Democracy Doesn’t Exist : Here’s Why Voting Does’t Change Anything

Why, Not to Vote ?

Its been a’ Mantra’ at RH since our foundation.

Here’s  several explanations as to why we have adopted this stance.


As we continually state, when a politician stands on a ticket to take the Federal Reseve, Bank of England or any Central Bank for that matter, in whichever Sovereign Nation you choose, into Public Ownership, then Vote for Them. Until then, everything else is just ‘Paste and Wallpaper’

All Central Banks are Criminal Organizations.

For my Son in this World and For my Son, in the Next world.

Happy Days.

The Clinton Chonicles -The Stage Of Politics – The Clinton Chronicles

Clinton – Bush/Cameron – Miliband, it really doesn’t matter.  They may have programmed you to believe these politicians represent opposites in their politics.  They are in fact two sides of the same coin.  That coin is the Globalist Bankers’,heads they win, tails they win.  It’s a race where all the bets are covered.

Already the campaign to get you to vote (carry on with the programme) has started for the UK 2015 general election.  On Sky Sunrise, 9 April 2014, both guest speakers and Stephen Dixon repeating the “mantra”.   Stephen Dixon made a derisory comment about Russel Brand.  The Elites are petrified if you don’t vote.

They know then that the Game is finally over.  They are left all alone,while humanity moves onto freedom.

When you awake, the nightmare will end – Try it!!!

Happy Days