It Was Our NHS, Now We Are Losing It !!! How The Palace Of Westminster Is Privatising The NHS

Find it quite amazing when viewing both Houses during the State Opening of Parliament, that these people are actually Elected and Selected to govern the British Isles.


Remember guys, you voted for another Four Years of Austerity.

“The standard technique of Privatisation, defund, make sure things dont work, people get angry and hand it over to Private Capital”

Noam Chomsky.


We believe David Cameron will be ‘Found Out’ during his second tenure as Prime Minister. Eventually the PR will collapse.

Apathy and Indifference will change nothing.

Happy Days.

Why Is The NHS Facing A Funding Crisis?

First and foremost the NHS is being Privatised, so a funding crisis has been instigated by the Cameron Government to exasperate the problems, this then facilitates a demoralised public, NHS staff and NHS patients to call for change.

dcposterImage by ……

In steps the NHS saviour – Privatisation. \  The subtlety and the subterfuge have all the planning of a Military Drone Strike. You don’t here it, or see it coming, but rest assured the repercussions of the NHS Privatisation will be felt by all but the wealthy in the UK.

Having achieved their objective, lucrative NHS contracts the private sector seem far from satisfied.

Save Our NHS SI 257 privatisation 2013Image by … Money and Health rarely prove good bedfellows. The catalogue off errors and manipulation of the Serco contract are exposed by the writers Richard Whittell and Emily Dugan.

Also waiting in the wings we have

So you see the NHS failings are carefully contrived to maximise the Private Sectors input into the NHS.

Yes the NHS can still be saved, but its time now to put down the TV remote, remove posteriors from seats and engage with your communities.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.



David Cameron Supports Israel And The Palestinian Genocide

The-Tap. blogspot – David Cameron, the Prime Minister, supports the Palestinian genocide.

David Cameron was selected by the Globalist Bankers and elected by 36.1% of the people who still think they are living in a democracy by voting.

This post gives you confirmation on just who’s running the “show” with some sickening facts – and its Israel.

Love and Blessings

Turkish Corrupt Elite Arrested, Actual Truths Report By Mainstream and Cameron’s Response To UK Floods

Some good news to end the year on!

This is the first of many arrests world wide we at Robin Hood hope for, we get the feeling majority of the arrested were pro war in Syria, time will tell.  We also get the feeling the Globalist Banking terrorists are starting to look over their shoulders.  Turkey reports “their European Cousins are growing concerned”.  We bet they are;  Merkel and Cameron whose next?  That saying comes to mind “you can fool some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all of time”.

More great news, Colgate in America have made their child toothpaste fluoride free.

Even Fox News are reporting negatively on GMOs.

The Discovery Channel have also been reporting on chemtrails.

At this rate hopefully we can change the site name soon to

In the UK David Cameron (Prince John) has been visiting flood damaged towns.  When asked  (27/12/2013) about the floods he replied with one of the establishment’s mantras “we have to learn lessons”.   Will he?

Love and blessings

Agenda 21, Vaccines and Autism, GMOs and Anti-Cancer Foods

Here’s something you need to know about, The Leo Wanta Plan otherwise known as The Global Security Fund.  Click here for more information.

We also strongly recommend that you discover watch Unlawful Killing about the death of Princess Diana – it is very enlightening.

Go to and read about the secret British MMR vaccine file forced open by legal action.  Joan Veon is with and she is a very intelligent, articulate Lady who knows what she’s talking about, she has several posts on youtube take a look at:

Find another video here.

There are literally 100s if not 1000s of links to agenda 21, set up by the Globalist Bankers and their puppet multinational corporations with another agenda to rob nations and people’s of their livelihoods and eventually their lives.

Here’s an article in The Daily Telegraph, unsurprisingly won’t say if David Cameron eats genetically modified food but we have an idea on the answer.  When this was published it was at a time when the Government wanted to expand GM crops ever further.

BOOK: Island of Dreams-Francis Xavier, Excellent book Hidden Mysteries revealed

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made, if you want a different result make different choices”

Over on they have reported that cancer cells thrive on processed sugar.   They have also reported findings that walnut eaters reduce risk of heart disease or cancer by nearly 50%.  Eat avocados daily and take coconut oil, read more in The Daily Mail.

Look at this picture over on 2012: The Big Picture.

“Reason is a choice. Wishes and whims are not facts, nor are they a means to discovering them. Reason is our only way of grasping reality. It is our basic tool of survival. We are free to evade the effort of thinking, to reject reason, but we are not free to avoid the penalty of the abyss we refuse to see”

– Terry Good kind, Faith of the Fallen

Love and blessings

The Great Post Office Robbery Of 2013

The Great Post Office robbery: the last time the Post Office was robbed on such a grand scale they robbed a train.  An innocent person died and the criminals were caught and put in prison.

This time round the criminals were much more clever.  They decided why rob from the post office when you can own it, and so the victims Vince Cable, The British taxpayer and the Post Office were selected.  The robbers; that great Satan again Goldman Sachs Bank, UBS Bank, George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and David Cameron (Prince John) set about a trap.  Then the great Post Office robbery gets even more devious, cunning, sly, evil and wicked and well you know all the other nasty archaisms the Globalist Bankers and their partners in crime the Governments get up to.  The robbers devise a plan whereby the people that own the post office, the British taxpayer buy it with their own money.  Then the comes the icing on the cake as it were; the price that the British taxpayer paid was only half the price the post office was worth.  This enabled the British taxpayer to save half its money on buying something it owned, then allowing the crooks who fixed the price to double their money on Stock Exchange.  How simple – but then all the great crimes in the world usually are.  The original Great Post Office robbers got away with just over £1,000,000 with most of the money recovered and a man killed.  In 2013 the robbers got away with an estimated £3,000,000,000 to £5,000,000,000.  Nobody was killed but poor Vince Cable had been assassinated and still doesn’t realise it yet.  We wonder if any of the money will be recovered this time round.

MP Brian Bingley said in the Houses of Parliament on 20/11/2013 that there is a “Cult of the High Priest” feel to how Goldman Sacs and UBS ply their wares.  How very true and appropriate that phrase will prove to be.   We at Robin Hood will do everything we can to expose these evil entities for what they are, who they are and what they represent.

Love and blessings