The US Presidential Race: Hillary Trump Or Donald Clinton

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Israel. ……. War and Wall Street next in line.


A vote for Donald Trump the alternative to Hillary is a vote for War… Wall Street and Israel.


Either way America you’re voting for a continuation of the status quo.

In other words, an authoritarian plutocracy financed by the Financial Terrorists at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Note, none of the front-runners in the presidential race, including Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush are running on a ticket to take the Private Fiefdom, that is the Federal Reserve Bank into Public Ownership. Sadly we are all aware of the last politician, President John F. Kennedy who tried to take jurisdiction of America’s Money.

The Federal Reserve Bank are the ‘Paymasters’ to an oligarchy, the Democratic Party and the kleptocracy that is the Republican Party.

‘ Cometh the moment cometh the man’

When that time comes and the man or woman states quite categorically that if elected President of the United States of America, they will in their first 24 hour period place the Federal Reserve Bank in the hands of the American People, Vote for Them.

Until then America, dont waste your time, your playing on the periphery.

That one single act will herald the resurgence of America and her Peoples.

Visiting Family and Friends in America, Friday 22, hope you can all rejoin us here at RH. 3rd week in February.

Happy Days.



America, Here’s An Indication As To Where Your Tax $$$s Go !!!!!

It would seem to be a prerequisite of many politicians globally, to be either Serial Liar’s or Psychopaths, in some instances both. Many names spring to mind, however there is a huge indifference amongst the people so really its pointless.

However ‘step up to the plate’ the current protagonist President Obama.

If ever there was an example of  the irrelevance of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the disrepute bought upon that Honour, again President Obama’s name rings loud and clear.


Clearly President Obama’s priorities do no reside on American soil, or indeed its people. We see here the America narrative ‘Proxy Wars’ Regime Change and supporting Foreign Fascists, in this example the Ukraine.

The only Vote you now have left America, is not to Vote.

Happy Days.


Rare TV Footage 1932. US Veterans Gassed By US Army Troops


No Change here then for President Obama.

The ‘Bad Guys’ American narrative ” Sure you have Free Speech! til people start listening”

Any vote for Hillary or Jeb with continue America’s Hegemony.

Peaceful, non compliance will change our World.

Happy Days.