The Finance Curse; Banking Iniquity In The ‘City Of London’ CRUCIAL And REVEALING VIDEO

“Truth is knowledge is power is freedom; simple” RH

What if we were to tell you the City of London is not a part of Britain. Some who are not familiar with the contents of RH may well say were ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Trouble with conspiracy theorists, as history shows, many conspiracy theories have a tendency, to be proven True.

Enough of us, this video will go some way into disclosing the true power lies in Britain. The Financial Curse that blights not only the British, but every person on the Planet.

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel and until they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious”

George Orwell-Visionary.

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Financial Engineering, The Coming Debt Reckoning And Obscene Wealth Of The British Rich

“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe. That software no longer serves you if you want to live where all things are possible” Jacqueline E. Purcell.

Since the inception of RH in 2014 we have continuously stated that the ‘Mother of All Financial Meltdowns’ is around the corner. Truth is, since then the world has turned so many corners, every one of our predictions concerning the Global Financial Collapse have proven wrong.

Somehow in our opinion the ‘Bad Guys’ have continued to kick the Financial Can Down the Road. The Financial Terrorists Governing Our World have even managed a way of circumventing the Planets Gravity, it would seem.

However Planet Earth and all the planets in the millions of galaxy’s in this Universe are all Governed by Universal Law. The only constant in that Universal Law is ‘Change’

Take a look at the Times Rich List published today concerning the obscenity regarding Britain’s Wealthy. Not only is change desirable for the 99.99 % but for the 0.01% inevitable.


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The (Financial Terrorists) Bankers Have Total Global Control


Conspiracy? You Bet There Is.

Clearly you can see with Global Banking the Global Community are the ‘Conspired Against’

Banking what a ‘Fantastic Business Model’

Capitalism for a Nations Economy, Socialism for their Banking Sector.

Banks, Privatising their Profits, Nationalising their Debts, AKA ‘Tax Payer Bailouts’

Banks, Creating Money Out of ‘Thin Air’ then Charging Interest at Extortionate Rates on Mortgages, Loans and Credit Cards. At the present time here in Britain, Banks receive Money at One Quarter Percent Interest, from the Bank of England. That Money is then underwritten by the British Taxpayer, which the Bank of England has Lend to Private Banks.

Then when you require to Loan Money from A Bank, they are able to Lend at Exorbitant Interest Rates.

Clearly as we have stated Many Times, to Change the World one must start with the Banks. Voting is a distraction. The Banks Own The Politicians, The People (Through Debt, Mortgages et cetera) The Media, The Corporations, The Military, The Police, The Judiciary The Energy Companies, The Oil Companies and so on. You see, unless we Begin with Changing the Banks, everything else, including your Votes are merely ‘Paste and Wallpaper’

“The financial system in its current condition posses an existential threat to western democracy far exceeding any terrorist threat”

John Lancaster.

Bankers, Pure and simple, Financial Terrorists. Responsible for More Deaths, Criminal Activities and Misery than all the Worlds Terrorists Combined.


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Guardian Op-Ed – The City Of London Has Turned Brittain Into A Civilized Mafia State

Actually, only a fool would castigate and implicate Cameron and Osborne for Brittains  authoritarian plutocracy.

They are merely Two facilitators, to the fiefdom, purporting to be a Democracy. The selected are elected.


Just look at the turmoil Jeremy Corbyn has unleashed onto the Corporate News Media and the British Establishment (Oligarchy)


“Remember the game is for elected leaders to take all the blame, while the real power never run for office and manipulate Finance and Media”

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Crony Capitalism And The Pernicious Banks Governing The UK

People versus The BanksOnly by taking the Bank of England and the City of London banking cabal in to public ownership can the British public ever have aspirations of controlling its nations affairs.……. £61.000.000. The bank reported an underlying first quarter pre-tax profit of £1.800.000.000.…….Slight problem however, the financial regulator was put in place by the present Government who were put in place by the banks who are being investigated by the financial regulator. At RH we would concur there’s a conflict of interests here. But wait you say the people elected the present Government through the ballot box at the last general election in 2010. To a certain extent that s a true, however when you examine the facts closely you will find the three parties, Liberal, Labour and the Conservatives are 3 masks of the same face. Banking reform has been promised for decades by all the political parties, either in or out of Governments. Attuned to the British publics awakening to the banker who have literally morphed into financial terrorists the soundbites by the political establishment continue, unabated. Instead of banking reform, we have been exposed to a charade of political pontificating over the years culminating with the banking Cabal, still to big to fail and still to big to jail.

395066_497688703598949_1851174490_nImage by John Stone

Here how banking operates against your interests and wellbeing, one key word here interest ………

Remember the British public are on the hook for this lot ……….–with-british-taxpayers-in-line-to-lose-their-entire-45bn-stake-9466823.html…..Dont you find it amazing with a general election coming up these headlines surface as if by MAGIC…..

And here’s the bankers holding the British taxpayer in contempt……after all its only our money, they work for us, or do they? Link below.

Now we switch continents, just to reiterate that the City of London banking cartels nefarious activities know no boundaries. Two links below. …….We leave Canada and  re-surface in Australia………


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” To much of a good thing, can be a bad thing”

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