Jimmy Savile: Turns Out The Truthers (Conspiracists) Were Telling The Truth All Along

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David Icke has been “out on a limb” for over 20 years.  When he first started bringing the Truth into the Light , his audience would not fill a phone booth.   Now he’s the biggest speaker in the world,filling Wembley Arena with 12,000 people; so someones listening.  One thing that never ceases to amaze us at RH  is how the police involved for example with Savile (He’s just the tip of the iceberg by the way) let these Child Crimes continue till this day.  After all with all the child crime investigations going on in the UK alone. The “Great and the Good” continue with immunity to carry on perpetuating their Evil.

Surely  there must be hundreds, if not thousands of police  who know exactly what is going on.  It’s not beyond the wit of man for several of these police officers to come together and “turn Queen’s evidence” (whistle blower) on the whole rotten collusion,continuing at the top of British Society.  Many of these police officers must have family’s including children.

As a reporter commented at the BBC  “every knew about Savile, as long as it was someone else’s child getting in his Rolls Royce, it was OK”.   Really Esther Rantzen, bow your head in shame.  As for the rest of the oligarchy at the BBC, past and present,the days are coming when all the Truth will be revealed.  They will then as it where have to face the music.  The truth and all the guilty will be exposed, no matter who they think they are.

The Telegraph – Jimmy Savile sex abuse: ‘Islington is still covering up’

Forgiveness, is not easy,but lets reveal all the guilty,to give us all that opportunity.

Love and blessings to All


Savile – The Police Cover Up: Who Were They Protecting?

DavidIcke.com – Huge Sums of TAXPAYERS “handed to vile child – sex pervert group” by Home Office Officials.

David is as usual on the money.  It’s been 20 plus years of ridicule, blood, sweat and tears – and derisory headlines. We, the world community, are eternally grateful for your tireless endeavors.

The people are not going to let this go, these vile child sex criminals and murderers will all be brought to justice.  Starting with the police officers who turned a blind eye because those responsible are politicians, judges, royalty and Freemasons.

The truth always finds a way, after all its guarded by the divine.

Who Is At The Center Of The Web, David Icke Dot Connector EP2 – Something To Think About

Whether you agree or not with what David Icke, the examples and the perspective offered here are worth considering.  Even if you don’t agree with everything David has to say, they’ll be something you find interesting or insightful, or curious.

Love and Light as always to everyone.

Must See Video: Love’s Power Over Negative Frequencies, Love In It’s Truest Sense

This is an amazing, mind opening and inspiring talk by David Icke.  He speaks about our world, the situation and the power of love.  He talks about the power of love, true love beyond pure attraction, and it’s ability to take us beyond the negative frequencies we are led into.  The power of love through the actions we lead to change the world, our perceptions and so improve our reality.

“Peace brings peace, you can’t fight for it”

– David Icke

Its been a long time coming RH

Happy Days, Love to everyone.