has added sugar found its way into virtually everything we eat, but worse still, the use of sugar as a means to pacify, entertain and reward children has become normalized to the point that questioning our current sugary status quo often inspires anger and outrage.

– From Sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco warn health experts.

Are you addicted to sugar?

1. Do you struggle to walk past a sugary treat without taking ‘just one’?

2. Do you have routines around sugar consumption – for example, always having pudding, or needing a piece of chocolate to relax in front of the television?

3. Are there times when you feel as if you cannot go on without a sugar hit?

4. If you are forced to go without sugar for 24 hours, do you develop headaches and mood swings?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of the questions above, you are addicted.

– From Sweet poison: Why sugar is ruining our health.

Don’t let sugar poison you, approach it with full knowledge – moderation is the answer.

This is the start of our weekly feature on food.  To start, lets look at something encountered nearly everywhere, sugar.  This is another wake up call to voters who think their votes have any meaning.  We have corporate Government in the UK and have had for many years.  It’s time for something new, only don’t mention change we might get Obama.

For politicians and bankers it’s about wealth not health.

Hold tight the magic is coming

UFO Cover Up, 9/11 Predicted and Corruption in Australian Politics

Bill Cooper predicted 911 (it cost him his life)

“Do your thing

Do it unapologetically

Don’t be discouraged by criticism

You probably already know what they are going to say

Pay no mind to the fear of failure

It’s far more valuable than the fear of success

Take ownership

Take chances and have fun

And no matter what; don’t ever stop doing your thing”

– Asher Roth

Vitamin D is amazing, read about the benefits.

Five reasons why more Americans don’t protest against the system by Sigmund Fraud, this is an interesting read.

“There is no such thing as safe Vaccination there never will be”


Over in Australia:

A corrupt legacy that the poms sadly instilled in Australia.  When you view this film you will see that this legacy is alive and well, the last Australian that stood up to be counted was Geoff Whitlam, do some investigating Australia as to how he was disposed of by Queen and Crown and all this time you are being promised independence, as we say in pommie land carry on watching the cricket. While your concentrating on what matters your country will never be your own

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The Queen and The EU Approach To Food Production

Oww – This is a charity set up by those who gave their all for Queen and Country, 1000 veterans are homeless in London alone

The Queen, certainly one of the richest woman in the world and the Crown Estates (some say they are one and the same) have an estimated worth £40 trillion.  The Queen should hang her head in shame, that’s provided shame is in the Queen’s DNA.  We know she has no compassion in her DNA she had to be told to mourn and to lower the flag after her daughter in-laws death by of all people Tony Blair (Prince John).  Remember it took her eight days to visit Aberfan in Wales in 1966 when the pit slag sipped burying and killing over 130 People ,116 of whom were Children.  So we know compassion and empathy are not present in her DNA, we sometimes wonder at Robin Hood what is the Queen made of?

“Never forget the truth never goes away never”

–  Robin Hood

Moving onto the EU: Hungarian farmers can’t duck EU Constraint.  Not only is this report distressing for the Hungarians, and the EU citizens it highlights the political elites Agenda: “Control and Destroy” all for some grand political illusionary agenda.

Marx and Lenin would be ecstatic, it’s EU communism without a shot being fired. One of the EU benefits we have experienced here in the UK  is the the EU Common Fisheries Policy.  The UK once had some of the best fishing grounds in the world now we have to “disregard “ look it up , it’s the economics of the mad house.

The CAP (Common Agriculture Policy), set aside, paying farmers not to grow food while 2 billion of their brothers and sisters are hungry, the economics of mad house!  Then the EU put advertisements on the corporate news media through their NGOs: War on Want, Save the children, Stooges in the aid industry to feed the starving.  This is only one aspect of this whole nightmare, people are starving, we’d like to reiterate.

Come on wake up get rid of the EU, food prices would half and the world could be fed.  Returning to Hungary, its population of 10m produced enough food to feed 30m.  Food production in Hungary has virtually closed down.  The reason: the EU don’t want their food production.

Even Animals Are Being Fed GMOs, Drugs & Links Between Refined Sugar and Cancer

America – Addicted to War.  What do you think?

“They take our Skills





Our best ideas


Lives in the end

Jobs these makers

Then turn around and call us “Takers”

No one is safe from GMOs, not content with using them on people Monsanto are also corrupting animals with them.  Find out more.

Read more about starving Cancer to death by removing refined sugar – an opinion held by a growing number of experts.

“If you tell the TRUTH you don’t have to remember anything”

– Mark Twain

“To remember who you are you need to forget who they told you to be” – Everything you know about drugs is wrong.  This offers new and alternative insights well worth considering.

Here’s something very festive and apt for our world – the NSA is coming to town.

This honorable man speaks the truth and is a credit to the American people.

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UK Government Turns Down £22 Million In Food Aid

Today the UK Government has refused a $36 million pound in food aid.  Instead of taking the food aid at a time when food banks have never grown at such an alarming rate the government is goping to instead take a £2.9 million handout instead.  How can they justify this?

Read and watch the full story here on Russia Today.