Is Everything in the Mainstream Media Fake? – Is everything in the Mainstream Media fake?

We have touched on this subject many times at RH.

“Propaganda is the executive arm of invisible government”

– Edward Bernays – Global ministries of Disinformation confirmed. Here is some xxcellent information confirming what many already know, that governments around the world are just as incapable of telling the truth as the corporate news Media.

You may say propaganda is a wartime terminology, can you really compare it to media manipulation?  Sadly you can and you must for the war is being perpetuated on every one of us by the invisible government described by presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy and a host of esteemed public, private and industrial figures only to aware of who controls the World.  Military Industrial Complex, Illuminati, Cabal, Globalist Bankers -they all add up to the one oligarchy.  This is the evil that controls the corporate news media.

GCHQ are four letters that describe the nightmare into which the UK is descending.  The good news, no pun intended, is that the corporate news media’s best days are behind it.  People are disengaging in their millions worldwide. – How They Manipulate your thoughts online. – Hacked CNN reports “China dumps all US bonds”.  As the report states CNN was hacked and this report went out, but there was no market response to this report.  This is confirmation that people are not watching this garbage.  When the advertising industry catches on and realises there’s no audience, you’ll be able to buy their shares for 2 cents on the Dollar.

Happy Days

Society Is Stage Managed, Read How – The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition -The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition.

The organisation and breadth of the control that is applied to every facet of our society is terrifying.  Read the article, even the protests are controlled and directed, used as social release valves to satisfy protest tendencies.   But not too much release!  Just enough to keep the system running.

The level of control across the media, politics, business and daily life is total.

Love and blessings


Corporate News Media Get Scared and The Unstable State of UK Politics

Wow watch this guy go off on one! the Corporate News Media are shaking in their boots.

The Chancellor (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is demanding more spending cuts, as reported in  The Independent.  The money George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) is looking to take from the people is roughly the same amount of money he and his patsy Vince Cable gave to the Globalist Bankers at the time of The Great Post Office Robbery.  The System of police thugery and the Police State knows no boundaries or borders; why should it for the Crown of England has taught their protégées well.  Take a look at this film clip, it can happen in any street in any town in any city in any country on any day, and does.  Sadly many people don’t want to believe the reality until it touches them.

As reported in the Telegraph the EU are guilty of a “Power Grab” against British justice system says Demonic Grieve the Attorney General.  We wonder at Robin Hood if the proverbial penny is starting to drop regarding the Political Elite in this country, with the daily “Grab of Power” by the EU pretty soon all these guys are going to be out of work, or worse still they could be put on zero hour contracts like millions of others in the work place, however the Political Elite would only be needed one day of the year, that being the state opening of parliament, then they’ll know how Father Christmas feels.

The Spectator – Our enemy is not Global Warming. In Britain people are dying of the cold.

Watch the video, every person on the planet today including Paul Walker is here to change the Scenes in this video, from those at 2.41 to 2.59.  We at Robin Hood wish everyone an early Merry Christmas.

“Some even believe we are part of a SECRET CABAL working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as Internationalists and of conspiring with others around the World to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world if you will. If that’s the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it “

– David Rockefeller from his own book.

The system however that he seeks to build is the opposite of benevolent.

Love and blessing

Modern Day Life and the Media – The Legal and Tolerence Experiement

Everyone is aware that the laws of a land are applied differently to different people depending on:

  1. your social standing
  2. your bank balance

This is taken as a matter of course by society’s around the world, however the UK has gone one step further as laws applied are also conducive to a third criteria – your race.

There is an experiment at the moment to gauge the UK public reaction and you already know the label they will tag you with once this issue is raised in the corporate controlled media, more on this subject latter with specific examples.  In the UK the population are treated more like guinea pigs than human beings, one example to let you ponder on is “kettling” used by the police enforcers in the UK now rolled out extensively worldwide, can you recall other examples?

Over a period of time the governments through their councils, police, and civil servants have very subtlety directed these bodies to treat different races differently.  Reactions by the indigenous population are noted and policy directly related to the reaction of the population is formulated and pursued.  Future policy is then shaped solely as to what people are prepared to endure.  As we say at Robin Hood much more truth to come on this subject.

Andrew Neil has been called Journalist of the year 2013.  We at Robin Hood think they meant to say script reader of the year.  Those, who voted for this Bull—- should hang their heads in shame, that’s if they knew what their heads contained.

Over in the American media, as if confirmation of this was was even required – Fox News use fake accounts to push back negative comments.

We were told at Robin Hood many years ago that Rupert Murdoch is a darkness.  Do you as people of the light need to read his publications, or subscribe to his TV channels?  Look at his foot soldiers now in the Old Bailey, really do you want to be associated with this evil where those who go off message wind up dead with a supposed drugs overdose.

Rupert Murdock is an acknowledged Zionist as is Joe Bidden, the darkness must be challenged – it must be brought into the light for everyone to see, there is no turning away anymore.

Please please after watching this video never ever again have any doubt that you are being led up the garden path watching the Corporate News Media.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

– John 8:32

Love and blessings

Don’t Trust The Corporate News Media

This is the Ron Paul clip that fox refused to air.

There are lots of links and information regarding this CIA disinformation program, ironically more prevalent in 2013 than at any time in history including the Cold War.  One more link so you get the picture, watching the corporate news media gives you as much truthful information as a junkie looking for a fix.

Love and blessings