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Little to add here, just sit back and listen to the Reality.

main-stream-media-liesImage by…  Is This not, or is this not a Magic Tune and Video,  accompany a most informative  and Truthful Radio Interview.

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Were finally getting the Truth out there.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

You Need To View All This Post To Believe It !!! Cures for Cancer And Ebola

Psychopaths, that’s how we at RH would describe the NIH, FDA  and the CDC .

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We will remember all those involved in the Torture of our Families. For much of Big Pharmas Cures today condone a vast amount of Suffering for the Patients and their Loved Ones. We will remember our Loved Ones who passed into the Light. We will remember our Suffering as we watched our Loved ones Suffer. We will remember who is responsible for all this Suffering. We shall bring all those responsible for these Crimes to Justice.

This song is for my Father, who in the 70s informed me that England is the most corrupt country in the World, and never worry about fiddling a Pound, as for every Pound I fiddled the Government were Fiddling Me out of £10. My Truth informs me he was “On The Money” I Love You Dad, and Miss You.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.