Privatisation Of The NHS and The CIA Involved With Michael Hasting’s Death?

The instigators of the NHS Privatisation are Tony Blair (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and Alan Milburn.  Notice Alan Milburn is being brought back into the Labour Inner Circle.  Just in case they win the next election, he will finish the job of privatisation.  David Cameron (Prince John) and George Osborne (The Sheriff of Nottingham) have already signed up to NHS Privatization.

Its ironic Tony Blair at one time stood for some wonderful ideals.  On his first election win one of them was to save the NHS.  In 1997 the NHS was days away from privatisation under the Major Government.  Sadly Tony Blair (Prince John) like many before him fell foul to blackmail , and his wife Cherie to the money one of  the Globalist Bankers favorite entrapment strategies.

Look at the Blair’s today, bereft of power they are  recluses in a world society and outcasts in a world that recognises betrayal and greed.

Read this and consider this as a way of perceiving the world – another look at true reality.

A video concerning Michael Hastings another – “angel” that’s how we describe him at Robin Hood.  Like Paul Walker, Michael Jackson and many before him his name will be revered.  Alas that of Barack Obama, George W Bush will blow away in the winds of the weather, a passing of no significance, when their names promised so much more.

Love and blessings

Don’t Trust The Corporate News Media

This is the Ron Paul clip that fox refused to air.

There are lots of links and information regarding this CIA disinformation program, ironically more prevalent in 2013 than at any time in history including the Cold War.  One more link so you get the picture, watching the corporate news media gives you as much truthful information as a junkie looking for a fix.

Love and blessings

Payday Loan Reform, The Power of Forgiveness & A Few Facts About Our World

There has been fantastic news today on the payday loan industry.  The government is finally going to cap the interest and the fees they charge.  The real figures on the number of people forced to use this form of borrowing (extortion) has frightened the political establishment to the core, they have now been forced to act.

In other news surprize surprize – energy firms profits from customers up 77% states Ofgem

Dr Hew Len, formerly a psychologist at a hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii, is a stunning example of ho’oponopono’s (an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness) efficacy.  Instead of seeing patients he stayed in his office for two years, he was there looking at their files and repeating over “I’m sorry please forgive me, I love you thank you”.   By his accepting responsibility for the patients status, in essence acknowledging the inseparable connection of all souls, and that whatever one does affects all others.  The patients started improving and Dr Hew Len continued until they were healed and released

A Brief summary of the real UK and the world:

Austerity Kills –suicide rates are increasing with no increase in public health

MI6 is the worlds #1 drugs smugglers, closely followed by the CIA (criminals in action)

The drugs money is used to fund their (Black operations)

The Crown Estates estimated worth is a conservative £40,000,000,000,000, that’s 40 thousand billion, all this  and Prince Harry is in the Arctic on a charity walk to help put back together the lives of the soldiers injured in the wars fighting for Queen & country Crown)

All the multi-national Corporations owned by the Globalist bankers

Love and blessings

The Real Truth About Al Qaeda’s Origins, Australia’s Financial Problems & Comet Ison

What really happened in Syria?

Al Qaeda: The Truth

How you deal with this information is up to you.  Everyone will react differently, thankfully we will.  They have not quite turned the human race into robots yet, but don’t react that’s what the Globalist bnakers want.  A reaction is usually less beneficial to you.  Act; sit quietly and be guided as to how you act to change things with the truth.  Once you are given full access to the truthful information you can then make informed decisions .

US Al Qaeda Founders/Controllers Exposed

Leo Wanta – Al Qaeda was a CIA/Governement directive.

America, with all this truth laid before you the Government have kept you in never never land.  You know, Peter Pan fighting his own shadow or too put it another way the more money you give to the IRS the more you are paying for your own demise, just as a footnote the IRS is registered in the City of London.

Changing the subject here is some information for our brothers and sisters and broader family in Australia.  Have a look at, the host Steve Keens informs you of the Australian nightmare that is about to happen.  Make a free will choice – awaken yourselves from the dream that leads to the nightmare the Globalist bankers have prepared for the people of Australia.

In other news the comet Ison is proving to be very interesting.

Love and blessings

The Truth About Hemp

Here’s a sad stat.  19 thousand people are dying every day.

Hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var indica) come from similar species of plant, however they are very different and confusion has been caused deliberately.  Hemp is illegal not because of any health or environmental issues, it is quite the opposite.  It is so environmentally friendly, nutritionally and medically beneficial it even cures cancer.  Hemp provides so many abundant resources the multi-national corporations cannot compete with its benefits.

Richard Branson was reported to have said “if Spain were allowed to grow hemp in 2 years all its financial problems would be alleviated”. goes into more detail. There are literally 100s of investigative links to follow.  There is so much truthful information you cannot but ask yourself why this wonderful recourse has been intentionally derided and surpressed from mankind.

Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s) closed the Hemp industry down in the early 20th century to ensure  oil  did not have to compete with hemp.  Rockefeller (one of the great Satan’s), JP Morgan and General Motors had too much to lose.  And so the lies, mis-information and education over the years has been compounded.

One other huge point, by making the growing and possession of marijuana a criminal activity it enables M16 and the CIA to keep all the criminality exclusive, a two member club as it were.  The money enables them and their respective governments to then fund all the world wide black operations that they keep off book, a bit like the Globalist bankers who keep their $700-$1050 worth of derivatives off books.  You know, the bets that the shareholders and depositors know nothing about.  They are the two groups that will be reasonable for recapitalizing the banks when they crash the system.

Love and blessings