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“Big pharma, sustaining the sickness”

Never in the history of Mankind has so much money been spent on Medicine. 

Never in the history of Mankind has Humanity suffered from such Ill Health.

Conventional Medicine when you actually analyse it, is in reality ‘Alternative Medicine’ See how easy it is for those with the power, to manipulate words and their meanings. Think about that last statement; You controllers do, continuously.

Happy Days.

How Fasting Can Help You Live Longer

Here, by fasting we can enhance the bodies natural immune system, thus our mind and bodies are elevated to a healthier position, with an additional bonus, enabling people to become less reliant on ‘Big Pharma’ prescription drugs.

“Cancer cells, for example, cannot burn fat, this is why a healthy high fat diet appears to be such an effective anti-cancer strategy”

So much information being released referring to Cancer and Vaccines. We are what we eat so it’s hardly rocket science when health practitioners continually state eat organic when/where possible. Its imperative to begin reading labels on foods and beverages we consume. As a general rule each additional ingredient in  a food/beverage content indicates the least healthy.

To put it another way, less is best.


It stands to reason eating before sleeping is to be avoided.

After all, isn’t it about enhancing our mind and body in these ever challenging-changing times.

Whenever/wherever possible avoid GM Foods they are a plague on Humanity, Toxic, neither fit for Man nor Beast.

Happy Days.