The Truth About Hemp

Here’s a sad stat.  19 thousand people are dying every day.

Hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var indica) come from similar species of plant, however they are very different and confusion has been caused deliberately.  Hemp is illegal not because of any health or environmental issues, it is quite the opposite.  It is so environmentally friendly, nutritionally and medically beneficial it even cures cancer.  Hemp provides so many abundant resources the multi-national corporations cannot compete with its benefits.

Richard Branson was reported to have said “if Spain were allowed to grow hemp in 2 years all its financial problems would be alleviated”. goes into more detail. There are literally 100s of investigative links to follow.  There is so much truthful information you cannot but ask yourself why this wonderful recourse has been intentionally derided and surpressed from mankind.

Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s) closed the Hemp industry down in the early 20th century to ensure  oil  did not have to compete with hemp.  Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s), JP Morgan and General Motors had too much to lose.  And so the lies, mis-information and education over the years has been compounded.

One other huge point, by making the growing and possession of marijuana a criminal activity it enables M16 and the CIA to keep all the criminality exclusive, a two member club as it were.  The money enables them and their respective governments to then fund all the world wide black operations that they keep off book, a bit like the Globalist bankers who keep their $700-$1050 worth of derivatives off books.  You know, the bets that the shareholders and depositors know nothing about.  They are the two groups that will be reasonable for recapitalizing the banks when they crash the system.

Love and blessings

Banking – A Bad Business Model

Activist has reported that JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers to foreign banks and preventing cash withdrawals of $50.000 or more, HSBC has done the same with the other banks set to follow.  You will notice with banking the culture is that of always on the upside wherein the creditor and taxpayers find themselves on the downside.  Banks are totally reliant on borrowing; they are by far the most indebted companies in any sector of the economy.  Banks are private companies, just let them fail.

Private investors will not invest in banks because of their business model.  Banks cannot raise money from the markets.  Banks would not dream of lending money to companies or individuals or businesses who borrow as much money as they do.  Banks operate in this manner because they can get away with it.  Banks know government will not let them fail.  Banks don’t conserve their cash they pay themselves

RBS Losses: £5.2B      Bonuses: £607M         £18T of derivatives off book.

J P Morgan Chase $79T of derivatives

Bank of America $75T of derivatives

And don’t forget the Glass-Steagall Act was scrapped in 1999 which separated deposits from investments by Bill Clinton on the instructions of Wall Street.

Love and blessings

Out Of Control Fractional Reserve Banking

In the past fractional reserve banking required a 1 to 10 ratio of gold.  These varied from time to time and country to country, however today that ratio has grown to 1 to 100 at the London bullion houses.  It was reported in 2008 that Lehman Brothers bank was leveraged at $1 to $4000.  Today Deutsche Bank’s leverage is 1 to 64 Euros.

Each new deposit in each bank meant that for example for every £10,000 deposited another £9,000 could be loaned leaving £1000 in reserves, then the £9000 is deposited.  With 10% held in reserve another £8,100 could be lent out and so the money creating process goes on, banks used to have to show they always had 10% on deposit.  Today banks in general create as much money as we can borrow and most banks have no deposits or reserves at all.

RBS bank has £18 trillion worth of derivatives off book yes that is £18 Trillion, now you know why George Osborne (Sherriff of Nottingham) is dividing the bank into the “good bank” and the “bad bank”.  Guess which bank goes to the tax payer and which bank goes to the Globalist Bankers?  By the way there’s an inquiry going on with regards to RBS’s collapse.  The bank’s audited accountants gave the bank a AAA rating just before the bank’s collapse – the inquiry started in 2008.

The next stage of the Globalist Banker’s terrorist plan is the “bail in”.  Read the small print in the terms and conditions with your bank ,you will find the game has been changed so that when the next engineered collapse happens your deposits, your capital in the bank will be confiscated and used all perfectly legally to recapitalise the bank.

What will you do when your money is stolen from you?

“I am afraid that the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of a nation direct the policy of the government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people”

– Reginald Mckennan, past Chairman of the Board,  Midland bank

Banks can only operate the money system with the consent of governments and pass regulations to protect this system.  Hence George Osborne (The Sherriff of Nottingham) receiving 50 documented visits by bankers to No 10 Downing Street within the first two years of the coalition’s office.

The only process into days banking scam that is real is when you sign on the dotted line for a loan credit card or mortgage etc; everything involved in the process is a deception.

Love and blessings

The Globalist Bankers

Fact – there are $700T- that’s $700,000,000,000,000,00 worth of Derivatives (Betting Slips) held in and the Globalist banks including all those that are off books.  Let’s just emphasise that amount of money as it’s such a vast sum, $7 Thousand Billion or an awful lot of pound notes.   There are some big considerations here; the first being that taxpayers around the world (the UK, USA, Australia etc) are opted in by their various governments to pay this money back to the various banks holding all these Derivatives (Betting Slips), RBS £18T,Dueche Bank $54T are just two examples.  The second is world GDP is $60T, so by anyone’s calculations this vast sum will take 100s of years to pay back.  Thirdly, banks are the only organisations in the world who can take their clients money, deposits, to recapitalise the business, any other company would have to sell assets if insolvent.

During the Globalist bank crisis in the USA during the 80’s known as the savings and loans crisis, nearly 1000 bankers were put in prison.  The crimes that they committed then are much the same but on a far greater scale, this time they are worldwide with far greater sums involved.

One major difference however is that Globalist bankers have changed the laws so as to be immune from prosecution.  The bank of South Dakota is the only public bank in the USA.

The Dodd-Frank Act gives you all the information you need, 848 pages, and has taken the federal authorities three years to study and that number is still rising.  The world is being controlled by these Globalist bankers in the form of controlling the money…., credit and debt.

“ Be strong enough to stand alone,

Be yourself enough to stand apart,

But be wise enough to stand together

When the time comes.”

Love and blessings