Fluoride: End The ‘Bollocks’ Time For The Truth !!!

We have been tireless here at RH in our quest to expose the Fraud of Fluoridation, posts on our website to numerous to mention, e/mails to Colgate Palmolive concerning the Fluoride (Poison) in their products.


Please search our categories here at RH referring to Fluoride, Two that immediately stand out.



For old times sake.

Happy Days.


Dallas Ends Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million And Does A Whole World Of Good For Citizens Health


BBC Radio 4 reported yesterday (11/07/14) at 12 noon on the You and Yours awareness programme had a lady from the British Dental Association bestowing the virtues of fluoridation into the UK public water system.  The BBC as usual are on message with the establishment about the ‘benefits’ of fluoride.  Meanwhile Dallas, Texas have just removed fluoride from the water supply as fluoride has proven to be inefficient and cause more harm than good.

Referring to Fluoride – It’s A Neurotoxin Officially! where the Lancet classified Fluoride as a neurotoxin, the Lancet!  A renowned medical journal.  And here we have BBC talking about ‘how good fluoride is for us’….  Why are funding our own propaganda.  Do your own independent research, more than the BBC does, and look at the truth of the matter.

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Michael J McCartney.

Turkish Corrupt Elite Arrested, Actual Truths Report By Mainstream and Cameron’s Response To UK Floods

Some good news to end the year on!

This is the first of many arrests world wide we at Robin Hood hope for, we get the feeling majority of the arrested were pro war in Syria, time will tell.  We also get the feeling the Globalist Banking terrorists are starting to look over their shoulders.  Turkey reports “their European Cousins are growing concerned”.  We bet they are;  Merkel and Cameron whose next?  That saying comes to mind “you can fool some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all of time”.

More great news, Colgate in America have made their child toothpaste fluoride free.

Even Fox News are reporting negatively on GMOs.

The Discovery Channel have also been reporting on chemtrails.

At this rate hopefully we can change the site name soon to HappyDays.com.

In the UK David Cameron (Prince John) has been visiting flood damaged towns.  When asked  (27/12/2013) about the floods he replied with one of the establishment’s mantras “we have to learn lessons”.   Will he?

Love and blessings

How To Get Your Own Free Energy, Health Info To Be Aware Of And The UK Parliament’s Porn Consumption

We’ll start this one off with energy, this video explains more about free energy.

And now onto health:

Find more on fluoride here.


Watch and understand how the truth reverberates with many of the criminals and liars in the Doyle.

Why is the BBC banging the War drum on Syria? Just look who runs it.  Take a look at the BBC corruption, they have a secret agenda,the gradual dismantling of the indigenous UK population.

In UK politics our representatives and operatives of democracy in the last year attempted to look at 300,000 pornographic sites.  Shouldn’t they have better things to do?

To lighten the mood a little, look at this amazing human being!

Love, Joy, Truth, Light  and Freedom.

Love and blessings

An Eye Opener Into Water Fluoridation

10% of Americans over six years of age on anti-depressants.  Prozac introduction has increased three fold.  Americans are being medicated and prozac contains fluoride.

The Fluoride deception exposes the Truth about Water Fluoridation.

Fluoride the Silent Killer by Dr John Yiamouyiannis PhD.  This is a relay comprehensive paper on the Fluoride Death Industry.

Fluoride as you can see is put into baby milk.  Babies have no teeth, Teflon cookware, soft drinks, fruit juice, beer, wine, processed foods and anesthetic as well as many more.   Fluoride the ingredient in Rat Poisson has become part of our Daily Lives

Irrespective of what Ploy they use, it’s always the same tired old story with the Dark Ones, it’s malevolent intent covered with their lies of benevolence

Now you’re aware of you poisoning you can start to do something about it.  We’ve given you so much truth on Fluoride as it’s fundamental to health, today and in the Future, nothing we are aware of gives you Cancer quicker.

Love and blessings


Deaths In Police Custody, Consumer Growth and America Jekyll & Hyde

Open democracy.net- Deaths in Police custody: no convicted officers since 1969 – this is a really brilliant piece of investigative journalism.  Here is  just one line from it:

  • 827 people have died since 2004 that have come into contact with Police since the (IPPC) formation

We ask at Robin Hood who is going to protect the people from the Police?

Some may well say with the tough job and the people the police come into contact with 827 Deaths isn’t too many in the grand scheme of things.  That is providing one of those 827 Deaths is not your father or your brother or your mother or your daughter. It’s interesting to note that more than double the number of people of all races has died under police custody in the UK than in the Apartheid Regime in South Africa

Here’s a stat that shows the increased number of consumers in the UK driving up the sales figures politicians are prone to quote.  More and more people (Consumers) are entering the UK on a daily basis.  Car journeys that once took 15 minutes now take 40 to 50 minutes.

With that in mind retail Sales were up in November, year on year by over 2% – “strange”

Here’s an interesting article on Fromthetrenchesworldreport.com about America.  Washington drives the world to War, there are some interesting things to think about.  Staying in America – nine states propose 16 anti fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison.

Citizens World Wide are waking up to these Truths and remember they go to the Very Top, one by one the Guilty Criminals are now being exposed.





Love and blessings