Climategate – Cook Was Cooking The Data

Let’s try to nail the climate change debacle once and for all.  The world’s climate has always changed and it always will.  Scientists have looked back to since the formation of planet earth and confirmed the natural changes in climate.  Below the link on David Icke’s post is a link to Patrick Moore, he’s the co – founder of Greenpeace.  Without using the expression in any way as a derisory term, this is straight from the horses mout – “climate change is not caused by humans” and there is no “scientific proof” to back global alarmists.  Now here’s a man you would feel knows the subject  he’s talking about.

Cook got caught cooking the data.

There’ll be more on Agenda 21 later.

Now this article is stating that senior politicians are bending over backwards to accommodate the climate change conspiracists, who in turn are just implementing  Agenda 21 – something the three major political parties in the UK have signed up to.  Now we have the BBC climate change rubbish who’s producers cannot put together a wildlife or farming programme,whether its TV or radio, without spewing forth the man-made climate change mantra.  Don’t take our word for it, watch the BBC, or listen and our statement will be validated.

Now we come back to the heart of the matter.  Here are two links explaining the science and the truth.

This website has masses and masses of  Truth referring to global warming and climate change.  In fact it’s where the essay posted by David Icke, via, originated. And just to end with a link confirming that ” if  you’re not on message, you’re not mentioned”.

Look at poor old David Bellamy, a national favourite until he crossed swords with the BBC global warming agenda, debunking the BBCs message.  Now take Sir David Attenborough, another of the nations favourites.  He really is on message – just watch his broadcasts.  It’s amazing what some are prepared to do for money and fame.

We were going to elaborate regarding Agenda 21, however with so much information we’ve decided to “live another day” as it were.  Watch for the future post on Agenda 21; it will make your legs curl, forget about your hair.

Global warming, they cooled the phrase to climate change when it was discovered the earth actually has been cooling for the last years are about money – end of.

Surely there’s no truth in the belief that we are the most highly evolved and intelligent species on the planet is there?  How come we’re the only species that pays to live here.

Yes I know we’ve posted it before, its one of our favourites. MAGIC.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney.


Global Warming Due To CO2 Is A Myth – The Current Climatic Change – The current climatic change: Global warming due to CO2 is a myth.

Above is an email conversation published that we found very interesting.

In this e-mail there is mention of  chemtrails and aircraft pollution, and then we have Agenda 21 being implemented by the EU which is weather manipulation. Agenda 21 is a subject we have visited many times at RH.  We have long been aware of this program as have many people.  It is being implemented worldwide not just in the EU.  Have a look at the end game to Agenda 21 and where it came from, and who is implementing it.  We would love your findings and comments at RH.

One more thing, never feel that you are on your own when you pursue and expose the truth.  There are energies of benevolence with you that we have  yet to comprehend at this time.

The Magic is near, start to feel it in your own way.

Love and blessings

Climate Change, Agenda 21, CO2 Climate Change Myth, Chemtrails

Geoengineering – Still Think It’s A Conspiracy? Please Read This – Civilian aircraft are involved in clandestine geoengineering. – Chemtrails: the real reason.

The Telegraph – Floods show risk of ignoring Climate change says Prince Charles.

As the documentary (below) says, stop the climate con artists.  Governments worldwide are  responsible for the geoengineering.  They know the exact cause of all these shifting weather patterns, its of their design.  In the UK one of the answers churned out by the corporate news (views) media is to charge 5p for plastic carrier bags in the supermarkets.  The biggest sadness however is the UK population actually believing this stuff.  Another answer – close all the UK heavy engineering.  Steel, shipbuilding, mining etc that’s supposed to be responsible for the rise in CO2, send it to India and China.

What a great way to also cripple a countries independence.  By the way as a nice little plus to the corporations who have relocated, their bottom line increases as their costs especially labour decline.  It seems strange how they benefit and British workers lose their jobs.

The Guardian – Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years.

  • How many politicians do you know that are asking where all this cancer is coming from?
  • How many doctors do you know that are asking where all this cancer is coming from?

The answer – Your breathing it in, its in the water you shower/bathe in.  Fluoride, its in the vaccinations you put into your body, and in the food you eat.

We have several causes and effects going on at once here,  start connecting the dots……………………………

  1. Governments are spraying poison from planes.
  2. These poisons leave a residue known as chemtrails.
  3. These chemtrails affect the weather (climate)
  4. Governments blame global warming and when the people realise this is a lie they say its climate change.
  5. Governments introduce climate change taxes.
  6. Cancer increases
  7. Heavy engineering is transferred from the West to the East”

The end game?  Ask your governments, because until you do this cycle is going on and on.

Love and Light.

BBC It’s Time To End The Climate Change Lie – Global warming denier Jim Inhofe: “Fewer and fewer” senators believe in climate change ‘hoax’.

Sorry to dispel the myth, we know that the BBC has many national treasures such as David Attenborough.  While he is a national treasure however he is on message with the BBC.  The message is finally starting to change globally however, just take a look at the article above.

Global warming, climate change – it’s one big lie as it’s currently being told by the corporate news media.

“The bigger the Lie the more people believe it”

– Adolf Hitler

Climate change is happening,  the climate has changed throughout history and will continue to change.  It’s part of the Universe’s DNA if you will. Ice age, this age, that age and so on.  It’s organic – it would be happening if we were here or not.  The Sages say everything changes except divinity, we are not to sure at Robin Hood we feel that divinity changes.  After all are we  not every one of us divine?

However what we do know at Robin Hood that carbon taxes related to “global warming, climate change” are not the way to solve the “perceived problem”.  Take a look at the following:

Hot talk Cold Science by S. Fred Singer – Global Warming the biggest lie exposed – Global warming losing support in US, Climate Change considered a hoax

The facts on the global warming climate change conspiracy are there for all to see.

Bring back David Bellamy, he told the viewers on the BBC that global warming and climate change was nonsense.  The BBC could not tolerate anyone not on message and so he was “banished”.  You will go all the way in the BBC provided you are on message.  Just look at Esther Rantzen , Sir Ian Blair, Jacqueline Smith, Tony Robinson, Jimmy Saville – the list goes on.  Go off message and you go off air, like the Panorama episode on Jimmy Saville canned by the BBC before airing.

The BBC tries to besmirch John Pilger by accusing him of confusing opinion with fact.  With £3.6B of taxpayers money every year the BBC is expert at changing opinion into fact.

Onwards and Upwards as  they say.  See the message has changed, but please don’t tax us.

Love and blessings

Labour’s Policy For The Economy, Chilcot and RBS – Still Waiting & Japan Leave Kyoto Protocol

It’s just been confirmed by the political elite what we have known at Robin Hood for a very long time.  “Labour had encouraged immigration to boost the economy” – Alan Johnson, former home secretary.  It’s all about the money, fill the country up with consumers.  The present government will not change that policy.  Amazon, Google, Starbucks, the energy companies, the corporate multinationals pick up that money and the UK taxpayer pays the social costs.

“If the government is doing nothing wrong, it has nothing to hide”

– Robin Hood

The establishment still hides the truth about the Iraq war.  The report has been held up by the un-elected (not that  it makes any difference in the “democratic” UK) cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, watching the backside of Tony Blair (Prince John).  These people are just as complicit in the Iraq conspiracy as Blair, Campbell and Bush.  We call the Lords and the Sirs at Robin Hood the mafia.  Just think about it, the mafia is an illegal organisation and operates outside the law.  We bring the criminals within the law and give them fancy names like Lords and Sirs, that way they become part of the rotten corrupt organisation that is known as government.  Three years on and we are still waiting for the Chilcot report, and it’s five years since the RBS report should have come.  We get the feeling that the establishment is holding back waiting for the culprits to die like Saville before they act.

Japan has woken up; the Japanese have become the first major economy to abandon the Kyoto Protocol.  This protocol was another affirmation to close companies and domestic industries and transfer jobs to countries that did not sign up and know the “global warming –climate change “scam for what it is a major tax raising swindle of epic proportions.  Shift all the production to the Far East is the way – where by the way China alone builds 100 coal fired power stations.  Now we have David Cameron (Prince John) telling us there is growing evidence that climate change caused the extreme weather such as the Philippines typhoon.  He says politicians should listen to the scientists who say man is to blame and take  “preventative steps”.  What David Cameron (Prince John) doesn’t let be known is that all the scientists who oppose the Globalist banker’s view of climate trap are given no voice in the corporate media and have their funding cut when they debunk all the lies

“We hear about Democracy and Freedom and Security

In reality they are code words for Imperialism and Domination and Exploration”

Love and blessings